Dutch BV vs Other Business Structures In The Netherlands: Advantages & Features

Want to know about Dutch BV vs other business structures in the Netherlands? Learn which business structures is a better option for establishing a company in the Netherlands.


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    dutch bv vs other business structures in the netherlands


    In the dynamic landscape of international business, choosing the right jurisdiction and business structure is crucial for entrepreneurs and investors. The Netherlands, with its advantageous location, strong infrastructure, and favorable business environment, has become a magnet for foreign businesses. When it comes to setting up a business in the Netherlands, selecting a business structure is crucial. As such one of the business structures that stands out as an attractive option is the Dutch Besloten Vennootschap (BV).  In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the advantages of the Dutch BV compared to other business structures in the Netherlands, making a compelling case for foreign entrepreneurs and investors to consider this option.

    Why Choose a Dutch BV?

    Limited Liability Protection

    One of the primary advantages of a Dutch BV is the limited liability protection it provides to its shareholders. Consequently, the assets of shareholders are separate from the liabilities of the corporation. In contrast, sole proprietorships and partnerships expose owners to the risk of losing personal assets.

    Flexibility in Shareholding and Capital Structure

    Dutch BVs offer flexibility in terms of shareholding and capital structure. Unlike NVs, which may have more stringent requirements, BVs can have varying classes of shares and tailored governance structures, providing a customized approach for businesses of different sizes and structures.

    Tax Benefits

    The Netherlands has numerous tax benefits as the nation boasts a favorable tax climate and a Dutch BV can benefit from various tax incentives. The corporate income tax rate is competitive, and the country has an extensive network of double taxation treaties, reducing the risk of being taxed twice on the same income. 

    Simplicity of Doing Operations

    The procedure of setting up a Dutch BV is simple, particularly for overseas business owners. The Netherlands is widely recognized for its effective processes related to business registration. In as little as three weeks, entrepreneurs can launch their businesses with the correct coaching.

    Comparative Analysis: Dutch BV vs Other Business Structures in the Netherlands

    Let’s delve into a detailed comparison between a Dutch BV and other prevalent business structures in the Netherlands.

    Sole Proprietorship and Partnership vs Dutch BV

    Criteria Sole Proprietorship/Partnership Dutch BV
    Limited Liability No Yes
    Ownership Structure Single or Multiple Flexible
    Capital Requirements Limited Flexible
    Taxation Personal Income Tax Corporate Income Tax
    Regulatory Compliance Minimal Moderate
    Transferability of Shares Limited Flexible

    NV vs Dutch BV

    Criteria NV Dutch BV
    Limited Liability Yes Yes
    Ownership Structure Multiple Flexible
    Capital Requirements Higher Flexible
    Taxation Corporate Income Tax Corporate Income Tax
    Regulatory Compliance Extensive Moderate
    Transferability of Shares Yes Flexible

    How OnDemand International Simplifies the Process of Registering a Dutch BV?

    Establishing a company abroad might be difficult, but with OnDemand International, the procedure goes smoothly. Our area of expertise is helping investors and company owners set up their companies in the Netherlands. Here’s how we can make your journey hassle-free:
    • Quick Incorporation: Our staff can quickly and effectively incorporate your Dutch BV, getting it up and operating in about three weeks.
    • Document Legalization: Navigating through the legal documentation required for business incorporation can be complex. The documentation is handled by OnDemand International, which makes sure that everything is in order and complies with Dutch laws.
    • Assistance with Setting Up a Bank Account: Accessing banking services in a foreign nation can be challenging. We facilitate the process, helping you open a business bank account with ease.
    • Monthly Accounting Services: Compliance with Dutch accounting standards is crucial. Our monthly accounting services ensure that your financial records are correct and compliant with regulations.


    In the competitive landscape of international business, making the right choice in terms of jurisdiction and business structure is paramount. The Dutch BV stands tall as the optimal choice for foreign entrepreneurs and investors seeking to establish and grow their businesses in the Netherlands. With its limited liability protection, flexible structures, and favorable tax environment, the Dutch BV provides a solid foundation for success. Partner with OnDemand International for a seamless business incorporation journey, and embark on your Dutch business venture with confidence and ease. Contact us right now to realize your company’s complete potential in the Netherlands.


    Absolutely, foreign entrepreneurs can set up a Dutch BV.

    With OnDemand International, you can have your Dutch BV established in approximately three weeks, ensuring a quick and efficient process.

    The specific documentation may vary, but generally, you will need identification documents, a registered office address, and information about shareholders and directors.

    Yes, a Dutch BV provides flexibility in its ownership structure, allowing changes as your business evolves.