Dutch Income Tax Calculator

Subject to Dutch Income tax Calculator, also other categories of Dutch taxations are covered. 1.Income tax 2.Payroll tax 3.VAT sales tax...


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    Dutch Income Tax Calculator

    Taxes are necessary contributions imposed by a government entity. To support public works and services as well as programs like Social Security and Medicare, therefore the tax revenues are collected by the government. Tax’s effects both increase and reduce the growth and welfare of the economy. There are many various forms of taxes, and the majority of them are calculated as a percentage of monetary exchange.

    Property taxes are other such taxes that are imposed on the assessed value of a held asset. Every money-making citizen, whether they reside in the Netherlands, must pay their respective government taxes. Blue Umbrella’s income tax calculator is available for self-employed or employed individuals and can be used to determine the amount of payable tax.

    Money can be managed in a more efficient way by those taxpayers who can better assess the causes of the tax situation.

    A government is able to improve the economic situation and the standard of living of the citizens with the help of the taxes paid by individuals and corporations. It helps in public welfare and infrastructural development.

    The Dutch tax agency collects taxes in a number of ways. Below are the tax categories you’ll come across or residing in the Netherlands:

    Dutch taxation categories

    ● Income tax

    In the Netherlands, you must pay taxes on your earnings. Your income tax return can be reported online or with the aid of a Dutch tax expert. In the Netherlands, if you work for yourself, you must file an annual tax return to calculate and pay your income tax. If you work for a firm, your employer will deduct income tax, also known as wage tax, from your earnings.

    ● Payroll tax

    The type of tax that is deducted from an employee’s paycheck is referred to as payroll tax. It includes unemployment benefits, pensions, etc. When parameters regarding a new job are discussed with an employer, various deductions are counted. Thus, every month, the payroll tax is deducted from an employer’s salary. It saves an employee from paying its pay share later in the form of income tax. 

    Try Blue Umbrella’s income tax calculator. How much is your payroll tax?

    ● VAT sales tax

    Sales or revenue tax, BTW in the Netherlands, is a tax in the form of sales or revenue tax collected by The Dutch tax agency. BTW has to be a part of the cost of goods and services of all enterprises, foundations, and groups with just a few exceptions. It is segregated into three levels: zero percent, nine percent, and twenty-one percent, which are the most common rates.

    BTW that has been earned and spent has to be calculated using the quarterly sales tax statement by all businesses and freelancers. Then this sum has to be paid to The Dutch Tax agency.

    Other types of taxes are mentioned below:

    ● Annual income tax return

    In the Netherlands, whichever type of taxes you will pay, there is always a compulsion to file an annual income tax return.

    Prepaid tax with other financial considerations has to be reconciled using tax return, for example:

    • The overall income of your partner
    • Extra income or savings
    • Expenditure on the study, medical, etc.

    How Blue Umbrella’s income tax calculator works:

    1. Choose a Year
    2. Select your income source (Employed or Self-Employed)
    3. Input your annual gross income (Netherlands 30% ruling can be taken into account)
    4. Click “Calculate my tax.”

    Every company’s three major requirements include –

    • Time management
    • Financial management
    • Digitally safe

    Blue Umbrella’s Dutch Income Tax Calculator fulfills the above requirements.

    Calculate your dutch income tax now!