Private Limited Company Registration In Mumbai

A complete guide on Private limited company registration in Mumbai, with all the required documents and the entire procedure, is explained with the estimated cost of registration.


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    private limited company registration in mumbai

    Private Limited Company Registration In Mumbai

    Every company has a guideline of stages to follow when forming a Private Limited Company registration in Mumbai. And when we read about India, Mumbai is the center of entertainment, commercial and global financial flow.
    Registering a company in Mumbai is one of the most simple and easy-going tasks. It is a business structure in which your liability in an unfortunate case is restricted to the amount you have invested. Whereas this type of benefit you will not find in any other proprietary firm, your liability will not just be limited to the amount you have invested but can go beyond.                        To form a corporation in Mumbai at least two executives (a director and a shareholder) must be selected, the maximum limit cannot cross 15.
    To form a Private Limited Company in Mumbai, no form of investment is required. The trademark must finish with

    Checklist For Registering A PVT. Ltd. Company In Mumbai

    The checklist for registering a company in Mumbai is as follows:

    • It’s necessary to have a permanent establishment.
    • A minimum of 2 directors must be Indian citizens.
    • All documentation must be provided over the web.
    • There must be a minimum of 2 investors and a maximum limit of 200 stockholders.
    • All participants and administrators of the firm must have a PAN card.
    • If you have leased co-working space, you will need to sign a rental contract.
    • Electricity and telephone bills are examples of utility bills that will be required to submit.
    • Financial records from the last two months are available.

    How To Register A Private Limited Company In Mumbai?

    Here are some crucial procedures to do in order to create your Private Limited Company in Mumbai without any legal concerns, they are as follows:

    Acquiring a Certification of Electronic Signatures: The Electronic Identities of the nominated directors must be obtained. The DSC is necessary for the formation paperwork to be signed. The DSC is not obliged to seek name clearance.

    The Industry’s Implementation: Within 2-3 working days, the corporation will be established and an Establishment document, as well as the PAN and TAN, will be received.

    The procedure for approving a name: The business name must be distinctive, and registration must be submitted to the Ministry of Finance for authorization. There is room for up to two aliases. In the event of refusal, the candidate is offered the option of resubmitting the application with two additional identities.

    Bank account (recent): Using this platform, Odint will assist you in creating an individual savings existing checking account.

    Application Form: The formation application has been submitted to the MCA in the SPICe format after acquiring the Digital Signature Certificate. It is not necessary to get name permission before submitting the SPICe Form.


    Cost Of Private Limited Company In Mumbai

    The most important step for any entrepreneur is developing, establishing, and setting up a new firm. More importantly, the individual must be prepared to meet all proper procedures in order to put the firm into the marketplace. A PLC is a small business corporation in India that is privately held. The quantity of assets that a person has determines his or her obligation in a Private Limited Company registration in Mumbai. A private limited company’s stock cannot be traded publicly.

    The expense of forming a Private Limited Company in Mumbai ranges from INR 6,000 to INR 30,000, based upon the number of directors, shareholders, authorized additional shares, and specialist expenses. The cost of a specialist may be determined by the task’s intricacy. A minimal compensated equity of Rs. 1 lakh is required for a private limited company. It might go much further, as MCA may recommend periodically.


    If you have all of the necessary legal paperwork, forming a private limited corporation is not difficult. The application form has undergone substantial adjustments and has been simplified. Businesses who want to start and grow a firm can now do so without difficulty. Simply read this post to clear up any questions you may have about the enrolment process, the paperwork necessary, and the expense of forming a private limited company in Mumbai.


    Commencement of Business under Companies Act, 2013 states “A public or private limited company with share capital cannot start doing business unless the Registrar of Companies issues a certification of the beginning of the business.”

    Whenever it comes to stewardship, a private limited corporation is preferable. There is no apparent difference between the shareholders and the administration in an LLP. In an LLP, the LLP Members own the company and have management authority over it.

    A certificate of incorporation is a legally binding document that must be obtained when forming a business. It is claimed to be a state-issued license for forming a corporation.

    Documents that are needed are Address proof, PAN card, certificate of incorporation, residence proof, and Digital signature certificate.