How to Get an Ajman Trade License in 2024-25: Complete Guide


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    Welcome to Ajman, one of the most important economic centres in the UAE. In this detailed guide, we will untangle the complexities of obtaining a trade licence in Ajman, allowing you to smoothly traverse the procedure and position your firm for success.

    What makes Ajman unique?

    Ajman, located between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, benefits from a strategic position, a low corporation tax rate, and a thriving economic climate. Whether you’re a foreign investor or a local business owner, Ajman offers a compelling advantage for company formation.

    Types of Ajman Trade License

    Commercial or Trading Licence

    The fundamental licence for companies that trade services or products, allows for seamless importation, exportation, distribution, and re-exportation inside the UAE.

    E-commerce Permit

    With the fast growth of e-commerce in the UAE, this licence allows online businesses to succeed in a variety of industries, including fashion retail, media and entertainment, industrial equipment, automotive, and others.

    Manufacturing Licence 

    Providing firms with manufacturing, processing, and assembly capabilities, as well as simplifying raw material imports and finished product exports.

    Freelance License

    Ajman’s government, embracing the rising freelance sector, provides freelancers with economic renewal rates, ensuring improved business growth.

    Procedure for Obtaining an Ajman Trade Licence

    • Conduct Thorough Market Research: Investigate Ajman’s changing business climate to gain a competitive advantage. To effectively position your firm, you must first understand your target audience, analyse competitors, and remain current on industry trends.
    • Determine the Legal Structure and Business Activity: Specify your company activity and select the best legal structure for it. Seek advice from specialists to ensure that the decisions you make align with the goals of your business.
    • Choose and Reserve a Distinctive Company Name: Select a distinct and memorable business name, then reserve it with the Ajman Department of Economic Development to secure its availability.
    • Gather Required Documents: Compile a thorough set of documents, including passport copies, evidence of residence address, a full business plan, licence application, fee payment receipt, and the Department of Economic Development’s name permission letter.
    • Fill up and submit the application: Submit your application to the Department of Economic Development in Ajman in person or online, providing that all applicable fees are paid and supplementary information is submitted.
    • Process of Review and Approval: After you submit your application, it is thoroughly reviewed, including document authentication, background checks, and compliance assessments. The clearance process usually takes several weeks.
    • Get a Business Licence: You will receive your business licence, which will detail the approved activities, validity period, and any additional terms and conditions. Comply with all criteria to ensure that activities run smoothly.
    • Renewal and Observance: In Ajman, trade licences are typically valid for a year. In order to guarantee that you adhere to Ajman’s laws and regulatory standards, make sure to renew your licence before it expires.

    Cost Analysis: Ajman Free Zone and General Trading License

    Cost of Ajman Free Zone Corporation

    Ajman’s Free Zones, with its low-cost setup, provide businesses with perks such as 100% ownership, tax exemptions, and simpler registration procedures. The Ajman Media Free Zone and Ajman Free Zone are strategically located near major airports and seaports, making import and export more effective.

    Cost of Ajman General Trading License

    Ajman offers a favourable environment for international investors wishing to create a firm, with a cheap cost of AED 35,150. It is an appealing alternative due to the reduced approach and the possibility of conducting international trade.

    Cost of Ajman LLC Licence

    The cost of founding a limited liability company in Ajman varies depending on criteria such as the size of the firm and the number of shareholders. The average first-year cost is AED 14,000, which includes DED licence costs, a UAE service agent, consultation, documentation, and ongoing assistance.


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    What is a trade license in Ajman?

    To legally conduct business in Ajman, United Arab Emirates, you need a trade licence. It is given by the Department of Economic Development (DED) and, irrespective of size or nature, is a requirement for all firms.

    If I don’t live in the UAE, can I still obtain a trade licence in Ajman?

    Yes, you can get a trade license in Ajman if you are not a UAE resident. But, you will have to designate a local service agent who will be in charge of making sure your company abides by all UAE rules and regulations. 

    Can I renew my trade license online?

    Yes, you can use the Ajman DED website to renew your trade licence online.

    Where can I find out more details on commercial licences in Ajman?

    You can get more information about Ajman trade licenses from the Ajman DED website or by contacting the DED customer service centre.