Dubai Investor Visa: Eligibility Criteria & Document Required

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    Are you thinking about investing or starting a business in Dubai? The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has an appealing business climate that attracts people from all over the world. The UAE provides the Dubai investor visa, also known as the Dubai partner visa, to facilitate investment and business activity. 

    What is the Dubai Investor Visa?

    The Dubai investor visa, also known as the partner visa, is an attractive choice for foreign people wishing to start a business or invest in an existing one in Dubai. This visa enables visitors to not only do business but also reside, work, and sponsor family members in Dubai.

    Eligibility Criteria for Obtaining the Dubai Investor Visa

    To apply for the Dubai investor visa, you must meet specific eligibility criteria. According to the Dubai investor visa rules, this visa is granted to individuals who either:

    • Invest in existing firm shares with a minimum value of AED 10 million.
    • Create a new corporation with a capital investment of AED 10 million.

    Required Documents for Mainland Companies

    If you plan to invest in or establish a company on Dubai’s mainland, you’ll need the following documents for the Dubai investor visa application:

    • Immigration Establishment Card
    • Bank statement covering the past 6 months
    • Memorandum Papers (MOA) as proof of share ownership
    • Passport copy
    • Copy of Trade Licence Dubai
    • One photograph with a white background

    Previously, a UAE national or an agent was required as the majority shareholder. However, recent changes in the rules now allow complete foreign ownership in Dubai mainland.

    Dubai Investor Visa Application Process

    The application process for the Dubai investor visa involves several steps:

    • Apply for an entry permit online.
    • Register for an investment visa in person or online at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).
    • Present a good conduct certificate from the Dubai Police.
    • As part of your visa application, you must purchase health insurance.
    • To get a medical fitness test, go to a government health centre.
    • Obtain a letter of no objection from your bank.
    • Please provide a bank statement.

    Cost for Investor Visa in Dubai

    The cost of a Dubai investor visa varies depending on your circumstances and the application channel you use. The following fees are charged when applying through an Amer centre:

    • Entry permit: AED 1,175 for UAE residents and AED 525 for visitors from other countries.
    • AED 675 for a change of status (not necessary for persons entering from outside the UAE).
    • Visa stamping costs around AED 870.
    • Emirates ID: AED 500 
    • Medical Tests: AED 350.

    Benefits of Investor Visa in Dubai

    Starting your own business in Dubai and securing a Dubai investor visa brings an array of benefits:

    • Residency: An investor visa is valid for three years, automatically entitling you to a three-year Dubai residence visa.
    • Sponsorship for Family: With an investor visa, you have the privilege of sponsoring your immediate family members – your spouse, children, and parents – to become residents of the UAE.
    • The Golden Visa Pathway: Having an investment visa and fostering a successful company endeavour in the UAE improves your chances of earning the coveted UAE Golden Visa. The Golden Visa, which was introduced in 2019, awards investors and entrepreneurs with a 10-year UAE residency visa, to promote business development and recognise their contributions to the country’s economic success.
    • Seamless Travel: Holding a Dubai investor visa streamlines your travel to GCC countries for business or leisure. Unlike job visas, it expedites the process of obtaining a travel visa to certain regions.
    • Extended Stay Abroad: A Dubai investor visa allows you to live outside the UAE for up to one year consecutively, without nullifying your residency. In contrast, employment or dependent visas permit a maximum of six months outside the UAE.


    The Dubai investor visa allows you to realise your financial and commercial goals in one of the world’s most promising business locations. With Dubai’s economy recovering from the pandemic’s troubles, this could be the best time to embrace this opportunity. Subscribe to MyBayut for more information about life in Dubai and to stay up to date on the newest business developments in the UAE. OnDemand International has been at the forefront of helping entrepreneurs establish their companies in the UAE. 


    Can I obtain a visa by purchasing property in Dubai?

    Yes, according to the Dubai investor visa programme, purchasing real estate in Dubai can result in a residence permit if the building has been finished at the time of purchase and is worth at least AED 1 million.

    How Much Does a Dubai Investor/Partner Visa Cost?

    To obtain a lifelong investor visa in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE, you must invest AED 10 million in the civil sector or AED 5 million in property. AED 1,000 to AED 1,100 for an entry permit, AED 670 for a change of status, and AED 900 for visa stamping.

    What Are the Benefits of an Investor Visa in the UAE?

    Holders of a Dubai Investor Visa enjoy a tax-free environment as well as access to over 70 double tax treaties with various jurisdictions. The UAE provides high-quality goods and services, and visa holders have complete access to all Dubai facilities, including transportation and communication.

    Can an Investor Visa Dubai be used to sponsor your spouse and children?

    Yes, you can invite close family members to reside with you in Dubai if you have an investment visa.

    How Can I Verify the Authenticity of My Investor Visa?

    You can check the validity of your UAE visa by passport number using ICA Smart Services.