Set Up an Energy Holding Company in Poland

In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of establishing an energy holding company in Poland, exploring the reasons behind choosing Poland and steps for setting up an energy holding company there.


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    set up an energy holding company in poland

    In the dynamic landscape of global business, Poland emerges as a promising destination for foreign entrepreneurs and investors seeking opportunities in the energy sector. With its strategic location, stable economy, supportive government policies, and growing energy market, Poland offers an ideal environment for setting up an energy holding company. As the EU’s fifth-largest economy, Poland boasts a diverse energy mix, ambitious sustainability goals, and a welcoming environment for foreign investors. Establishing an energy holding company in Poland unlocks a path to growth and profitability, empowering you to play a pivotal role in Poland’s energy future.

    In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of establishing an energy holding company in Poland, exploring the reasons behind choosing Poland, understanding its energy sector, types of energy holding companies, requirements, steps, key factors to consider, and how OnDemand International can assist you in this endeavor.

    Understanding the Polish Energy Sector

    Poland’s energy mix comprises coal, gas, renewables, and nuclear power. Although coal is still the most common source, the government is determined to phase it out and raise the proportion of renewable energy to 55% by the year 2050. For those looking to invest in solar, wind, and other green energy options, this offers substantial opportunity.

    The liberalization of the Polish energy sector is making the market more competitive for energy-holding corporations. Working with a local specialist is essential for understanding the complexity and optimizing your success because regulatory frameworks are always changing.

    Why Choose Poland for Your Energy Holding Company?

    • Thriving Market: Poland’s energy sector is undergoing a significant transformation, driven by EU decarbonization efforts and surging demand for renewable energy. This indicates that there are lucrative prospects in biomass, solar, wind, and other green technologies.
    • Stable Economy: Poland’s GDP growth often exceeds that of the EU, and the country’s stable political and economic environment encourages the confidence of businesses.
    • Investor-Friendly Regulations: By providing incentives like tax reductions and expedited licensing procedures, the Polish government actively promotes international investment in the energy industry.
    • Skilled Labor: Poland has a highly educated and driven labor force that is ready to assist the operations of your energy-holding firm.
    • Strategic Location: Poland’s location in central Europe allows it to access a large consumer market and makes cross-border energy trading easier.

    Requirements to Set Up an Energy Holding Company in Poland

    The specific requirements for establishing your energy holding company depend on your chosen structure and business activities. However, some general requirements include:

    • Legal Form: Decide on the appropriate legal form for your energy holding corporation, such as a limited liability corporation(LLC) or joint-stock company (JSC).
    • Share Capital: Ascertain the minimum share capital needed for incorporation, which differs based on the selected business structure. The minimum share capital requirement for Sp. z o.o. is PLN 5,000 (approx. €1,150), while for S.A. it’s PLN 100,000 (approx. €23,000).
    • Registration: Open an account with the National Court Register (KRS) for your business.
    • Permits and Licenses: Acquire the necessary licenses and permits from the appropriate authorities, particularly if you want to produce, distribute, or trade energy.

    Steps to Form an Energy Holding Company in Poland

    Setting up an energy holding company in Poland involves several steps, including:

    Company Name: 

    Choose a unique and meaningful name for your company and verify its availability with the National Court Register.

    Articles of Association: 

    Prepare the articles of association specifying the corporation’s governance structure, shareholding, and operational guidelines.

    Shareholders’ Agreement: 

    If applicable, negotiate and execute a shareholders’ agreement to specify the responsibilities and obligations of shareholders.


    Submit the necessary documents to the National Court Register and pay the registration fees to officially incorporate your company.

    Tax Registration: 

    Register your company for corporate income tax (CIT), value-added tax (VAT), and other relevant taxes with the tax authorities.

    Bank Account: 

    Create a company bank account to handle financial transactions and capital injections.

    Post-Incorporation Formalities: 

    Fulfill post-incorporation formalities, such as obtaining relevant licenses, registering for social security contributions, and fulfilling reporting obligations.

    Key Factors to Consider Before Establishing an Energy Holding Company in Poland

    • Regulatory environment: Make sure your holding company complies with all applicable laws and stays informed about new rules.
    • Tax ramifications: To maximize your tax efficiency, carefully consider the tax ramifications of different structures and operations.
    • Market competition: To comprehend the market environment and create a unique value offer, do a comprehensive competitive analysis.
    • Risk Management: Determine and reduce any risks that might be connected to market volatility, regulatory changes, geopolitical factors, and technological disruptions.
    • Strategic partnerships: To improve market access and operational efficiency, look into potential strategic partnerships with regional businesses, governmental bodies, academic institutions, and global organizations.


    For international investors and businesses, establishing an energy holding company in Poland offers a very attractive prospect. A stable economy, a growing energy sector, and government policies that encourage growth and success all work together to foster these conditions. You can create a successful energy holding company that benefits greatly from Poland’s energy transition while also contributing to the country’s energy transformation by comprehending the market dynamics, selecting the appropriate structure, and navigating the legal environment.

    Remember, OnDemand International boasts extensive experience guiding businesses like yours through every step of the incorporation process in Poland. Get in touch with our experts right now to arrange a free consultation and talk about how we can support you in establishing your company in Poland and unlock its full potential.