Start an Import-Export Business in Poland Easily: Procedure & Benefits

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    start an import-export business in poland

    Poland stands as a cornerstone of economic prowess within the European Union, boasting a formidable presence as one of its largest and most significant economies. As a founding member of the World Trade Organization, Poland exemplifies a commitment to global commerce and trade. Poland is becoming one of the top destinations for entrepreneurs looking to start successful import-export business inside the European Union, due to its rapidly growing import and export sector. Poland is a desirable hub for international trade operations due to its strategic location, strong infrastructure, and dynamic market opportunities. This promotes growth and profitability for enterprises navigating the global marketplace.

    In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the benefits, requirements, and steps involved in Starting an import-export business in Poland, attracting both business enthusiasts and investors.

    Steps to Start Your Polish Import-Export Business 

    Market Research

    One of the first steps for starting an import-export business in Poland is to perform thorough market research. Identify potential products or services that are in demand in Poland or other target markets. Analyze competition, pricing, and consumer preferences to make thoughtful choices.

    Business Plan

    Make a thorough business strategy that details your goals, tactics, and projected financials. This strategy will function as your route map and can be essential when seeking investors or financing.

    Legal Entity

    The third step for registering your import-export business in Poland is to select the legal entity for your business. You can choose between several legal forms for your business, including a sole proprietorship, limited liability company (LLC), or joint-stock company (JSC). 

    Business Registration 

    Once the business structure is selected, the next step for establishing an import-export business in Poland is to proceed with business registration. Our experts from OnDemand International can help you register your business in Poland.

    Register for VAT

    If your annual turnover is expected to exceed a certain threshold, you have to enrol for Value Added Tax (VAT). This is crucial for most import-export businesses, as it allows you to recover input VAT on your purchases.

    Tax Identification Number (NIP)

    Obtaining a Tax Identification Number (NIP) is essential for tax purposes and legal transactions in Poland. It’s an individual number assigned to each taxpayer, and you’ll need it to comply with the country’s tax regulations.

    Bank Account

    The last step for opening an import-export company in Poland is to open a business bank account to handle financial transactions related to your import-export business.

    Benefits of Starting an Import-Export Business in Poland

    • Strategic Location: Poland is a perfect hub for international trade because of its advantageous location in the centre of Europe. It shares borders with seven countries, facilitating simple access to markets in Eastern and Western Europe. This geographic advantage can significantly reduce transportation costs and enhance your competitiveness.
    • Access to the EU Market: Poland provides unrestricted access to one of the biggest and most lucrative marketplaces in the world as a member of the European Union (EU). This simplifies trade within the EU and provides a gateway to over 450 million consumers. With the right products and strategies, your businesses can prosper in this sizable market.
    • Strong Economy: Poland boasts a robust and stable economy, characterized by consistent growth over the years. Its economy is among the fastest-growing in the European Union, offering a favourable environment for business development. International trade is facilitated by the nation’s advanced logistics and infrastructure networks.
    • Competitive Labor Market: Poland is known for its skilled workforce, making it easier to find and employ qualified professionals for your business needs. Labour costs are also competitive, increasing the cost-effectiveness of your company without sacrificing quality.
    • Trade Agreements: Poland has established numerous trade agreements with countries worldwide. These agreements reduce trade barriers, open new markets, and generate chances for trade across international borders. Leveraging these agreements can be a game-changer for your import-export business.


    Incorporating a profitable import-export company in Poland is possible with the appropriate planning and approach. The country’s strategic location, diverse economy, and EU membership make it an ideal place to explore international trade opportunities. By following the requirements, conducting market research, and carefully planning your business, you can tap into the vast potential of the Polish and European markets, expanding your reach and boosting your global business aspirations. At OnDemand International, our expert team will help you to setup your Polish import-export business. Contact Us Today.


    Having a physical presence in Poland, such as an office or warehouse, is not mandatory, but it can be beneficial for your business. It facilitates operations and builds trust with local partners and customers.

    While speaking Polish can be an advantage, especially for communication with local partners, many businesses in Poland operate in English, and you can find English-speaking professionals to work with.

    Indeed, certain licenses or permits could be needed for the import or export of some products. It’s critical to learn about and comprehend the particular laws that apply to your items and to secure the required approvals.

    The timeline for setting up an import-export business can vary depending on factors such as the business structure chosen and the complexity of the venture. The completion of all the required stages could take a few weeks to several months on average.