How to Set Up an Agricultural Business in Poland in 2024-25?

In this thorough article, we will be explaining the essential steps to set up an agricultural business in Poland. We will further cover the requirements, and costs involved in setting up an agricultural business in Poland.


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    set up an agricultural business in poland

    Are you an ambitious entrepreneur or investor looking to establish a thriving agricultural business in Europe? Look no further than Poland – a country with a rich agricultural heritage and a burgeoning economic landscape. In this thorough article, we will be explaining the essential steps to set up an agricultural business in Poland. We will further cover the requirements, and costs involved in setting up an agricultural business in Poland. Discover why Poland is an ideal destination for agribusiness, and gain insights that will propel your venture toward success.

    Why Poland for Your Agricultural Business?

    1. Strategic Location:

    Poland’s strategic location at the crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe makes it a prime hub for agricultural trade. Due to the nation’s close proximity to important European markets, distribution channels are easily accessed, giving your company a competitive edge.

    2. Agricultural Tradition:

    Poland has a long history of agriculture, and its varied climate and rich soils allow for the growth of a wide variety of crops. The nation is a major producer of potatoes, apples, and grains, which offers a strong basis for agribusiness ventures.

    3. EU Membership:

    As a member of the European Union (EU), Poland provides a steady and predictable regulatory environment for enterprises. Entrepreneurs can benefit from the EU’s common agricultural policy, access to subsidies, and the single market, creating a conducive atmosphere for growth.

    Requirements for Setting Up an Agricultural Business in Poland

    1. Business Registration: The first step towards establishing your agricultural business in Poland is to register a legal entity. You can choose between a sole proprietorship, a limited liability company (Sp. z o.o.), or a joint-stock company (S.A.). Each business structure has its own advantages, hence it’s critical to evaluate your unique demands and objectives.

    2. Agricultural Qualifications: To engage in agricultural activities, you need to possess the necessary qualifications and expertise. It’s advisable to hire professionals with a background in agriculture to guarantee adherence to industry standards and best practices.

    3. Land Acquisition: Securing suitable land is a critical aspect of starting an agricultural business. Poland offers a range of options for land acquisition, and it’s important to consider factors such as soil quality, proximity to infrastructure, and legal restrictions.

    Steps to Set Up an Agricultural Business in Poland

    1. Perform Market Research:

    Make sure you conduct thorough market research before you begin the business setup process. Identify potential competitors, assess market demand, and understand consumer preferences. Your company plan will be informed by this knowledge, which will also assist you in making wise judgments.

    2. Create a Business Plan:

    A well-written business plan is crucial for drawing investors and steering your business toward success. Provide comprehensive financial forecasts, promotional tactics, and functional blueprints to illustrate the sustainability of your farming enterprise.

    3. Register Your Business:

    Select a type of company and enroll your company with the appropriate authorities. This process involves obtaining a REGON number (statistical number) and a NIP (tax identification number). 

    You can speak with our experts at OnDemand International to register your business within the Polish economy. Our experts will assist you in gathering the documents and further assist in registering your business with the relevant authorities.

    4. Obtain Necessary Permits:

    Certain agricultural activities may require specific permits. Check with relevant authorities to determine the permits needed for your particular business. This may include environmental permits, water rights, or special permissions for certain crops.

    5. Secure Funding:

    Explore various funding options to finance your agricultural business. This could include bank loans, government grants, or private investments.  To raise the required funds, submit your business plan to possible lenders or investors.

    Documents Required for Setting Up an Agricultural Business in Poland

    • Company Registration Documents: Articles of Association, Identification of Shareholders, and Board Resolutions.
    • Personal Identification: Passport or national ID for all company directors and shareholders.
    • Tax Documents: Tax registration forms, VAT registration documents, and other tax-related paperwork.
    • Land Purchase Documents: Title deeds, land survey reports, and any relevant agreements.
    • Environmental Impact Assessment: Depending on your activities, an assessment may be required.

    Costs Involved in Setting Up an Agricultural Business in Poland

    • Business Registration Fees: Vary depending on the chosen business structure.
    • Legal and Consulting Fees: Hiring professionals for legal advice and assistance.
    • Land Acquisition Costs: Prices vary based on location and land quality.
    • Permit Fees: Expenses associated with obtaining necessary permits.
    • Operational Costs: Including equipment, seeds, fertilizers, and labor.


    For investors and company owners looking for a stable environment for expansion, starting an agricultural enterprise in Poland offers a fantastic opportunity. The nation’s agricultural heritage, strategic position, and EU membership foster a climate that is favorable to success. You can realize the greatest potential for your agribusiness endeavor by utilizing the tools at your disposal, comprehending the standards, and navigating the registration process.