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UAE Citizenship – Requirements, Procedure & Benefits Explained

A foreigner who wishes to become a UAE citizen would need to go through some hassle, and the chances of you getting UAE citizenship depend on different circumstances.


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Overview: UAE Citizenship

If you are a foreigner who always wished to shift to the UAE, you are in luck. 


Because the Emirates are well-off and offer great chances to people living abroad to shift to UAE and pursue a career with rich culture and better way of living. 

uae citizenship

As a fact, almost 84% of the crowd that has settled in the UAE has originated from different nations. Dubai has to offer a global aviation hub and great natural resources to its citizens. Expats can decide on making Dubai their new home, and if you are planning to shift permanently, then getting UAE citizenship would be the right choice.

The whole procedure of getting UAE citizenship can be long and might require individuals to stay in the UAE for a long period if it’s a foreign nation for them. An alternate and fast way to get citizenship is to marry someone from the Emirates. There is a very small amount of people who are citizens of Dubai. But UAE citizenship has its benefits and tax leaves.

So, if you are only applying to get a work visa, or if you are an ex-pat settled already in UAE, it’s always safe to be updated on how to apply for an everlasting UAE citizenship.

Characteristics of Permanent Citizenship

The people of UAE get special rights and have a separate set of responsibilities where they can enjoy the free medical service, education, and also assist and handle allowances for residential purposes to bring up their kids and cover expenditure on marriage.

It has also been noticed that UAE citizenship can get you favorable treatment plus great contact with jobs in the area. It will also help you in bagging a job with a good salary package, even more than what some ex-pats would be getting. But citizens with a known family history in the Emirates might not get to cherish these benefits.

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Requirements To Become A UAE Citizen

A foreigner who wishes to become a UAE citizen would need to go through some hassle, and the chances of you getting UAE citizenship depend on different circumstances. Different Emirates follow different sets of protocols when giving out UAE citizenship. These protocols may affect your citizenship.

  • Real estate ownership is a prerequisite for foreign investors, and the property must be worth at least 1 million AED.
  • Creative types and intellectuals must have received at least one international award for their abilities.
  • Inventors must have at least one patent that has been approved by the UAE Ministry of Economy.
  • Real estate in Dubai must be owned by an investor before investing, yet there are many real estate properties available in the Emirate.

To get a better idea about your chances, it is advised that you get in touch with a consultancy service like ODINT Consulting. This will help you in understanding what is the right path for you.

Procedure To Get UAE Citizenship

procedure to get uae citizenship

There is no full-fledged guarantee that you would get UAE citizenship, eventually, it relies on your situation. So, it’s not always in your hands. The authorities have kept flexible rules to provide UAE citizenship to people who are living abroad and have made a commendable contribution to the country. But still, the basic way to become a citizen of UAE is by it being your birth nation.

If you are unable to get citizenship by the options listed here, naturalization depending on your residential location is by far the most probable answer. However, because of the long wait duration, you should reside and serve in the UAE for at least 30 years until your proposal is accepted.

Citizenship through investment 

Although several Emirates provide an investment visa, it only allows residents to stay for a limited duration. It is not a direct path to citizenship. Regardless of how much money you have placed in the nation, you must meet the residency provision or other paths to obtain citizenship.
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Citizen by Ascent or Ancestry

Becoming a UAE citizen by ascent occurs when either your father or both your parents are/were UAE citizens. Before the laws were liberalized, the rule stated if only your mother is from the UAE, you can apply for UAE citizenship after you’re 18. The laws were then liberalized and then it was decided that no citizenship could be provided by mother’s relation.

To accept UAE citizenship through this method, you would need a permit from your ex-pat father. The details required can be obtained through the internet, from the Emirate you reside in.

Citizenship through Marriage

If a foreign resident marries an Emirate resident for 3 years, the outsider can claim citizenship. After ten years of residency in the Emirates, you will normally be registered as a UAE resident. Your nationality will be revoked if you split with your spouse and remarry someone from another nation. 

Citizenship through Naturalization

A person from a different nation should reside in the UAE for at least 30 years. Also, they need to speak Arabic with proficiency and have a consistent supply of revenue in the UAE along with a spotless record.

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How To Get UAE Citizenship?

The officials in the UAE where you live will process your request for UAE citizenship. Applications are sometimes available on the internet, but you’ll almost certainly need to attend conferences in-person to complete your registration.

Because the laws are so complicated and demanding, having an expert consultant to assist you with your request is an excellent option.

Application Fees and Cost

The UAE wherein you submit your application determines any registration fee. You should expect a set charge if you hire an expert to assist you to understand the procedure, as well as any paperwork you need to be interpreted or validated during your application process.

If you ever need to conduct an overseas transfer of funds to meet your expenses, your bank may overcharge you by choosing a bad rate of exchange and putting in additional fees. If you have an account in UAE bank or know those who do, the best alternative is to utilize our expertise. We will conduct your transfers using the genuine exchange rate for a small transparent charge.

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Passport Application

As soon as your citizenship gets confirmed, you can kickstart the registration process for your UAE passport. This application process comes under the Emirates, and the steps of how to apply can be checked online. For example, if you are a resident of Abu Dhabi, the application request for a passport can be successfully applied in just 15 minutes and at the charge of AED 55.

Because the passport attaining process is different from the UAE citizenship process, you’ll have to pay a separate fee. So, you will have to perform research about the banks and money handling system in the UAE, if you aren’t already familiar with it.

Getting your UAE citizenship is a difficult task, and you will be required to show patience throughout the process. But it’s a possibility that with the correct advice and some future planning, you can make it all a pleasant experience.

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Benefits Of UAE Citizenship

After discussing so much about UAE citizenship, the process to apply, requirements, etc, it’s time to study the different advantages it carries with itself. There are several benefits of UAE citizenship, and they are mentioned below:

Start a life, Work, and Complete your education in the UAE

The citizenship of UAE provides you plus your family members to get legal rights to live in UAE, start a business, or just complete your education.

Family Unity

If you are an applicant, you’re can easily add your significant other or your kids to the process.

Register Possessions without Limitations

The UAE lets you issue your properties without any limitation that are usually faced by people living outside the UAE and ex-pats.

Open Bank Accounts and Companies Established in the Emirates

The UAE, like any other country, has a plethora of red tape and bureaucracy when it comes to account opening or forming a business. That’s not the situation for UAE citizens, for whom it is a simple procedure. Once you’re a UAE citizen, you will be able to accomplish all of these things with ease.

Visa-Free Access to 167 Countries with a UAE Passport

Last but not the least, with the help of UAE citizenship and a UAE passport, you will get visa-free travel access to more than 100 countries.


UAE’s economy is one that encourages entrepreneurship and gives high incomes and a comparatively affordable standard of living. Acquiring UAE citizenship can provide you the ability for establishing an organization in Dubai and purchasing real estate, the opportunity of receiving educational and medical services, and so on. 
However, the whole process of UAE citizenship application can turn out to be tough, and require proper knowledge of the UAE laws. In such situations, you should do proper research and if possible, hire an expert from our company, ODINT Consulting.

We bring with us a wide range of expertise and skillsets, that would aid in fastening your UAE citizenship. So, contact us today!


Persons applying for UAE citizenship must be proficient in Arabic, have a legal source of revenue, hold academic credentials, and have decent character and behavior. Applicants who shouldn’t have any criminal records must provide a clearance certificate. All new residents are required to take the pledge of loyalty.

Permanent residency can be attained by marrying a UAE citizen.

Presently, nationality in the UAE is only available to a restricted group of foreigners, including investors, elite professionals, and outstanding creatives. The UAE monarchs or the Council must propose and accept the nominees. A candidate must meet the requirements for each class to qualify.

Those who receive UAE citizenship will be permitted to retain their prior citizenship, according the country’s new citizenship law. So as long as you confirm with your nation of origin, the UAE permits dual citizenship.

Due to concerns over the erosion of the Emirati national identity and conservative culture, which are both seen as being threatened by the fact that foreigners outnumber native Emiratis by an eleven-to-one ratio, naturalization is restricted.

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