Start a Business in Canada from the UK in 2024-25 | Complete Guide

In this article, we have discussed about how to start a business in Canada from the UK in 2024-25. Read the complete article to know more about process & requirements.


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    business in Canada from the UK

    Canada presents an attractive environment for entrepreneurs seeking to establish their businesses for several compelling reasons. The country boasts a highly skilled workforce, substantial government grants and tax credits, a reasonable cost of living, and ample opportunities to secure venture capital and seed funding. Notably, these benefits are accessible not only to Canadian citizens but also to foreign entrepreneurs, including those from the UK. While the process for UK entrepreneurs may require additional steps, OnDemand International is well-equipped to assist dedicated and passionate individuals in successfully launching their businesses in Canada.

    Why UK Entrepreneurs Choose Canada as a Destination for Company Setup?

    There are several benefits available to entrepreneurs wishing to launch their businesses in Canada. The following are strong arguments for thinking about Canada as a potential destination for company setup:

    • Attractive Tax Structure: Canada provides businesses with attractive corporation tax rates that allow them to reinvest more in their operations and ensure that owners receive fair pay.
    • Geographical Advantage: Canada’s geographic position offers good access for international trade, since it is close to three seas, many significant ports, and eighteen major airports.
    • Simplified Tax Structure: Canada has a simplified tax structure. Additionally, it enables companies to gain from lower tax withholding on specific revenue streams and other payments.
    • Economic Resilience: Strong and diverse, Canada’s economy has shown resilience to changes in the world economy. Moreover, the Canadian dollar is one of the strongest currencies in the world.
    • Talented Workforce: Canada has a workforce that is highly educated; over 62% of people in the country who are between the ages of 25 and 34 have a college degree.
    • Special Visa Programs: Canada offers specialized visa programs to facilitate the immigration process for startup founders.

    Step-by-Step Guide to Start a Business in Canada from the United Kingdom

    Immigration Options

    As a UK entrepreneur, you have several options to start a business in Canada from the United Kingdom:

    • C11 Entrepreneur Work Permit program: Designed for foreign entrepreneurs who own at least 50% of a Canadian business that will contribute to economic development and create jobs for Canadians.
    • Start-Up Visa (SUV) program: Offers a pathway to permanent residence for entrepreneurs with an innovative business idea and support from a designated organization.
    • Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs): Many provinces have entrepreneur streams that allow foreign nationals to invest, work, and live permanently in Canada.

    Steps to Start a Business in Canada from the UK

    • Develop a strong business idea that suits the Canadian market. Demonstrate relevant experience and skills to execute your plan.
    • Seek mentorship and build a network of experienced professionals to better understand the Canadian business landscape.
    • Create a detailed, viable business plan that includes your business model, value proposition, market research, financial projections, and more.
    • Register your company with the federal and provincial/territorial governments. Most of the process can be completed online.
    • Obtain necessary permits and licenses based on your business activities and location.
    • Set up a Canadian business bank account to manage your finances and accept payments.
    • Understand and fulfill your tax obligations, including federal, provincial/territorial, and employee taxes.
    • Consider consolidating your business finances with accounting software to stay on top of your company’s financial health.

    Legal Requirements for Opening a Business in Canada from the UK

    Some of the required legal requirements for opening a business in Canada from the UK are:

    Types of Business Entities in Canada for Company Setup

    Sole Proprietorship

    • Legal Status: Does not exist as a separate legal entity. The proprietor is the owner.
    • Control: Owner has total control.
    • Profits: Profits are paid to the owner.
    • Debts: The owner has unlimited liability.
    • Taxation: The owner is taxed as an individual on the business income.
    • Assets: Business assets are wholly owned by the proprietor.


    • Legal Status: Does not exist as a separate legal entity. Partners share ownership.
    • Control: Control is determined by the partnership agreement.
    • Profits: Profits are distributed according to the partnership agreement.
    • Debts: Partners are individually and collectively responsible.
    • Taxation: Partners are taxed individually based on their share of income.
    • Assets: Partners jointly own business assets or as governed by the partnership agreement.


    • Legal Status: Treated as a separate legal entity from its owner(s).
    • Control: Directors and shareholders manage the corporation.
    • Profits: Earned by the corporation. Dividends may be paid to shareholders or retained.
    • Debts: Debts are paid by the corporation.
    • Taxation: The corporation pays corporate taxes separately from directors and shareholders.
    • Assets: Business assets are owned by the corporation.


    Entrepreneurship in the Canadian market offers many opportunities for UK-based entrepreneurs. Despite the distance between the United Kingdom and Canada, technological advances and globalization have made international expansion more possible than ever before. Canada’s stable economy, diversified consumer base and supportive business environment make it an ideal market for UK-Based entrepreneurs to establish successful ventures. Canada’s multicultural society encourages innovation and creativity, making it an ideal place for new ideas and businesses to thrive. While regulatory barriers and cultural differences may be present, they can be overcome with proper research and flexibility. The decision to expand your business into Canada holds great potential for growth, innovation and international success. With perseverance, resilience and a good understanding of how the market works, UK-based entrepreneurs can begin a rewarding journey to establish a thriving presence in Canada’s business landscape.

    Consult with OnDemand International’s to register your business in Canada.


    To register a business in Canada, it takes 5-7 days.

    Yes, UK citizens incorporate their company in Canada. Canadian Laws allow non-Canadian nationalist to incorporate and operate their business in Canada.

    Yes, you required a registered office address to establish a business in Canada. You will receive all your post, mails and important documents on that address.