Permanent Residency in Australia: Documents & Eligibility Criteria

In this post, we will look at the procedure for acquiring permanent residency in Australia. Further, we will dicuss the eligibility requirments and documennts required to get PR in Australia.


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    PR in Australia

    Australia has evolved as a sought-after destination for those seeking a high quality of life. Many people want to gain a Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia to safeguard their future. To accomplish this aim, one must have lived in Australia for four years and received an Australian PR Visa. In this post, we will look at the procedure for acquiring permanent residency in Australia. Further, we will discuss the eligibility requirements and documents required to get PR in Australia. 

    How to Apply for Permanent Residency in Australia?

    To properly traverse the Australian PR application procedure, follow these steps:

    Step 1: Determine Your Eligibility

    The first step is to determine whether you are eligible for permanent residency in Australia. Visit the Department of Home Affairs website to learn about visa options. Learn about the necessary documentation, processing timeframes, costs, and other application requirements. Select the best route for you based on your education, talents, and experience.

    Step 2: Perform a Skill Assessment Test

    Various assessment organizations may evaluate your skill level and provide documentation of your credentials for your chosen employment.

    Step 3: Submit Expressions of Interest

    Submit an expression of interest via SkillSelect, Australia’s online gateway for skilled worker visas. Points are assigned depending on factors such as talents, age, education, job experience, and others. To proceed, you must score at least 65 points.

    Step 4: Be patient and apply

    After finishing the preceding processes, wait for an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from DHA Australia. To prevent the offer from expiring, apply and submit the needed documentation within sixty days.

    Eligibility Criteria for Australian PR

    To apply for PR in Australia, you must satisfy the following requirements:

    • Language Proficiency: English proficiency is required.
    • Age: You must be under 45 years old to be eligible for Australian citizenship.
    • Skills Evaluation: A skill evaluation based on your job and educational experience is necessary.
    • Nominated Occupation: Check to see if your job is on Australia’s Demand List.
    • Minimum Points: A minimum of 65 points is required for the Points Grid.
    • Medical Status: You must be in excellent health and have a decent reputation.

    Documents Required for PR in Australia

    The following documents are required for PR in Australia:

    • Certificates of education
    • Certificate of English Proficiency
    • Bank statements from the last three months
    • Employer recommendation letter
    • Job offer or letter of acceptance
    • Income tax returns over the last three months
    • Salary statements
    • A passport that is valid for more than six months.
    • Evidence of money (cash, bonds, stocks, etc.)

    How to Monitor the Status of Australia’s PR Application?

    To check the status of your application:

    • Visit the official VEVO Australia page.
    • Select “Check your visa details with VEVO.”
    • Enter the necessary information, such as the TRN number, date of birth, passport number, and country data.
    • Examine the information carefully before submitting your application.

    Australian Immigration Processing Time and Cost

    The Australian immigration procedure consists of many parts, each with its timetable. In most cases, the entire operation takes three to five months. The primary applicant could be compelled to pay $4115.

    Different Pathways for Indians to Apply for PR in Australia

    In Australia, you may apply for PR via a variety of channels, including,

    Business or Investment PR Visa: This option permits you to do business in Australia. Applicants must own a provisional visa subclass 188, satisfy financial requirements, and have a business plan. It also serves senior executives, overseas entrepreneurs, and investors who want to start or develop enterprises in Australia.

    Criteria for Eligibility:

    • Applicants must be under the age of 55.
    • A comprehensive business strategy to invest in Australia.
    • A minimum of 65 points is required based on education, age, company activity, and investment selections.

    Work Stream Permanent Residency Visa: A workstream visa is a good option for people seeking PR in Australia from India. There are many subcategories, including

    • Independent Skilled Visa (Subclass 189)
    • Visa for Skilled Workers (Subclass 190)
    • Regional Skilled Visa (Subclass 491)

    Criteria for Eligibility:

    • Applicants must be under the age of 45.
    • Nomination from the list of skilled occupations.
    • Selection by a territory or state in Australia.
    • Competent English proficiency is required.
    • Expert evaluation by the appropriate authorities.
    • Meeting the prerequisites for health and character.


    Obtaining a permanent residency in Australia is a momentous milestone that offers a world of options for individuals and families alike. Australia continues to draw individuals from all over the world seeking a better quality of life due to its robust economy, high-quality healthcare and education systems, and rich cultural environment.

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    The processing period for Australian PR applications varies according to the visa subclass and the complexity of your application. However, as a general rule, you can anticipate to wait 6 to 18 months for a judgment.

    The cost of applying for permanent residency in Australia varies depending on the visa category. Your application will, however, cost between AUD4,045 and AUD9,225.

    Yes, you may apply for permanent residency in Australia while residing in India. You must fulfil the eligibility requirements for the visa subclass you want to apply for and submit your application online.

    There are several advantages to having Australian PR, including

    • Indefinite right to reside and work in Australia
    • Medicare, Australia’s public healthcare system, is available.
    • Voting rights in Australian elections
    • Possibility of sponsoring family members for permanent residence

    You may boost your chances of satisfying the qualifying requirements for Australian PR by doing the following:

    • Obtaining a degree from an Australian university
    • gaining work experience in an in-demand career in Australia
    • Improving your English language skills
    • Getting a high score on the points test