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Economic Growth and Prospects in the Singapore

Singapore boasts one of the world’s most stable economies, characterized by a lack of foreign debt, substantial government revenue, and a consistently positive surplus.

The economy thrives on exports in electronics manufacturing and machinery, financial services, tourism, and hosting the busiest cargo seaport globally.

Changi Airport – regularly ranked as the world’s best airport – serves more than 100 airlines flying to about 100 countries and territories globally. Over 62 million passengers pass through the airport a year.

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Our dedicated team of professionals is fundamental to our success. With their wealth of experience and expertise, we are able to provide exceptional solutions tailored to your specific needs.
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Choose from our tailored packages to meet various business needs. Find a company incorporation plan that fits your budget perfectly.

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We deliver on our promises, recognizing the value of time in the business realm. Through our efficient procedures and skilled team...

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We continuously strive to assist our clients by providing ideal solutions for smooth business functioning.

Choose the type of company you want to incorporate

Registering a Private Limited Company (limited by shares) involves a straightforward process, even though it is considered a distinct legal entity, separate from its shareholders and directors.


  • Shareholders are only liable for company debts up to their share capital
  • Corporate income tax ranges from 0% to 17%
  • New Singapore companies may qualify for tax exemptions
  • Both local and foreign shareholders are allowed
  • Company can hold property under its name



  • Singapore Companies Act limits Private Limited Companies to 50 shareholders
  • Shares cannot be publicly traded

Establishing a Branch Office shares similarities with creating a Subsidiary Company. However, it is viewed as an extension of the parent company, not an independent legal entity.


  • Allows 100% foreign ownership
  • Can enter contracts on behalf of the parent company
  • Benefits from leveraging the foreign company’s reputation



  • Parent company bears liability for losses.
  • Bound by the same regulations as the parent company.
  • Requires an existing parent company for setup

A Sole Proprietorship has one owner who is personally responsible for any profit and losses. The business and its director are considered as a single entity.


  • Owner retains all profits
  • Taxed at personal income tax rate, with fewer compliance obligations



  • Owner personally liable for losses, risking personal assets
  • Not eligible for corporate tax exemptions and rebates.

A Partnership can be owned by at least two individuals or a company. Owners have limited liability, akin to shareholders in a Private Limited Company.


  • Limited liability for partners beyond their share capital
  • Income tax statements instead of annual returns
  • Reduced government compliance compared to Private Limited Companies



  • Complex ownership transfer compared to Private Limited
  • Companies
    May have a less consumer-focused image.
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