11 Best Businesses To Set Up In Warsaw

Want to set up a business in Warsaw, Poland? Here, we will be covering some of the best businesses to set up in Warsaw including IT company, app development, e-commerce and many more. Consult our experts today to register a business in Warsaw.


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    Warsaw, Poland’s vibrant capital, pulsates with a unique blend of history, innovation, and a thriving business scene. Its young, tech-savvy populace, supportive government, and advantageous location in Central Europe make it a top choice for business owners wishing to get into the European market. But with a diverse landscape of industries, choosing the best business to set up in Warsaw can be a headscratcher.

    This comprehensive guide delves into the most promising business ventures in Warsaw, taking into account current market trends, growth potential, and the city’s unique strengths. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a budding business owner, this roadmap will equip you with the knowledge to navigate Warsaw’s dynamic marketplace.

    What are the best businesses to set up in Warsaw?

    Here, we will be covering the best businesses to set up in Warsaw:

    1. IT Company

    Warsaw is rapidly emerging as a tech hub in Central Europe, making it an ideal location for setting up an IT company. Warsaw’s highly skilled labour pool, friendly government regulations, and easy access to cutting-edge technology make it a great place for software businesses to grow. From software development to cybersecurity services, the opportunities in the IT sector are abundant in Warsaw.

    2. App Development Business

    Starting an app development company in Warsaw might be quite profitable given the rising demand for mobile applications. Warsaw has the ideal fusion of innovation and infrastructure for app development companies to thrive, with a thriving startup culture and an expanding pool of skilled developers. By utilizing the tech-savvy people and entrepreneurial energy of the city, you can develop cutting-edge apps that meet the demands of different businesses and customers.

    3. E-commerce

    The e-commerce sector in Poland is witnessing exponential growth, driven by increasing internet penetration and changing consumer preferences. Warsaw, as the capital city and economic hub, serves as a prime market for e-commerce businesses looking to tap into the burgeoning online retail landscape. There is plenty of space for e-commerce business owners to carve out their niche and profit from the online marketplace, whether it be in the fashion, electronics, or grocery industries.

    4. Digital Marketing Agency

    The increasing concentration of businesses on online platforms is driving up demand for digital marketing services. Digital marketing companies can flourish in Warsaw’s thriving economic environment. In the competitive digital marketplace, you may assist businesses in building a strong online presence, increasing client engagement, and accomplishing their marketing goals by utilizing creative campaigns, data-driven insights, and new methods.

    5. Social Media Marketing Agency

    There’s an increasing need for specialized social media marketing services as social media platforms continue to rule the digital sphere. With its educated populace and active social media landscape, Warsaw presents numerous prospects for social media marketing companies to thrive. You may assist companies in utilizing social media to engage with their audience and propel business expansion by creating engaging content, putting targeted advertising strategies into action, and encouraging deep connections.

    6. Tourism

    Popular tourist destinations in Europe include Warsaw because of its lively nightlife, historical sites, and rich cultural legacy. Establishing a tourist company in Warsaw can be a fulfilling venture for businesspeople who are enthusiastic about hospitality and travel. There is a great opportunity to meet the many demands of tourists and present the city’s distinct appeal to a global audience, whether it be through guided tours, lodging services, or cultural events.

    7. Hospitality

    Warsaw presents profitable prospects for hospitality operations due to its booming hotel industry and consistent influx of visitors and business travellers. A diversified clientele seeking exceptional experiences and flawless service is catered to by the city’s thriving hospitality scene, which includes gourmet restaurants and boutique hotels. You may carve yourself a niche in Warsaw’s dynamic hospitality scene and create unforgettable experiences for discriminating guests by embracing creative concepts and providing great hospitality.

    8. Food and Beverage

    Warsaw’s culinary scene offers a mouthwatering variety of flavours and cuisines from all over the world, reflecting the diversity of its cultural fabric. Warsaw offers a plethora of chances for prospective restaurateurs and culinary entrepreneurs to entice palates and delight diners. The vibrant food and beverage business in Warsaw offers plenty of space for culinary creativity and gourmet discovery, whether it’s through inventive culinary concepts, international fusion, or traditional Polish cuisine.

    9. Renewable Energy

    The renewable energy industry is expanding internationally as the globe moves toward sustainable energy alternatives. With its dedication to renewable energy projects and environmental sustainability, Warsaw provides an atmosphere that is favourable for the growth of green enterprises. Projects involving biomass, wind, or solar energy have a great deal of potential to further Poland’s clean energy transition and meet the country’s expanding need for renewable energy sources.

    10. Event Management

    From corporate conferences to cultural festivals, Warsaw hosts a myriad of events that attract participants from around the globe. Starting an event management company in Warsaw may be a lucrative endeavour for business owners with an eye for planning and creativity. In Warsaw’s vibrant events business, you may make a name for yourself as a top event planner by arranging flawless events, creating unforgettable experiences, and cultivating deep connections.

    11. Consulting Business

    With businesses navigating complex challenges and seeking strategic guidance, consulting services are in high demand across various industries. Warsaw’s thriving business ecosystem and strategic location make it an ideal hub for consulting firms looking to expand their presence in Central Europe. Whether it’s management consulting, market research, or financial advisory services, there’s a growing need for expert insights and tailored solutions to drive business success in Warsaw and beyond.

    Things to Take Into Account Before Opening a Business in Warsaw

    While these represent some of the most promising business ventures in Warsaw, it’s crucial to consider your own skills, experience, and market research before making a decision. 

    Here are some additional factors to keep in mind:

    • Market Demand: Evaluate your target industry’s gaps and unmet demands by conducting in-depth market research.
    • Competition: Examine the competitive environment and determine how to set your company apart from well-established competitors.
    • Regulatory Environment: Become acquainted with the rules and laws that are particular to the Polish industry you have selected.
    • Funding and Resources: Create a thorough business plan that details your needs for finance as well as your plans for acquiring resources.


    Warsaw offers a fertile ground for entrepreneurial ventures across diverse industries, ranging from technology and digital marketing to tourism and hospitality. With its thriving business environment, highly qualified labour force, and encouraging infrastructure, Warsaw offers plenty of chances for budding entrepreneurs to prosper. 

    Whether you’re looking to set up an IT company, launch an e-commerce business, or establish a hospitality venture, Warsaw’s dynamic landscape is ripe with possibilities. With the assistance of OnDemand International, you can navigate the intricacies of setting up your business in Poland with ease, from company registration to acquiring a virtual office, enabling you to focus on realizing your entrepreneurial dreams. 

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    In order to legally establish a business in Warsaw, you must register your company with the National Court Register, get the required licenses and permissions, and adhere to tax laws. To make sure that local laws and regulations are followed, it is important to confer with legal professionals or business counsellors.

    Indeed, Warsaw is becoming one of Central Europe’s most active digital hubs, with access to a highly qualified labour pool, encouraging laws, and a bustling startup scene. Co-working spaces, accelerators, and investment possibilities abound in Warsaw, making it the perfect place for software businesses to expand and thrive.

    Technology, e-commerce, hotels, renewable energy, and consultancy services are among the industries in Warsaw that are expanding. Warsaw offers many chances for entrepreneurs in a variety of industries to prosper due to its thriving economy and advantageous location.