Delaware Franchise Tax And Annual Report: Complete Guide

Many business owners in Delaware Franchise Tax and Annual Report are confused by the meaning of franchise taxes. Read our complete guide for a better understanding.


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    delaware franchise tax and annual report

    Delaware Franchise Tax And Annual Report

    The franchise tax is a tax imposed by the state that is imposed on companies to allow them to legally and commercially operate in the USA or a certain regions. It is an essential requirement to be able to legally establish your company and maintain good standing in Delaware Franchise Tax and Annual Report. The franchise tax you pay will be determined by the nature of your company and not the amount of income the business earns.

    Many business owners in Delaware Franchise Tax and Annual Report are confused by the meaning of franchise taxes. They mistake it for the tax that is imposed on franchises and believe that the tax has no connection with the business they operate. Many aren’t sure what it is, which can cause them to be faced with tax issues.

    What is the Delaware Franchise tax and Annual Report?

    The majority of Delaware Franchise Tax and Annual Report corporations are subject to franchise tax, no matter the place they do business, except for domestic corporations exempt from the franchise tax.

    The franchise tax rate for Domestic as well as Foreign Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), Limited Partnerships (LPs) as well as General Partnerships (GPs) formed or registered in Delaware is a fixed annual amount of $300.

    On the other hand, the franchise tax applicable to Delaware Franchise Tax and Annual Report corporations is determined by the nature of the company and the number of shares authorized which is more complex. If a company is classified in the category of the large corporate filer and is a Large Corporate Filer, it has to pay a minimum of US$250,000 annually in franchise tax.
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    How do you calculate the taxes on franchises for your business?

    As previously mentioned as stated earlier, it is the case that only Delaware corporations are considered when calculating franchise taxes. Other types of organizations are subject to a set amount each year.

    The annual franchise tax is due to your company by using one of two methods:

    • Authorized Shares This method is the procedure that is used by authorities in the State of Delaware. The minimum amount for this method is US$175 (for corporations with less than 500 shares) and up to the maximum annual tax of $200,000.
    • The Assumed Par Value Capital Method offers lower tax rates when your business has high-value assets. The tax that you must pay is $400 (per $1,000,000, or a part of it, of presumed par value capital) with an amount of up to $200,000.

    How can I be able to pay Delaware franchise taxes?

    Taxes for franchises can be paid online by following these four steps:

    Step 1. Go on the State of Delaware – Division of Corporations Franchise Tax file page.

    Step 2. Enter the 7-digit business Entity File Number. You can locate your file number here.

    Step 3. Submit the mandatory details in the web form template.

    Application information:

    • Name of legal company
    • Franchise tax and fees
    • Contact number and address for business.
    • Name and address of an officer
    • Addresses and names of directors

    step 4: Use a credit card to pay your taxes and filing fee.

    When to pay Delivery Franchise?

    The deadline for franchise tax payment in the case of Delaware corporate entities for the preceding year is the 1st of March. For LPs LLCs, LPs, and GPs, tax due is due on or before the 1st day of June.

    If your company has more than $5000 in tax liabilities.

     It is mandatory to pay quarterly tax payments in various amounts. deadlines for the quarter:

    • 40percent of the total amount due on 1st June
    • The 20% total amount due by 1st September
    • 20 percent of the total amount due by 1st December
    • The rest is due by the 1st of March

    The most important thing to remember is that the tax due is calculated around the calendar, and not the business’s fiscal year. Thus, a company that is that was formed at the close of the year must pay franchise tax at the beginning of the next year, regardless of the income that is generated.

    It is essential to adhere to Delaware corporation due dates for franchise tax. There is a penalties system developed in the Delaware State of Delaware Franchise Tax and Annual Report for companies that do not pay their taxes on time.

    • For corporations with a domestic presence, LPs, LLCs, and GPs, ignoring the deadlines result in a penalty of $200 and 1.5 percent of interest per month for the penalty.
    • For foreign companies, the penalty is $125. is included in the fee for filing.
    • The failure to meet the deadline of one year causes a void declaration of the company. In addition to any legal implications, the businesses won’t be able to receive the Certificate of Good Standing in Delaware.

    When you dissolve your Delaware Franchise Tax and Annual Report firm before the close of that calendar year and you do not have to pay Franchise tax back to the state in the coming year.

    How will you deal with it if fail to pay the Delaware franchise taxes?

    It is vital to observe Delaware corporate franchise tax due dates. The penalty program was developed in the Delaware State of Delaware Franchise Tax and Annual Report for companies that do not pay their taxes on time.

    • Domestic corporations such as LPs (including LLCs and GPs), ignoring the deadlines results in a fine of $200 and 1.5 percent of interest per month for the period of the penalty
    • For foreign companies, the penalty is $125. is added to the filing fee.
    • The failure to meet the deadline of one year causes a void declaration for the businesses. Apart from the potential legal consequences, the businesses are not able to receive the Certificate of Good Standing in Delaware

    After the payment of franchise tax you could be eligible to obtain the Delaware Certificate of Good Standing which is a letter directly by Delaware Secretary of State. Delaware Secretary of State certifying that your company is current with its tax obligations and being in good financial standing.

    Additionally, you must provide an annual report with the payment of franchise tax. It must include the registered address of your business (not an address with a P.O. box, or address for your registered agent) as well as the name, title, and the address physical of every director as well as the addresses and names of all officers and directors, should there be they have.

    What are the requirements for an annual report that is required for Delaware firms?

    Annual reports are a report that contains all the important details regarding the corporate details (such as the name of the board of members, the address of the company and address, etc.) and the business operations of the Delaware company. Based on the requirements of each state the information required to submit annual reports will vary.

    Usually, the Delaware Franchise Tax and Annual Report should contain:

    • Address of physical location for Delaware company
    • Address and name of the member,
    • Directors’ addresses and director name.

    All LPs LLCs, GPs, and, LPs aren’t required to file annual reports.

    However, all Delaware domestic and foreign corporations must file the annual report

    Here is the fee to file an annual statement for every category of companies:

    • Exempt corporations 25 dollars
    • Non-exempt corporations: $50
    • Foreign corporations The cost is $125 for foreign corporations.

    The deadline for filing annual reports is the same as that for franchise tax filing deadline which falls at or before the 1st March. Foreign companies  submit annual reports to Delaware Secretary of State Delaware Secretary of State prior to the 30th day of June.

    The penalty imposed on Delaware businesses that do not file the required report is similar to the penalty for failure to pay franchise tax.


    For all businesses operating who operate in Delaware the company will receive an acknowledgement of the amount to be paid and dues that will be sent by the Secretary of State directly to the agent registered. Delaware Franchise Tax and Annual Report has a requirement for every annual statement as well as franchise taxes to be paid online and processed using only US dollars taken directly from US banks.

    The companies are able to make filings and electronic payments through the Delaware Division of Corporations or the registered agent’s online platform.

    What are the common legal filing rules for Delaware firms at the federal at the federal level?

    Delaware Franchise Tax and Annual Report businesses are also required to make various additional annual reports. Based on the company’s name and its business the business you operate located in Delaware might have to submit Form 5472 or financial accounts reports such as FATCA as well as FABAR in the Federal level.

    Form 5472

    Formula 5472 is utilized to make transactions that are reportable between the corporation that is reporting and domestic or foreign parties accessible to Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The relevant companies comprise 25% foreign-owned US corporations, which includes foreign-owned US disregarded entity, or foreign-owned corporations that conduct business in the US.

    The pertinent entities have to finalize the form and fulfill the tax retrievals for revenue by the due date for the tax filing. For those entities not considered to be disregarded with no tax filing requirement businesses must complete a pro forma form 1120 along with the Form 5472.

    Foreign Bank And Financial Accounts Report (FBAR)

    All Delaware businesses that have a bank account in a foreign country or any other financial account with foreign assets that exceed US$10000 must file a Foreign Bank And Financial Accounts Report. The reason for the document is the reporting of all funds and assets held in these accounts to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as well as the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

    The report has to be filed before the due date of the 15th of April, or after the auto, extension expires on the 15th. A civil penalty in the form of a monetary fine or criminal penalty may be assessed to companies who do not file the report.

    Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

    The Act was authorized by the national government to fulfill the goals of the national tax administration. It has certain rules for financial institutions, non-financial ones, and companies. Form 8938 can be used to prepare the report, and it must be submitted along with the tax return with the due date for the return.



    Delaware Franchise tax and Annual Report, as well as filing regulations, are essential maintenance requirements for all companies operating in Delaware. The issues involved are extremely complex and often cause problems.

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    ​ Delaware domestic businesses must complete a complete annual report and pay an annual filing fee as well as the franchise tax.

    If they’re an annual charge, yes they are tax-deductible.

    Contrary to the majority of states Delaware doesn’t require LLCs to submit annually filed reports. However, the state does require LLCs to make an annual payment of tax.

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    In many instances, the franchise tax is usually due in conjunction with the annual reports. Many states have due dates that are tied to the anniversary dates which means that they are due within the month the month that the business was founded or was foreign-qualified.