Open an Interior Design Business in the Netherlands in 3 Easy Steps

This article will go over the entire process of starting an interior design business in the Netherlands, from market research to business registration. Contact our company formation experts today to register your business.


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    interior design business in the netherlands

    Start your Interior Design Company in the Netherlands in 2024

    Establishing an interior design business in the Netherlands can be thrilling and fruitful. The Netherlands presents a bright future for budding interior designers with its booming design sector and expanding economy. However starting a successful interior design firm in the Netherlands needs meticulous preparation, investigation, and knowledge of the available financial sources and regulatory criteria. 

    This article will go over the entire process of starting an interior design company in the Netherlands, from market research to creating an internet presence. By the end, you’ll have a well-defined plan for converting your aspirations for interior design into a successful business.

    Investigating the Dutch Interior Design Market

    For establishing an interior design business it is essential to carry out in-depth market research prior to beginning the process of establishing an interior design company in the Netherlands. Gaining a strategic understanding of your target market, competitors, and local market trends will enable you to properly set up your business.

    When conducting your research, keep the following important things in mind:

    1. Determine the market that you want to reach: Choose the precise area of the interior design market that you wish to service. Knowing what your target market is, whether it be residential, business, or a particular style, will assist you in customizing your offerings and marketing strategies.
    2. Examine the competition: Find out the advantages, disadvantages, and special selling factors of the current interior design firms in the Netherlands. Your company will stand out from the competition and you will gain a competitive advantage from this.
    3. Keep up with the latest trends in the industry: Success in the ever-evolving field of interior design requires staying abreast of new developments. To keep up to date and provide your clients with creative solutions, read design blogs, go to industry events, and interact with local design groups.

    You can build a strong basis for your interior design business and make well-informed decisions by devoting time and resources to comprehensive market research.

    Procedures for Establishing an Interior Design Firm in the Netherlands

    It’s time to traverse the procedure for establishing your interior design firm in the Netherlands once your market research is complete.

    These are the essential actions to take:

    Step 1: Select the legal framework

    For setting up your interior design business in the Netherlands, select the legal form of your organization: limited liability corporation (LLC), partnership, or sole proprietorship. Each structure has pros and downsides of its own.

    Step 2: Proceed with business registration 

    Register your interior design company with the KvK, or Kamer van Koophandel, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. All companies doing business in the Netherlands must enroll with the KvK. Upon completion, you will receive a unique identification number (KvK number), which you will require for a number of administrative and lawful needs.

    Step 3: Obtain the required licenses and permits 

    In order to conduct business lawfully in the Netherlands, you may require particular licenses or permits. You may guarantee compliance with Dutch legislation and build a strong legal foundation for your interior design business by adhering to these legal criteria and procedures.

    At OnDemand International we can help you in setting up an interior design business in the Netherlands we can help you collect the necessary documentation that will be required for registering your business and can further apply for business registration to the relevant Dutch authorities.

    Funding Options for Your Interior Design Business in the Netherlands

    You can consider the following financial options to fund your interior design firm in the Netherlands:

    1. Self-funding: This can be a good option if you have personal savings or access to money. It enables you to stay debt-free and retain complete authority over your business. It’s crucial to evaluate your financial status and make sure that self-funding won’t put pressure on your own funds, nevertheless.
    2. Bank Loans: Banks and other financial organizations provide business loans that are tailored especially for new and small enterprises. These loans can be repaid over a predetermined period of time and supply the funds required to meet early costs. 
    3. Grants and subsidies: To encourage entrepreneurship and innovation, the Dutch government as well as a number of organisations provide grants and subsidies. Often, certain businesses or industries are the focus of these financial opportunities. 
    4. Crowdfunding: You can raise money from a lot of individuals who support your company idea by using crowdfunding sites. In addition to offering financial support, crowdfunding fosters the development of a brand and a community around your company.

    You may obtain the financing required to transform your interior design company into a successful venture by investigating these funding possibilities and making the most of your resources for starting your own interior design venture.


    Careful preparation, investigation, and execution are necessary when starting a successful interior design company in the Netherlands. Your aspirations of becoming a successful interior designer can become a reality with OnDemand International’s assistance and obtaining finance, managing legal requirements, developing an online presence, and carrying out in-depth market research will be just like a breeze. 

    To stand out in the cutthroat interior design market, never forget to keep up with industry trends, hone your craft constantly, and deliver top-notch client service. Your interior design company in the Netherlands can succeed and realize your imaginative vision with the appropriate plans and commitment along with our assistance at every step of the way while you build your ideal business. Contact us today to register your business in the Netherlands.


    • Researching suppliers: Look for businesses that are dedicated to fair labour policies and environmentally friendly procedures.
    • Opting for recycled, reclaimed, or certified wood: FSC label for responsible forestry.
    • Exploring Dutch-made & locally sourced materials: Reduces transport emissions.
    • Supporting vintage & upcycled furniture: Promotes reuse & reduces waste.
    • Communicating transparency: Inform clients about your ethical & sustainable choices.

    Tax implications for Dutch interior design businesses depend on the chosen legal structure:

    • Sole proprietorship: Profits taxed as personal income.
    • Partnership: Profits are allocated and taxed individually according to partner share.
    • BV: The Corporation pays corporate income tax, and dividends are taxed upon individual receipt.

    Additional considerations:

    • VAT registration is mandatory for exceeding €20,000 annual turnover.
    • Business expenses are often tax-deductible.