Open A Fast Food Restaurant In Poland: Process, Documents & Benefits

Starting a fast food restaurant in Poland requires choosing a location, choosing a business structure, and then registering the company with the relevant authority.


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    open a fast food restaurant in poland


    Diving into an exciting topic for those with a taste for success in the culinary world. If you’re considering setting up a fast food restaurant, Poland might just be the perfect place to turn your culinary dreams into a thriving reality. Poland stands out as an exceptional location for fast food ventures. From a booming economy to a diverse culinary landscape, opening a fast food restaurant in Poland offers a delectable recipe for success in the fast food industry. Let’s unwrap the layers of opportunity and discover why opening a fast food restaurant in Poland is beneficial for you.

    Reasons to Start a fast food restaurant in Poland

    1. With a population exceeding 38 million people, Poland offers a sizable consumer base for a fast food business.
    2. Polish consumers have diverse tastes, and the fast food industry can cater to this diversity by offering a range of international and local flavours. 
    3. Poland has a relatively young population, and young adults often prefer quick and convenient dining options aligning with the lifestyle of this demographic.
    4. Poland has a tech-savvy population that often embraces online ordering and food delivery services.
    5. Poland attracts a significant number of tourists each year, providing an additional customer base for fast-food businesses.
    6. Urbanization has led to busier lifestyles, with people seeking quick and on-the-go meal solutions. Fast food outlets can cater to the needs of individuals and families with limited time.
    7. Access to transportation networks facilitates the supply chain for fast food ingredients.
    8. Poland offers a favorable business environment with transparent regulations and support for entrepreneurship. 

    How to Set Up A Fast Food Restaurant in Poland

    Step 1: Select the location

    • Conducting thorough market research provides a way to comprehend the local demand, market competition, and trends in the fast-food industry.
    • While keeping the highest turnover in mind, it is a safe option for basing your business in the vicinity of expressways, schools, universities as well as tourist attractions.

    Step 2: Selecting a legal structure

    Choose a legal structure for your business. When choosing a legal structure for your fast-food restaurant, consider factors such as the level of personal liability, the number of owners, capital requirements, and administrative complexity. 

    The limited liability company (Sp. z o.o.) is often a popular choice for small to medium-sized businesses due to its flexibility and protection of personal assets

    Step 3: Business Registration

    Register your business with the National Court Register (KRS) or the Central Registration and Information on Business (CEIDG). Obtain a Tax Identification Number (NIP) for your business. Obtain a Statistical Number (REGON) for your business.

    Documents required for opening a fast food restaurant in Poland 

    1) Complete the application form for business registration, providing details such as the business name, legal structure, registered office address, and information about the founders or partners.

    2)Draft and sign the Articles of Association.

    3)Provide identification documents for the founders or partners of the company, including personal identification numbers, passports, and proof of address.

    4)Declaration of No Obstacles.

    5)Pay the registration fee, and provide confirmation of the payment along with your application.

    Permits and Licences Required to Open a Fast Food Restaurant in Poland

    1. Obtain a health and safety permit as well as a food handling license issued by the Sanitary Inspectorate to ensure that your restaurant complies with hygiene and safety standards.
    2. Ensure your organization’s compliance with fire safety regulations. From the local fire department get a fire safety clearance certificate.
    3. Get authorization for waste management and disposal. Ensure compliance with waste separation and recycling regulations. 
    4. Building Permits: Ensure compliance with local building permits and regulations. This is crucial if you plan any renovations or changes to the premises.

    Finding a Suitable Location For Your Polish Fast Food Restaurant

    Market Potential 

    Most places like registering a company in Krakow, Warsaw, and Wroclaw provide access to a large population that aligns with the preferences and demographics of target consumers in Poland.

    Analyse Competitors

    Look at where existing fast-food restaurants are located and identify areas with less competition.

    Focus on Urban Areas

    Choose urban locations, like city centers or busy commercial districts, for higher customer traffic.


    Picking a location with easy access to public transportation, parking, and pedestrian-friendly places goes a long way and should be done mindfully.

    Understand Local Regulations

    Ensure compliance with local zoning and licensing regulations.

    Cost vs. Returns

    Evaluate the cost of renting versus potential revenue, finding a balance that works for your budget.

    Benefits of Starting a Fast Food Restaurant in Poland

    • Poland’s popularity as a tourist destination ensures a continuous influx of potential customers, boosting sales opportunities.
    • A diverse culinary landscape allows fast food businesses to offer varied menus, catering to different tastes.
    • The ease of setting up and running a business in Poland, coupled with transparent regulations, supports entrepreneurial ventures.
    • Fast food businesses in Poland can be highly profitable, capitalizing on the strong demand for quick and convenient dining options.
    • A dynamic market encourages innovation in marketing, menu offerings, and customer engagement, fostering business growth.


    Establishing a fast-food restaurant in Poland through On Demand International holds immense potential and offers a myriad of benefits for entrepreneurs. The country’s thriving economy, youthful population, and diverse culinary preferences create a fertile ground for the success of fast food businesses. Poland’s openness to international franchises and the overall acceptance of fast food as a popular dining option solidify the industry’s position as a lucrative investment. With the right planning, understanding of local regulations, and a commitment to delivering quality and convenience, setting up a fast food restaurant in Poland becomes not only a viable business endeavor but can your dream into a success story.


    Yes. Contact the Sanitary Inspectorate (Sanepid) for health and safety inspections to make sure your company complies with food safety laws. Adhere to recommendations and requirements from the inspection.

    It’s beneficial to know beforehand about the labor laws and employment rules. Register employees with the Social Insurance Institution (Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych – ZUS) for social security contributions.

    To provide a rough estimate, you may be looking at an initial investment ranging from €50,000 to €200,000 or more, depending on the scale and location of your restaurant, the concept, and the level of customization.