RCMC Number in APEDA: Benefits, Registration, Documents & Validity

The main objective of RCMC number in APEDA is to promote and increase the export of products on schedule. To ensure that the APEDA Act is effectively applied, the central government creates laws and regulations for the shipment of such scheduled products and administers them through this organization.

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RCMC Number in APEDA

APEDA, or the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority, is a government agency. It is a government organization that was founded with the intention of enacting legislation to progress and boost the export of predetermined items.

rcmc number in apeda

The main objective of RCMC number in APEDA is to promote and increase the export of products on schedule. To ensure that the APEDA Act is effectively applied, the central government creates laws and regulations for the shipment of such scheduled products and administers them through this organization.

Registration of RCMC Number in APEDA Act

RCMC stands for Registration Cum Membership Certificate in abbreviated form. APEDA issues the RCMC number, a one-of-a-kind identification number, to exporters of agricultural and processed food goods. It acts as documentation for APEDA membership and authorization. Exporters must have an RCMC number in order to get involved in different APEDA programmes and receive perks associated with them. From the Indian Commodity Boards or Export Promotion Councils (EPCs), membership certificates are offered.

The Commodity Boards and Export Promotion Council registration of the exporter is attested by the RCMC. An application for APEDA registration must be made within one month of the export undertaking date. A producer or a distributor can register a person with the APEDA as an exporter.

Process of APEDA Registration

The Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority, more commonly known as APEDA, was founded in 1985 with the goal of developing and promoting the export of scheduled products.

The RCMC Number in APEDA is in accordance with the regulations outlined in the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority Act of 1985, which was created with the intention of doing so.

It was created to offer guidance, directions, and details surrounding the production of planned objects. Exporters of the goods that are on the list of scheduled goods in the aforementioned Act must register with the APEDA.

The following are the APEDA registration procedures:

  • Visit the APEDA website and register as a user in step one.
  • Register as a member by providing all the necessary details.
  • To verify, an OTP will be sent to your registered phone number and email address.
  • Complete the application form with all necessary information and attach all necessary documents after the verification is complete.
  • And the final step: Use the relevant payment option to pay the required government fees.
  • An APEDA Application Number will be generated following the successful payment of the expenses and will be used going forward for tracking purposes.
  • The process for registering with APEDA comes to a close with the APEDA Officials’ approval of the RCMC.
  • The APEDA Officials’ approval of the RCMC is the seventh and last step in the process of obtaining APEDA Registration.
  • After the request has been approved, you can use the APEDA portal to get your RCMC certificate.

The authority issues a Registration-Cum-Membership-Certificate (RCMC) and adds the applicant’s name to the APEDA list of members after the application has been properly submitted and paid for.

Documents required for RCMC Number in APEDA registration

The below-mentioned documents are required for APEDA Registration:

  • An application form with a D.G.F.T. Import-Export code that has been properly signed.
  • Bank account statement for the most recent two months, properly signed.
  • Returned check from the company’s bank account.
  • A self-attested copy of the firm registration and certifications from the necessary certification bodies for the following products are required when registering as a manufacturer exporter.

Benefits of RCMC number in APEDA registration

The export of products on the schedule requires APEDA registration.

The benefits of APEDA registration are as follows.

  1. Under the APEDA, exporters may take advantage of different financial aid programs.
  2. APEDA offers exporters laws, regulations, and guidelines for a variety of items depending on the target country for export.
  3. The registration strengthens the brand and assists exporters with brand promotion through commercials, packaging design, database development, surveys, and other methods.
  4. Members who are registered with APEDA have the chance to take part in training sessions that are arranged and held by APEDA for a variety of scheduled goods, which helps them make continuous and important improvements to their business.
  5. On the Exporters Directory page of the APEDA website, the exporter can register as an exporter.

Functions of the APEDA Authorities

  1. Upon payment of the required fee, persons may register as exporters of the products on the schedule.
  2. Development of Scheduled-Products Industries in Relation to Exports by Financial Assistance, Assistance in Conducting Surveys and Feasibility Studies, Participation in Research Capital through Joint Ventures, Other Reliefs, and Subsidy Schemes
  3. Calibrating the standards and requirements for the products that are slated for export.
  4. To ensure the level and quality of the aforementioned items, inspections are carried out on meat and meat products in locations such as slaughterhouses, processing plants, storage facilities, vehicles, and other locations where the aforementioned products are stored or handled.
  5. Improving the global marketing landscape for scheduled items.
  6. Improving the packaging of products that are scheduled.
  7. The development of a schedule and the promotion of production
  8. Training on a variety of industry topics that are relevant to the next items.
  9. Gathering data on the manufacturing, processing, packaging, marketing, and export of the products that are scheduled. Owners of factories or other facilities, or any other person as required on any issue with regard to the scheduled items, would be the source of this data collection. Additionally, they could be found in publications and extracts.

Validity of RCMC Number in APEDA Registration in India

For five fiscal years, an APEDA RCMC registration is valid. Your APEDA RCMC certificate needs to be renewed once five years have passed. APEDA registration is required for all exporters that deal with the export of products that are on a schedule. 

APEDA members have access to a range of training opportunities on a range of planned goods in a number of industries as well as how to grow their firm, which is organized by APEDA.


The APEDA is committed to fostering import as well as export and hence, it requires RCMC registration. The Export Promotional Council or Commodity Boards’ registration of the exporter is confirmed by the RCMC. A critical step for Indian exporters of agricultural and processed food goods is getting an RCMC number from APEDA. It promotes trade, offers legitimacy in worldwide marketplaces, and offers utilisation of numerous APEDA initiatives. Exporters can profit from the RCMC number and improve their export potential by complying to the registration procedure and satisfying regulatory criteria.

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The Foreign Trade Policy stipulates that in order for exporters to get benefits under the policy, they must possess a Registration-cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC). Additionally, having the certificate may allow exporters to benefit from reduced customs and excise taxes.

The admission price is Rs. 2500 in the year of enrollment, and the annual membership fee is Rs. 5000 (for a total of Rs. 7500 plus 18% GST).

The two sorts of people who are eligible for RCMC are specified in the international trade policy. One must first register with the RCMC before applying for a license to import or export restricted products or any other license under import-export.

An APEDA RCMC registration is valid for a period of five fiscal years. Once five years have gone, your APEDA RCMC certificate has to be renewed.

According to APEDA regulations, getting an RCMC number is a requirement for exporters who are exporting scheduled agricultural products or processed food products.