4 Reasons to Set Up a Business in Krakow

In this article, we will be covering the reasons to set up a business in Krakow such as its efficient transportation network, higher standard of living, and open and welcoming culture for entrepreneurs.


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    reasons to set up a business in krakow

    Reasons to Set up a Business in Krakow in 2024

    Krakow is fast becoming a top choice for business owners wishing to set up a business because of its fascinating cultural environment and rich historical background. Krakow has a distinctive blend of prospects for both established and startup firms, thanks to its talented workforce, encouraging entrepreneurial ecosystem, and favourable business environment. In this article, we will be covering the reasons to set up a business in Krakow.

    Introduction to Krakow as a Business Destination

    • Rich with history & talent: Attractive city with numerous universities and research facilities.
    • Central European location: Easy access to key markets and transportation hubs.
    • Skilled & diverse workforce: Strong focus on engineering, technology, and IT.
    • Highly educated talent: Top-notch universities produce skilled workers.
    • Lower cost of living: Compared to other European cities, attracting entrepreneurs.

    What are the various reasons to set up a business in Krakow?

    Here are the reasons to Set Up a Business in Krakow:

    1. A Culture of Bold Innovation:

    International conferences, events, and gatherings: Organising global events like innovation summits, tech conferences, and startup contests attracts innovators, investors, and thought leaders from all over the world. These gatherings offer chances for networking, teamwork, and the exchange of information on the newest developments and trends.

    Exposure to developments in the industry and trends: Through collaborations with academic institutions, tech hubs, and innovation centres, people can have access to cutting-edge research, cutting-edge technologies, and industry trends.

    2. Superior Standard of Living:

    Opportunities for recreation and rich cultural diversity: Both of these factors combine to provide both locals and visitors with a high standard of living. 

    Draws skill and cultivates a workforce with talent: Talent from all over the world, including professionals, entrepreneurs, and artists looking for a desirable environment to live and work, is drawn to areas with excellent quality of life. This talent inflow enhances the quality of employment available to the community, fosters innovation, and adds to the ecosystem’s vibrancy and diversity.

    3. Collaborative Environment:

    Robust network of support organisations: A cooperative ecosystem made up of governmental bodies, trade groups, nonprofits, and neighbourhood projects that offer resources, advocacy, and support to new businesses and entrepreneurs.

    Open and welcoming culture: A culture that is welcoming to new ideas, promotes diversity, and encourages cooperation among people from different backgrounds, professions, and industries. This culture promotes experimentation, risk-taking, and creativity—all of which are necessary to support entrepreneurship and innovation.

    4. Accessibility and Infrastructure:

    Access to contemporary transportation networks, well-maintained roads, public transportation, airports, and digital infrastructure are all examples of efficient transportation systems and connectivity.

    Reasonable cost of living and rules that are conducive to business: a competitive business climate, a low cost of living, and laws that are beneficial to startups and offer tax breaks and regulatory changes. These elements lower entrance barriers, draw capital and support the expansion and success of companies.


    Krakow is an attractive location for entrepreneurs wishing to open a business because of its excellent business climate, skilled workforce, and encouraging entrepreneurial ecosystem. The city is a great place for both startups and existing enterprises because of its thriving startup ecosystem, wide range of commercial options, and easy access to foreign markets.

    For the success of the firms capitalise on Krakow’s abundant talent and innovation by utilising the tools, networking opportunities, and support system that the city offers. Whether you want to launch a creative agency, a logistics firm, or a technological startup, Krakow has everything you need to support your entrepreneurial endeavours.

    If you’re thinking about opening a business in Krakow, On Demand International can offer you comprehensive on-the-ground assistance, guiding you through the process and ensuring a smooth transition. With our expertise and local knowledge, we can help you navigate the legal requirements, find the right location, and connect with the local entrepreneurial community. Contact us today to register a business in Krakow, Poland.


    Loans from personal savings or loans: For less urgent requirements, think about personal loans or bootstrapping.

    Bank loans: Both domestic and foreign banks offer competitive rates.

    Krakow has a thriving venture capital and angel investor sector, particularly for software businesses.

    Look into possible matches for your industry and project goals with EU funding and Polish government programs.

    Corporate income tax: 19% above €2 million in profits, 9% below that amount.

    VAT: The standard rate is 23%; however, for certain goods and services, there are lower rates.

    Employers make contributions to their employees’ health insurance and social security.