Register A Transport Company In The Netherlands: Process, Documents & Advantages

This article will describe the procedure to register a transport company in the Netherlands. Also, it will discuss the documentation, taxation and benefits of incorporating a firm in the Netherlands.

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Register A Transport Company In The Netherlands

Although the Netherlands is a small country, it has many benefits for entrepreneurs who have international ambitions. The Netherlands is a strategic location for European markets and it is easy to start a transport company in the Netherlands. It has a favorable business climate as well as excellent tax possibilities.

register a transport company in the netherlands

One of the most well-known European logistics hubs is in the Netherlands. Because of the nation’s developed road transport system, most foreign investors choose logistics to register a transport company in the Netherlands.

International investors who are interested to start a transport company in the Netherlands can get information from this article.

How to register a transport company in the Netherlands?

To register a company in the Netherlands, the first requirement is to select the right type of structure and register it with Trade Register. Our company registration specialists in the Netherlands will assist you in the procedure to register a transport company in the Netherlands and help you with all documentation and filings with the Trade Register.

The Netherlands is included in the scope of the Convention on International Transport of Goods Under Cover. This provides Dutch road transport companies the ability to transport goods by the TIR Convention. These advantages include simplified customs procedures as well as simplified transport methods.

Documents required to start a transport Company in the Netherlands

The necessary documentation must be filled out to start a transport company in the Netherlands. You must present a legalized copy of your proof of address or valid identity to create a legal organization. 

These documents must be sent together with an apostle. You can get one at your local notary. A power of attorney must also be completed, and signed by a notary to allow remote formation.

You don’t have to go to the Netherlands. You may also apply for a bank account online for other necessary actions. The director may need to be present in certain cases. However, this will depend on the bank you choose. 

The entire procedure to start a transport company in the Netherlands can be completed in 3 to 5 days if all documentation is submitted correctly.

Important guidelines to start a transport company in the Netherlands

Only holders of TIR carnets can transport goods using the same convention. This means to start a transport company in the Netherlands will need to hire drivers with this type of permit. These companies also have to comply with various regulations regarding the vehicles they use. 

The safety of the cargo must be ensured by the Dutch transportation firm. The vehicles transporting the goods must also be approved by the Dutch Customs Authorities. Additionally, they need to pass the nation’s road transport authority’s examination.

The company may need to apply for special licenses to start a transport company in the Netherlands and import or export certain goods on Dutch soil. All vehicles are required to abide by the traffic laws established by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment.

Taxation in Netherland

It is a good idea to register a transport company in the Netherlands with the Dutch Tax authority. With a base rate of 15% up to EUR 395.000 in earnings, the Netherlands has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe. 

Additionally, you might be eligible to deduct expenses related to your employment, such as travel, office, accounting, and marketing. Only the profit is subject to corporate tax. 

Advantages of incorporating a company in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is renowned for providing a favorable environment for entrepreneurs around the world as such, global investors and entrepreneurs are considering starting a business here

These are some of the many benefits to start a transport company in the Netherlands:

  1. The Netherlands has a 15% corporate tax rate, which is one of the lowest in Europe.
  2. Transactions between EU member states are exempt from VAT.
  3. Forbes ranked the Netherlands the 3rd most desirable country for business in 2018.
  4. Many multinationals and businesses from the UK have recently flocked to the Netherlands about Brexit.
  5. It is one of the top nations in the world for double tax avoidance agreements.
  6. One of the original members is the Netherlands.
  7. Global commerce is renowned for the great reputation of local companies. The Netherlands has a huge advantage in terms of representation.
  8. 93% of the Dutch speak English, while many others are fluent in German and French.
  9. The nation has a highly educated labor force (3rd on the global list for education levels).
  10. Amazing international business environment.
  11. Holland ranks 4th in the WEF global report and 1st in the European top of most innovative and competitive economies.
  12. The country is open to foreign investors and entrepreneurs, from small businesses to large multinational corporations that are on the Fortune 500 List.
  13. The Netherlands is a magnet for international companies in all sectors due to its stable legislation, politics, and excellent international relations.


Within eight days after establishment, all enterprises, including branch offices, must be registered with the Dutch Trade Register. The company’s directors and shareholders must have up-to-date knowledge on all relevant matters. Any type of modification must be reported in writing to the Dutch Trade Register within eight days of the change. Registration with the Dutch Trade Register is required for partnerships. Registration is not required if the partnership has a subsidiary outside of the Netherlands.

If you are looking to register a transport company in the Netherlands. Consult Odint Consultancy. We are here to assist you. 


The most crucial document for incorporating a corporation is the articles and memorandum of association.

The minimum price is now EUR 1. The standard before the new regulation was EUR 18.

You don’t need a Dutch director for a transport company in the Netherlands.