Renewal And Cancellation Of Employment Pass 2022

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    renewal and cancellation of employment pass

    Overview: Renewal And Cancellation Of Employment Pass

    An employment pass is a category of work visas in Singapore that can be obtained by professionals such as managers, executives, specialists, and other skilled professionals who wish to seek employment. It can also be obtained by entrepreneurs who have incorporated their companies in Singapore. It requires you to earn a minimum monthly salary of $4,500 in order to qualify for an employment pass in Singapore.

    Renewal of Employment Pass

    An employment pass needs to be renewed prior to its expiration date. The holders of E pass can apply for its renewal six months prior to the date of its expiration.

    People who do not have an online account for an employment pass can file for its renewal manually three months before the pass expires.

    When the employment pass is renewed, its validity stays for three years and it remains unaffected by the validity of the passport.

    The process of renewal takes one week for those who have applied online and five weeks for those who have applied for its renewal manually.

    The applications for renewal are assessed based on the current eligibility criteria of the employment pass and there can be a chance of rejection by the Ministry of Manpower (MoM) if all the criteria are not met.

    The duration of the renewed pass begins as the current employment pass expires. Therefore, the employee does not lose any working days on the renewed pass and it is advisable to get a renewal early.

    If the employment pass has already expired, the employee has a period of one week to terminate his or her stay in Singapore. However, if the employee wishes to work further and renew the employment pass, a short-term visit pass which is valid for 30 days will be issued to the employee in order to get the renewal done.

    Procedure of Renewal

    The holders of employment passes who hold an online account can file an application by logging in to their account and applying for their E Pass renewal. The outcome of the renewal application is updated in one week period.

    The holders of EP who do not have an online account can carry out the procedure manually. The renewal form needs to be filed and mailed to the Ministry of Manpower along with the necessary documents that have been directed in the form. The outcome of the renewal application will be mailed to the address in a five-week period.

    Cancellation of Employment Pass

    The employment pass of an employee must be canceled in the following events:

    The pass must be canceled within 1 week of the termination of the employee.

    If the employment pass has expired.

    If the employee becomes a permanent resident of Singapore, the pass does not need to be applied for cancellation. It will be automatically canceled by the Ministry of Manpower.

    If the employee has any long-term visit pass or dependent pass along with the EP, it is also immediately canceled when the EP is canceled.

    Before the employee’s job is terminated, he/she has to clear all of their taxes from the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore.


    The Employment Pass enables professionals to work in Singapore. It is necessary to renew your EP if you wish to continue your employment after the date of its expiration. The process of its renewal can be done online as well as offline by directly getting in touch with the Ministry of Manpower. The cancellation of EP is done immediately after the termination of the job or expiration of the EP. After the cancellation, only 30 days of extended stay can be obtained using a Short Term Visit Pass.