Employment Pass in Singapore: Eligibility, Procedure & Renewal

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employment pass in Singapore

Singapore Employment Pass: Immigration Scheme

If a person want to work in Singapore, they may apply for one of three kinds of work passes. The Singapore Employment document, issued by the Ministry of Manpower, is one such document. However, some requirements must be satisfied in order to be eligible for this pass. This page describes the requirements for obtaining a work permit in Singapore. It also covers the processes, needed papers, renewal process, and revocation of the Employment Pass in Singapore.

What is Employment Pass in Singapore?

An Employment Pass (EP) is a work pass in Singapore that is provided to international professionals, executives, managers, or directors in order to reside and work in the nation. Employees who have been sent by their employer to work in Singapore may qualify for a Singapore Employment Pass. 

Here are a few facts related to the employment pass in Singapore:

  • Professionals, supervisors, and leaders hailing from different nations, who possess job opportunities in Singapore and meet the necessary criteria, are eligible to submit an application for an Employment Pass (EP).

  • All candidates must receive a consistent monthly salary, although individuals in the financial services sector must earn higher wages to be eligible for an E Pass consideration.

  • For first-time applicants, the validity of the E Pass is a maximum of two years, while renewals can extend up to three years.

  • There is no requirement for a quota or international worker levy.

  • Businesses have the choice to provide health insurance coverage to E Pass holders.

Eligibility Criteria for Singapore Employment Pass

The eligibility criteria for Singapore Employment Pass are given below:

  • On account of the applicant, an employer or designated employment agent (EA) must submit an application of EP. However, if your firm is from abroad and does not have an established office in Singapore, then you must submit an application of EP via a local sponsor.
  • The Employment Pass is available to any international professional, regardless of citizenship or nationality.
  • You need an employment offer in Singapore before you can apply for an EP.
  • You should hold a management, executive, or specialized position.
  • You should possess sufficient credentials, typically a strong master’s education, professional certifications, or specialized knowledge.
  • A stable monthly wage of $5000 is required to qualify for an EP, although, for financial services, the monthly wage is $5500. This monthly salary requirement gradually rises with age.
  • To receive their passes, applicants should be completely immunized against COVID-19 using WHO EUL vaccinations.

Document Requirements for acquire Employment Pass in Singapore

A few documents must be uploaded while completing the the application of Employment Pass.

The following documentation must be uploadedto obtain Singapore Employment Pass:

  • Passport page with personal information about the applicant. In the event that the name of the applicant is different from the name mentioned in the passport, an explanatory statement along with any supporting documentation must be provided.
  • The most recent business profile or immediate details filed with ACRA by the organization.
  • Education certificate and specific verification proof as evidence of academic qualifications. All post-secondary degrees and higher credentials stated after the introduction of COMPASS must be backed up by verification evidence.
  • Applicant’s written approval to file an application of EP.
  • For attorneys, footballers, and medical professionals, you require proof from the relevant professional organizations.
  • A copy of the food shop license granted by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) is necessary for personnel working in a restaurant.
  • Any other essential documentation may be required by MOM.

How to apply for Singapore Employment Pass?

Procedure to Acquire the Singapore Employment Pass

In order to get a Singapore Employment Pass, the following steps have to be followed:

Submit an Application

You can file an online application for an Employment Pass in Singapore, as an employer or designated employment agent. You have to file an application via the MOM website in order to acquire the E Pass.

Follow the steps below to send in your application:

  • Get the applicant’s written permission before applying for a Singapore Employment Pass. The applicant’s form may be employed to find out crucial details needed to complete the application.
  • Log in to the MOM website and complete the application. Along with that, you must upload the necessary documentation.
  • Application charges of $105 must be paid for every application.
  • You can monitor the progress of your application at the MOM site following 10 days of giving the application.

Acquire the In-Principal Approval (IPA) letter

If the pass is authorized, sign into the MOM portal to obtain the in-principle approval (IPA) document and mail the applicant a version of the IPA document. You have six months under the IPA to invite the applicant to Singapore and obtain the pass.

Request for the pass to be issued

The applicant has to be in Singapore when you complete the following procedures to obtain the EP in Singapore:

  • Enter the necessary data and paperwork into the MOM website. 

The applicant’s passport information, contact information, recent Short-Term Visit Pass (STVP) or immigration pass information, and Singapore residential or business address are all required. Moreover, information about up to 3 authorized receivers of the card is needed.

  • Charges of $225 for every pass must be paid and $30 for every Multiple Journey Visa (if needed) must also be paid.
  • The applicant and you will both get the notice letter through email whenever the pass is granted.

Enroll fingerprints & photos

The applicant is allowed to be employed and visits in and out of Singapore during the validity of the notice issued, which is one month. You can figure out if the applicant has to enroll their fingerprints and photo by looking at the notice document. 

  • The applicant must finish enrollment of fingerprints & photos, if necessary within two weeks of receiving their pass. 
  • A scheduled appointment should be made with the Employment Pass Services Center.
  • The applicant must carry their original passport, the appointment letter, and the notification paperwork to the appointment.

Acquire the card

  • Following the applicant’s registration and documentation verification at EPSC, the card is delivered within a period of five days.
  • If the applicant doesn’t have to enroll, then the card is delivered within a period of five days following the documentation reviewing process has been completed.
  • The authorized receivers will receive an SMS or email containing the delivery information at least one working day prior to delivery. The information can also be viewed online.

How to Verify if your Application for Employment Pass in Singapore Has Been Accepted?

In the event that your application of EP has been accepted, MOM will issue an IPA letter to the employer or the employment agent. IPA letters are valid for six months after they are given, and during this period the applicant has to come to Singapore to obtain the card. As long as you haven’t obtained an IPA of your application, none of your Employment Pass requests are finalized.

A version of the IPA letter, passport, and any additional documentation the IPA letter may need must be presented by the applicant in person when they visit Singapore. The IPA has already authorized a single-entry visa for the applicant to visit Singapore. Additionally, the IPA specifies if the applicant must undergo a medical assessment, which may be completed once the applicant arrives in Singapore.

Renewal & Cancellation of Singapore Employment Pass

Renewal of Employment Pass in Singapore 

Up to six months before the employment pass’s expiration, an application for renewal may be submitted. Before the deadline, the application has to be submitted by the employer or the EA. A renewed pass may be used for up to three years. 

  • To submit a renewal application, sign in to the MOM website. 
  • You shall receive an IPA letter that is good for three months if the renewal is approved. 
  • To obtain the pass, you should adhere to the IPA’s guidelines.
  • The renewal pass’s validity period begins when the current pass is expired.

Cancellation of Employment Pass in Singapore 

If the pass owner leaves your company, you need to terminate the employment pass within seven days of the pass owner’s scheduled departure. Employer or EA can apply to cancel the EP. Except in situations when you make an early cancellation request, which may be made a maximum of fourteen days in advance, cancellation is instant.

But, you must do the following actions before canceling:

  • Provide the pass-bearer with fair information that they will be returning home.
  • Ensure tax dues are paid from the IRAS.
  • Resolve all pending job concerns, especially wages, that the pass owner might bring up.
  • Purchase a flight ticket and cover any necessary accompanying transportation expenses for the employee.

You can cancel the pass via the official website of MOM, however, you may obtain a 90-day STVP for pass proprietors that remain in Singapore to grant them a legitimate stay during that time.

Passes for relatives of those with Employment Pass Singapore

If you have an Employment Pass Singapore and satisfy the criteria, you may bring some of the relatives of your family to Singapore.

To be qualified for a family pass, you must:

  • Make a minimum of $6,000 monthly.
  • Possess an employment pass.

Your family members can visit Singapore using either the Long-Term Visit Pass or the Dependant’s Pass. Every family member’s application must be submitted separately by your employer in order to be considered. The request may be filed either independently or along with the Singapore Employment Pass request.


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In the event that your Singapore EP application has been denied, then you have three months to appeal, although you have to clarify the causes of the rejection. Only the applicant’s employer or reliable third source may inquire about or appeal the request.

An individual has to make a minimum of $5000, however, for the financial services industry, individuals have to make $5500.

You may observe the progress of your application for an employment pass by visiting the MOM portal. Following ten business days of application submission, you can observe the progress of your application.

Your employer can file an application to acquire the Dependent’s Pass or LTVP if you have an employment pass. However, to qualify for that, you must have a monthly wage of $6000.

Your employer can file an application to acquire the Dependent’s Pass or LTVP if you have an employment pass. However, to qualify for that, you must have a monthly wage of $6000.

After submitting the EP application, it typically takes 3 to 8 weeks to receive an Employment Pass in Singapore.

In the event that you lose your employment, your Employment Pass (EP) is automatically canceled. After then, you’re given 30 days to locate new employment and apply for a new Employment Pass. If you don’t find new employment and get a new Employment Pass within that time, you’ll have to leave Singapore.

Yes, Employment Pass (EP) holders are eligible to apply for Permanent Residency (PR) in Singapore.

However, PR applications are evaluated based on a variety of considerations, including the individual’s economic contribution, duration of residence in Singapore, and familial links in Singapore.