Set Up a Cosmetics Company in the Netherlands: Complete Guide

Are you looking to set up a cosmetics company in the Netherlands? The Netherlands is an ideal place for setting up a cosmetics company due to its advantageous location as well as robust economy.


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    set up a cosmetics company in the netherlands


    Establishing a cosmetics business can be a thrilling and fruitful endeavor. The market for new and high-quality goods is booming in the cosmetics business. The Netherlands, with its vibrant market and strategic location, could be the perfect launchpad for your cosmetics company. There are several advantages for businesses in the cosmetics industry in the Netherlands because of its advantageous location, robust economy, and encouraging business climate.

    Benefits of Starting a Cosmetics Company in the Netherlands

    Establishing a cosmetics business in the Netherlands has many advantages. First off, the Netherlands is a great place to launch your cosmetic company because of its well-established infrastructure and welcoming business community. The nation is renowned for its robust economy, stable political environment, and first-rate transportation infrastructure, all of which can considerably ease the distribution of your goods both nationally and globally.

    Second, there is a significant demand for cosmetics in the Netherlands’ broad and diversified consumer market. Dutch buyers are renowned for their willingness to spend money on personal care and cosmetics and for their admiration of high-quality goods. 

    The Netherlands also boasts a strong legal system that protects fair competition and safeguards intellectual property rights. This creates a safe space where your cosmetic brand can grow and develop without worrying about fake goods or unethical business methods. Furthermore, the Dutch government facilitates the establishment and expansion of cosmetics companies in the country by providing a range of assistance programs and incentives.

    Steps to Set Up a Cosmetics Company in the Netherlands

    Establishing a cosmetics business in the Netherlands requires a number of crucial measures. Initially, you must ascertain your firm’s business structure. A limited liability business (LLC), partnership, or single proprietorship are common choices. 

    reward To ensure the correctness and completeness of your application, the registration process requires the provision of pertinent papers, such as business plans, articles of association, and identification proofs.

    You need to get a tax identification number (TIN) from the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration after registering. This number is crucial for your business’s tax liabilities and correspondence with regulatory bodies. If your yearly revenue surpasses a specific threshold, you will also have to register for Value Added Tax (VAT) with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.

    Establishing a company bank account in the Netherlands is also crucial. This account will make financial transactions for your cosmetics firm easier and guarantee that personal and business funds are kept apart.

    Licenses required for a cosmetics company in the Netherlands 

    In order to operate a cosmetics business in the Netherlands, one must adhere to a number of laws and receive the required licenses. The Cosmetics Notification Portal (CNP) registration is one licensing that is very important. This registration guarantees the safety and compliance of your cosmetics products with applicable legislation of the European Union.

    You must provide comprehensive information about your cosmetics items, including their contents, production procedures, and safety evaluations, in order to receive CNP registration. Before submitting an application for CNP registration, it is crucial to carry out in-depth research and make sure your items fulfill the necessary requirements.

    Moreover, extra permissions can be required if your cosmetics items have certain substances like colorants or preservatives. Usually, the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) is the one who gives these permissions. To maintain compliance, it is essential that we educate ourselves about the unique legislation and requirements pertaining to the substances in your product.

    Quality Checks for Cosmetic Products in the Netherlands

    To protect the safety and contentment of its customers, cosmetic items must adhere to strict quality standards in the Netherlands. It is crucial for a cosmetics company to put product quality first and carry out the required testing and inspections. Following the Cosmetic Product Registration (CPR) regulations of the European Union, which specify the safety and labeling requirements for cosmetics goods, is an essential step.

    You must carry out comprehensive product testing, including stability testing, microbiological testing, and safety evaluations, in order to comply with CPR regulations. These tests assist in guaranteeing the safety, efficacy, and compliance with the quality standards of your cosmetics and beauty goods. To guarantee accurate and trustworthy test results, it is advised to collaborate with respectable laboratories and seek advice from subject-matter specialists.

    Furthermore, labeling is essential for cosmetics items. Important details including the product’s name, contents, usage guidelines, and any risks or warnings must all be listed on the label.


    Establishing a cosmetics company in the Netherlands can be a fulfilling and profitable endeavor. The nation appeals to entrepreneurs in the cosmetics sector due to its robust economy, friendly business climate, and infrastructure that supports them. You may start a profitable cosmetics business in the Netherlands with our assistance and doing the right procedures, getting the proper licenses, and putting quality and compliance first. 

    Don’t miss out on the Netherlands’ booming market and friendly business climate if you’re thinking about launching a cosmetics company there. With OnDemand International, you may build a successful business out of your love for cosmetics with proper planning and the appropriate tools.


    1. Understand the market: Research beauty trends, competitor strategies, and consumer values.
    2. Highlight uniqueness: What sets you apart? Local ingredients, natural formulations, ethical practices? Emphasize it!
    3. Embrace localness: Incorporate subtle cultural references in design, names, or storytelling. Authenticity resonates.
    4. Social media savvy: Engage with Polish influencers, beauty bloggers, and communities relevant to your brand.
    1. Product Notification: Inform them before importing or the first EU market launch.
    2. Safety Assessment: Prove safety through a qualified expert (toxicologist, chemist).
    3. Responsible Person: Appoint someone within the EU responsible for product safety.
    4. Production Information File: Maintain detailed documentation about your products.
    5. Labelling: Follow specific labelling requirements, including Dutch language information.