How to Start Dairy Farming In The Netherlands?: Benefits & Licenses

Want to start dairy farming in the Netherlands? This guide will cover the benefits as well as permits required for starting dairy farming in the Netherlands. Contact us today to register your business in the Netherlands.


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    Set Up a Dairy Farming In The Netherlands

    Establishing a dairy farming company can be a thrilling and fruitful endeavour. The Netherlands, which is well-known for having a booming dairy industry, offers the perfect setting for this type of operation. We’ll cover everything from market research to financial considerations in this post that will help you launch a dairy farm in the Netherlands.

    Benefits of Starting a Dairy Farming in the Netherlands

    The advantages of starting a dairy farming in the Netherlands are listed below: 

    • Steady demand: High domestic and international demand for dairy products.

    • Reputation for quality: Access to premium markets due to the Netherlands’ reputation.

    • Regular consumption: Reliable revenue stream from the daily needs of individuals and businesses.

    Does the Netherlands Have a Need for Dairy Products?

    In order to find out if the Netherlands has a need for dairy products, you can consider the following mentioned below:

    • Market Analysis Is Essential: Examine the market for your particular dairy products before starting your firm.
    • High Demand for Dairy: Fortunately, the Netherlands boasts a large and established market for diverse dairy products.
    • Innovation & Sustainability: Dutch consumers value eco-friendly practices and organic offerings, presenting opportunities for responsible farmers.
    • Local & Sustainability Focus: Consider catering to the rising demand for dairy products made using sustainable practices and local ingredients.

    Licenses and Permits Required For Starting a Dairy Farming In the Netherlands

    • Company Registration: Register your company with the Kamer van Koophandel, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.
    • Environmental Permit: Submit an application to the appropriate provincial agency for an environmental permit. This permit addresses things like odour control, emissions, and the storage of manure.
    • Animal Health Certificates: Get health certificates for your animals by registering your herd with the National Animal Identification and Registration Service (RD&BD).
    • Veterinary Medicines License: Obtain a licence from the Board of Animal Health (BD) if you intend to dispense veterinary medicines.

    How to Promote and Sell Your Dairy Products in the Netherlands?

    Direct Marketing Channels:

    • Wholesalers & retailers: Partner with established distributors and stores.
    • Farmers’ markets & local shops: Sell directly to consumers for premium pricing and personalised interaction.

    Product Differentiation:

    • Highlight quality: Emphasise superior taste, nutritional value, and responsible production practices and this will turn out to be very beneficial in the long run.
    • Eco-friendliness: Promote sustainable and animal welfare-focused farming methods.
    • Local provenance: Connect with customers’ desire for locally sourced products.

    Marketing Strategies:

    • Digital marketing: Utilise websites, social media, and targeted online advertising to market your dairy business.
    • Traditional marketing: Leverage print materials, local events, and community engagement.

    Building Customer Loyalty:

    • Engage with your audience: Build relationships through personalised communication and storytelling.
    • Consistently high quality: Maintain excellence in your products and service to earn trust and repeat customers.


    Starting a dairy farming business in the Netherlands comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. By conducting a thorough market analysis, and understanding the requirements and challenges of dairy farming, you will be on your way to a successful start in the dairy farming industry. Remember, tenacity, dedication, and continuous learning are the keys to long-term success. OnDemand International is ready with all the information to assist you start up your company in the Netherlands today!


    Herd size determines the size of the land; strive for comfortable housing and lots of grazing area. Facilities must follow animal welfare laws and have milking parlours, barns with adequate ventilation, feed storage, and manure control systems. Recall that certain needs are based on the size of your farm and the methods you have selected.

    Dairy farms in the Netherlands are required to abide by the Animal Act (Wet dieren) and any connected regulations, with a focus on:

    • Adequate accommodation, room, and environmental enhancement.
    • Regular access to pasture or exercise in the outdoors.
    • Sufficient hydration, food, and medical attention.
    • Minimising discomfort and agony when having surgery.
    • Kind and courteous treatment.