How to Obtain the Australian Company Number?: Process & Importance

The Australian company number serves as a distinctive identifier for companies, ensuring that each entity's transactions, operations, and existence are transparently documented.


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    Australian Company Number

    In the vast and intricate world of corporate governance, identity is everything. Companies, like individuals, need unique identifiers to distinguish them from others in legal, financial, and operational contexts. In Australia, this unique identifier for companies comes in the form of the Australian company number, or ACN. This nine-digit number is crucial not just for regulatory compliance but also for establishing trust and transparency in the nation’s vibrant business ecosystem.

    What is the Australian Company Number (ACN)?

    The Australian company number (ACN) is a special 9-digit number provided to every company registered under the Corporations Act 2001 in Australia. It serves as a distinctive identifier for companies, ensuring that each entity’s transactions, operations, and existence are transparently documented.

    Why is the ACN Number Important?

    • Identity Verification: The ACN is a crucial tool for business identity verification. Before entering into contracts, forming partnerships, or engaging in financial transactions, stakeholders can use the ACN to confirm they are dealing with a legitimate entity. This reduces the risks of fraud and deception in the business landscape.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Corporations are mandated by law to display their ACN on all official documents. This mandate ensures a consistent level of transparency across the business community, fostering trust and compliance.
    • Ease of Business Operations: For businesses, the ACN is a streamlined identifier. When companies apply for services, permits, or licenses, having a readily available ACN can expedite verification processes, minimizing bureaucratic delays.
    • Historical Reference: The ACN helps trace the history of a company. Anyone can track changes, mergers, or other significant shifts in a company’s trajectory through its ACN, ensuring historical transparency.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Companies are mandated to display their ACN on all public documents, ensuring transparency and adherence to the law.
    • Ease of Business Operations: ACN simplifies administrative procedures. For instance, when applying for company-specific services or licenses, the ACN speeds up verification processes.

    How to Obtain an Australian Company Number?

    To obtain an Australian company number, a company must register with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

    The registration process involves the following:

    Select a business name

    One of the most important steps is to select a name for the business. The selected name must be original and not identical to the names of any already existing firms. Once the name is selected, you may check the availability via the ASIC website.

    Select a business structure 

    Once the name is selected, the next step involves selecting a suitable structure for your business. The most widely used business organizations are proprietary companies (Pty Ltd) and public companies (Ltd).

    Choose a director

    A director is in charge of running the business and seeing that all regulations are followed.

    Register the organization

    You must register the firm through the online portal of ASIC. You must include information on the firm’s directors, and shareholders, as well as a registered office location.

    Acquire the Australian company number

    Once your firm is registered, you will be given the Australian company number by ASIC.

    Difference between ACN Number and ABN Number

    While both Australian company number and Australian business number are unique identification numbers, their purposes within the Australian business framework differ significantly:


    The ACN Number is designed specifically to monitor and verify companies under the Corporations Act 2001. In contrast, the ABN serves a broader range of entities, including sole traders, partnerships, and trusts, and is crucial for taxation and business relations with governmental agencies.

    Issuing Authority 

    The ACN Number is granted by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), while the ABN is issued by the Australian Business Register (ABR) under the supervision of the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

    Number of Digits

    The Australian company number consists of a nine-digit number. On the other hand, the ABN is an eleven-digit number, which often includes the ACN as the last nine digits for companies.


    While the ACN is used mainly for company identification and verification, the ABN is crucial for GST (Goods and Services Tax) claims, business invoicing, and tax dealings.

    Tips to Maintain ACN Compliance

    Maintaining ACN compliance isn’t just a legal necessity but also aids in fostering trust with stakeholders.

    Here’s how to ensure you remain compliant:

    • Regular Updates: It’s imperative to notify ASIC of any significant changes to your company details, such as changes in company directors, addresses, or share structures. This ensures your ACN information remains current.
    • Display Your ACN: Always display your ACN prominently on company documentation, including letterheads, invoices, receipts, promotional materials, and your company website. This not only ensures compliance but reinforces authenticity in the eyes of stakeholders.
    • Stay Informed: Regulatory environments can evolve. Periodically review any legislative changes or updates concerning ACN requirements to remain compliant and ahead of potential issues.
    • Maintain Good Record-Keeping: Proper documentation and organized record-keeping simplify the process of verifying ACN-related details, especially during audits or regulatory checks.


    The Australian company number is more than just a series of numbers. It’s a testament to Australia’s dedication to a transparent and efficient business environment. As companies navigate the country’s commercial landscape, understanding and maintaining the integrity of their ACN becomes paramount. It’s not only about legal obligations but about fortifying trust, ensuring authenticity, and fostering long-lasting business relationships.


    The ACN, or Australian Company Number, is a special 9-digit identifier given to every company registered in Australia.

    The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is responsible for issuing ACNs.

    No, the ACN is specifically for companies, while the ABN (Australian Business Number) serves a broader range of entities and is primarily used for tax purposes.

    If there are significant changes in your company details, you must notify ASIC to ensure that your ACN’s associated information remains up-to-date.

    A company must display its ACN on all public documents, including official paperwork, invoices, company websites, and promotional materials.