How Can US Companies Start an Import Export Business In Poland?

Are you an American entrepreneur wondering how can US companies start an import export business in Poland? Discover the steps and best business structure in this article.


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    can us companies start an import export business in poland


    Poland has been a more attractive location for foreign economic endeavours in recent years, particularly in the import-export industry. Due to its advantageous position at the crossroads of Europe, as well as its highly qualified workforce and business-friendly atmosphere, it has become a popular hub for US corporations looking to increase their global presence. 

    In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of starting an import export business in Poland for US entrepreneurs, exploring key considerations, legal aspects, and strategies for success.

    Is Poland the Right Market for Your US Business?

    Before diving into the nitty-gritty of establishing an import-export business in Poland, it’s essential to assess whether the Polish market aligns with your business objectives and target audience. Poland is a desirable option for US businesses trying to enter new markets because of its strong economy and steady growth. Poland, which has a GDP that is constantly rising and a population of over 38 million, provides plenty business chances in a number of industries, including consumer products, technology, and manufacturing.

    Additionally, Poland’s advantageous location within the EU gives it access to a sizable client base of more than 500 million people, enabling smooth trade and distribution throughout the continent. To further increase its attractiveness to foreign investors, the nation’s membership in the EU guarantees adherence to strict regulatory requirements as well as access to EU funding and support programs.

    How to choose the best business structure for Your Polish Import Export Business?

    One of the crucial decisions when setting up an import-export business in Poland is choosing the appropriate legal structure. US entrepreneurs have several options to consider, each with its advantages and implications in terms of taxation, liability, and operational flexibility.

    • Limited Liability Companies (LLCs): Increasingly preferred by overseas investors, LLCs provide limited liability protection together with flexible management structures and streamlined administrative needs.
    • Joint Stock Company (JSC): JSCs are perfect for larger businesses looking to raise money through initial public offerings (IPOs) since they give limited liability protection to shareholders and the ability to sell shares on a stock exchange.
    • Branch Office: Establishing a branch office provides a simplified method for US corporations wishing to establish a presence in Poland without forming a distinct legal company. Nevertheless, branch offices may have little autonomy and are bound by the rules of their main firm.

    Procedure for Starting an Import Export Business in Poland for US Entrepreneurs

    Choose the Right Business Structure

    Carefully evaluate the various legal entities available in Poland and select the one that best suits your import-export business needs, as discussed in the previous section.

    Acquire necessary documentation

    The next step to starting an import-export firm in Poland for US entrepreneurs is to acquire the required paperwork, including articles of association, identification documents, and other relevant paperwork. 

    Enrol your Company

    Enrol your company with the Central Registration and Information on Business (CEIDG) by submitting the necessary documentation, including the Articles of Association, proof of share capital deposit, and identification documents for shareholders and management board members.

    Acquire required Licenses

    You could require particular licenses or permits, depending on the type of import-export business you conduct. Research the relevant regulatory requirements and ensure compliance before commencing operations.

    Set Up Your Financial and Accounting Systems

    Establish a dedicated bank account for your Polish import-export business and set up robust financial and accounting systems to manage transactions, taxes, and compliance reporting.

    Regulations and Legal Considerations for US Import Export Companies in Poland

    Navigating the regulatory landscape is paramount for US import-export companies operating in Poland.

    Here are some key regulations and legal considerations to keep in mind:

    1. Product Regulations and Standards: Make sure your products adhere to Polish certification criteria and regulatory standards, especially with regard to environmental, health, and safety issues. Obtain the required certificates and approvals from the appropriate authorities.
    2. Intellectual Property Protection: Obtain intellectual property protection by registering patents, trademarks, as well as copyrights in Poland. Implement robust measures to prevent infringement and unlawful use of your intellectual assets.
    3. Taxation and Accounting: Understand the tax implications of your import-export activities in Poland, including corporate income tax, value-added tax (VAT), and withholding tax. Maintain accurate financial records and comply with reporting obligations to avoid penalties.
    4. Contractual Agreements: Make sure that all of your contracts with distributors, suppliers, and other business partners are precise and detailed. To reduce legal risks, clearly define rights, responsibilities, and dispute resolution procedures.


    Venturing into the Polish import-export market presents lucrative opportunities for US companies seeking growth and expansion. Entrepreneurs may create a strong presence in this dynamic economy by utilizing Poland’s strategic advantages, overcoming regulatory obstacles, and taking a calculated approach.

    At OnDemand International, we provide complete solutions to expedite the process because we recognize how complicated it may be to expand a business internationally. For US business owners wishing to launch and expand in Poland, our skilled staff guarantees a hassle-free journey from company incorporation to regulatory compliance and continuing assistance.

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    Poland offers opportunities in a variety of areas, such as manufacturing, consumer goods, technology, and agriculture. Poland’s main exports are food items, electronics, machinery, and auto parts.

    Yes, Poland provides grants, tax exemptions, and other forms of support as well as other incentives to international businesses. Additionally, EU funding and investment schemes are available to support eligible projects and initiatives.

    Navigating complicated legal systems, cultural and linguistic barriers, and rivalry from both domestic and foreign players are some of the major obstacles. Nonetheless, these obstacles can be addressed to succeed in the Polish market with rigorous preparation, market analysis, and strategic execution.