Canada Investor Visa: Eligibility, Procedure & Types

Through this guide, we will be covering the Canada investor visa, along with its eligibility requirements and procedure.


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    Canada Investor Visa in 2023-24

    Canada encourages foreigners with a track record of successful business management to make investments in or start a business thereby providing investment or business visas. The objective of Canada’s investor programs is to entice prospective foreign investors and immigrants to the nation who can help the economy by providing management or commercial skills.

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    According to the Canadian Business model, those moving to Canada for work may take advantage of a comprehensive healthcare system, world-class educational opportunities, and a robust national pension system.

    Eligibility Criteria for Canada Investor Visa

    The Canada Investor Program requires applicants to have two years of recent senior management or business experience. Commercial and professional businesses, provided the private venture or partnership has at least two full-time employees (excluding the applicant), are examples of relevant business/management experience. Farm management, a foreign government department or agency, an internal organization, or industrial management are examples of additional enterprises that are tied to agriculture. 

    The business must manage, plan, and have some degree of control over both the financial and physical aspects of the business organization to qualify for this program. It is critical to note that any prohibited work experience will not be considered.

    The list of eligibility criteria for a Canada Investor Visa includes:

    • Two years or more in the past in business.
    • English or French knowledge is required locally.
    • Business qualifications and financial background.
    • Availability of capital for Canadian investments.

    To be eligible, investors must also fulfill the following conditions:

    • The investor must not have any intention of relocating to Quebec (if Quebec is your chosen province, see Quebec Investor Program).
    • Based on health and security, the investor (and family members) might be sent away and declared inadmissible.
    • The investor’s net worth must be at least CAD 1,600,000 (from legitimately operated firms).
    • The investor must provide the Canadian government with an investment of $800,000 (which will be repaid to the investor after 5 years, interest-free).

    Process for applying for an Investor Visa in Canada

    Normally, when an application has been granted, the applicant must invest within 30 days. The applicant and members of his or her immediate family are eligible to apply for their PR visas when the application is accepted and the investment is made.

    However, processing delays for Quebec Immigrant Investor Program candidates might range from 16 to 24 months. Additionally, the processing time will vary depending on a variety of variables (mainly the quantity of existing investor applications in a candidate’s regional pool). The candidate and their family can get Canadian citizenship in 4 years following acceptance. 

    Types of Business Investor Visa in Canada

    types of business investor visa in canada

    Under the Canadian Investors Visa Program, individual investors with a high net worth and a background in business may apply for permanent residence in Canada under one of the following subcategories:

    1. Entrepreneur Program

    International immigrants are urged to submit applications for this specific immigration stream since entrepreneurs provide job possibilities and contribute to the economy. Successful candidates can establish a company in Canada and get permanent residency there.

    The Entrepreneur program has the following requirements:

    • Employ at least one Canadian or permanent resident who isn’t the business owner or one of their dependents.
    • Within two years of arriving in Canada, you must start, buy, or make a sizeable investment in a firm that will significantly boost the country’s economy.
    • Entrepreneurs must periodically report to immigration officials throughout these two years to ensure that these requirements are satisfied.
    • Actively and consistently participate in the management and operations of the company.

    2. Self-Employed Persons Program

    This business immigration stream is open to anyone who desires to develop or purchase a firm in Canada that will significantly benefit the country’s financial, cultural, or creative life.

    Eligibility for the program for independent contractors:

    • Relevant experience (at least 2 years during the previous 5 years).
    • Be able and willing to work for oneself in Canada.
    • Fulfill the program’s requirements for selection (a score of at least 35 points).
    • Fulfill all applicable medical, security, and other requirements.

    3. Start-Up Visa Investor Program

    The general Start-up Visa Program is one of the most alluring options if you’re trying to move to Canada as an investor. For your application to be accepted by an innovative business plan to generate employment for Canadians and be able to compete in the global business marketplaces, you will need to fulfill several eligibility standards.

    To be eligible for a Start-up Visa, the applicant must:

    • Possess an acceptable business.
    • Obtain a letter of recommendation from a recognized organization (e.g., a designated venture capital organization, an approved angel investor, or a business incubator with a minimum financing commitment of $200,000 CDN). 
    • Spend a particular amount of money to relocate to Canada.
    • Show that you can communicate in English or French (CBL5).

    4. PNP Business Program

    Each province and territory in Canada has its own Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). A PNP allows a province or territory to recommend a candidate for immigration to Canada who will live in that province and fulfill its economic standards.

    For people who want to develop or invest in a Canadian business, these provincial nominee programs provide business immigration. Each province has different minimum investment and net worth criteria. Additionally, each PNP business immigration program develops the standards that best support the local province’s economy.

    Benefits of a Canada Investor Visa

    The numerous investor-focused PR initiatives are often created to entice prospective company investors from across the world to settle in Canada, which has the following advantages:

    • Advanced education and healthcare.
    • Benefits from travel enable you to do business internationally.
    • A quick route to citizenship.
    • High quality of life.
    • Good investing practices. 
    • Access to international opportunities


    For those looking to relocate to Canada while making a sizable investment in the nation’s economy, the Canada Business Investor Visa program presents a special opportunity. This program offers investors and their families a number of benefits, including a road to permanent residency, access to a strong and flourishing economy, and a high standard of living. 

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    Depending on the particular immigration program you apply for, an investment may be necessary to gain permanent status in Canada. In Canada, there are two primary investment immigration programs:

    • Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP): This program demands a minimum investment of 1.25 million Canadian dollars over a five-year period in a government-managed investment fund.
    • The Canada Immigrant Investor Program (CIIP) calls for a five-year minimum investment of CAD 2 million in an angel investor group or venture capital fund.

    The requirements for eligibility might change but generally speaking, candidates must have a high net worth be able to demonstrate business expertise, and be prepared to spend a sizeable quantity in Quebec for a predetermined amount of time.