Get Your Commercial Brokerage License in Dubai, UAE (2024-25): Process & Benefits

If you are looking to get a commercial brokerage license in Dubai, here's you need to know about brokerage business, process, benefits, importance, etc.


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    Dubai, a booming cosmopolitan metropolis in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has evolved as a global center for business and commerce. As one of the world’s fastest expanding economies, Dubai provides countless chances for both entrepreneurs and investors. One such possibility is to earn a commercial brokerage license, which permits people or businesses to work in the lucrative industry of real estate brokerage. This article discusses the commercial brokerage license in Dubai, UAE, emphasizing its importance, the procedure of obtaining it, and the benefits it gives.

    What is a Commercial Brokerage License in Dubai, UAE?

    A commercial brokerage license in Dubai, UAE, is a regulatory necessity for people or businesses that want to operate in real estate brokerage. This license authorizes the bearer to serve as a mediator between buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants, in real estate transactions. It allows the licensee to arrange the purchase, sale, or rental of commercial assets such as office spaces, retail shops, warehouses, and industrial buildings. The license also permits for the provision of property investment, market analysis, and property management consulting services.

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    How to Get a Commercial Brokerage License in Dubai, UAE?

    The steps to get a commercial brokerage license in Dubai, UAE are mentioned below:

    • Determine the license type: Depending on the nature of your firm, you must determine the suitable license category. Commercial brokerage licenses fall under the “Professional Licence” category.
    • Choose a business name: Choose a unique and meaningful name for your brokerage firm. Ensure that it follows the rules established by Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED).
    • Secure a local sponsor: Non-GCC nationals must have a local sponsor, also known as a UAE national partner or service agent, who would own a 51% stake in the company. This is a legal requirement for certain business activities, like real estate brokerage.
    • Prepare the necessary documents: Gather all necessary documents, including passport copies, investor visa (if applicable), proof of address, educational credentials, and applicable experience certifications. In addition, you must draft and get notarized a Memorandum of Association (MOA).
    • Submit the application: Submit your license application and supporting papers to the DED. The application can be submitted online on the DED’s official website, or in person at one of their service centers. At this point, pay any fees that are due.
    • Obtain approvals and NOCs: Depending on the nature of your business and location, you may need to obtain approvals and No Objection Certificates (NOCs) from various government departments, such as the Dubai Municipality and the Dubai Land Department.
    • Lease an office space: As part of the licensing process, you will need to lease an office space in a designated area. Make sure the space meets the requirements set by the DED and other relevant authorities.
    • Finalize the license issuance: Once all the required approvals, NOCs, and lease agreements are in place, the DED will issue your commercial brokerage license. This license is typically valid for one year, after which it needs to be renewed.

    Importance of Commercial Brokerage License in Dubai, UAE

    Obtaining a commercial brokerage license in Dubai, UAE, is critical for anyone seeking to start a successful real estate brokerage business. For starters, it assures compliance with the regulatory framework that governs Dubai’s real estate market. The Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA), a government body, controls and supervises all real estate activity in the emirate. Operating without a valid license can result in serious consequences, such as fines, business termination, and legal implications.

    Additionally, Obtaining a commercial brokerage license increases the licensee’s credibility and repute. Clients, whether individuals or businesses, are more likely to trust and engage with a licensed broker who follows legal guidelines. The license is confirmation that the broker is competent, professional, and ethical. It boosts client confidence, resulting in long-term relationships and repeat business.

    Moreover, a commercial brokerage license provides access to exclusive resources and networking opportunities. Licensed brokers in Dubai, UAE, can join professional associations, attend industry events, and participate in training programs offered by RERA and other recognized institutions. These platforms facilitate knowledge sharing, skill development, and business collaborations, ultimately leading to enhanced expertise and industry recognition.

    Benefits of Commercial Brokerage License in Dubai, UAE

    The benefits for acquiring a commercial brokerage license in Dubai, UAE are listed below:

    • Lucrative business opportunities: Dubai’s real estate industry is vibrant and ever-expanding. A commercial brokerage license provides you access to a diverse range of business options, as both local and foreign investors are drawn to the city’s real estate sector.
    • High earning potential: Real estate brokerage may be a very lucrative business. As a licenced broker, you can make significant commissions on successful property transactions, particularly high-value commercial properties.
    • Flexibility and independence: Running your own real estate brokerage business provides the freedom to set your own working hours, choose your clients, and build your brand. You have the flexibility to adapt your business model based on market trends and personal preferences.
    • Networking and collaboration: A commercial brokerage license opens doors to networking opportunities with industry professionals, such as developers, investors, and fellow brokers. Collaborations and partnerships can lead to mutually beneficial business ventures and increased market visibility.
    • Access to market data and resources: Licensed brokers have access to comprehensive market data, reports, and analytics, which can aid in making informed investment decisions and providing accurate advice to clients. Additionally, brokers can access specialized training programs and resources offered by RERA and other industry bodies.


    Obtaining a commercial brokerage license in Dubai, UAE, is an important step for individuals or businesses seeking to start a successful real estate brokerage business. It assures legal compliance, builds credibility, and grants access to special resources and networking possibilities. The procedure of obtaining the license consists of multiple steps, including identifying the license type, procuring a local sponsor, and submitting the required paperwork. Once received, the license provides various advantages, such as profitable business options, high earning potential, flexibility, networking, and access to market data and resources. So, if you want to start a real estate brokerage business in Dubai, UAE, you must first obtain a commercial brokerage license.

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