Director Identification Number in Australia: Process & Eligibility

Want to acquire the Director Identification Number in Australia? This guide will cover the complete procedure, importance and the consequences of operating a firm without a DIN in Australia.


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    director identification number in australia

    Director Identification Number in Australia

    In the dynamic world of business, where corporate structures evolve and leadership roles frequently change, maintaining transparency and accountability is paramount. Australia, in its commitment to uphold these principles, introduced the Director Identification Number (DIN). This unique identifier, assigned to directors in the country, plays a pivotal role in ensuring that corporate governance remains transparent, traceable, and above board. 

    In this article, we will discuss about Director Identification Number in Australia, its importance, and the process of obtaining one.

    What is a Director Identification Number (DIN)?

    A Director Identification Number, commonly referred to as DIN, is a special identifier assigned to directors in Australia. This number is personal to the director and remains with them throughout their directorial career, irrespective of the number of companies they are associated with.

    Why is a DIN Required in Australia?

    The Director Identification Number (DIN) is not just a mere administrative requirement; it serves several critical purposes in the Australian corporate landscape:

    • Transparency and Accountability: In the past, there were instances where directors would resign and rejoin under different identities, making it challenging to track their corporate history. The DIN provides a consistent identity for directors, ensuring that their actions and decisions across different companies can be tracked and scrutinized if needed.
    • Combatting Illegal Phoenixing: Illegal phoenixing is a fraudulent activity where company directors intentionally avoid their financial obligations by shutting down their troubled company and transferring its assets to a new company. This leaves creditors, employees, and taxpayers high and dry. The DIN is a tool to combat this by making it easier to track the history of directors and identify those who repeatedly engage in such activities.
    • Ease of Administration: For regulatory bodies like the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), managing director-related information can be a daunting task, especially when directors move between companies or change their names. The DIN simplifies this process, making it easier for regulators to manage and access director-related information.
    • Building Trust: For stakeholders, including investors, employees, and partners, the DIN serves as a reassurance that the directors of a company are identifiable and accountable. This could increase faith and assurance in the company’s leadership.

    Eligibility Criteria for a Director Identification Number in Australia

    • The candidate has to be at least 18 years old.

    • The applicant should not be disqualified from being a director under any Australian law.
    • The applicant must provide valid identity proof.

    Process for Obtaining a Director Identification Number in Australia

    Obtaining a Director Identification Number in Australia is a systematic process that ensures only eligible individuals can serve as directors:

    Online Application 

    Begin by visiting the official website of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) or the designated platform for DIN applications.

    Fill in the Details

    The application form will require personal details including full name, date of birth, address, and other crucial details. Make sure all information is correct to prevent complications later.

    Upload Required Documents

    You’ll need to provide identity proofs like a passport, driver’s license, or other government-issued IDs. Ensure these documents are valid and clearly visible.


    Some applications might come with a fee. Ensure you’re aware of the amount and make the required payment using the accessible online payment methods.

    Review and Submit 

    Prior to submitting, review all the details and make sure everything is accurate. Once satisfied, submit the application.

    Maintaining and Updating Your DIN in Australia

    It’s crucial to keep your DIN details up-to-date in the event that your personal information changes, so ensure you update them on the platform. Periodically, look for any notifications or updates from the authorities.

    Consequences of Operating without a Director Identification Number in Australia

    Operating without a director identification number in Australia can lead to severe repercussions:

    • Legal Penalties: Directors found without a valid DIN can be subjected to hefty fines. These penalties are intended as deterrents, ensuring directors take the DIN requirement seriously.
    • Disqualification: Directors who fail to obtain a DIN might be barred from holding directorial positions in the future. This can severely impact one’s corporate career.
    • Potential Legal Actions: Beyond fines and disqualifications, the company represented by the director might also face legal action. This can lead to further financial penalties and can damage the business’s reputation.
    • Loss of Trust: Stakeholders, including investors and employees, might lose trust in a company if its directors are found operating without a director identification number in Australia. This could further lead to a drop in investments, partnerships, and employee morale.


    The director identification number in Australia is a key step in enhancing corporate responsibility, transparency, and governance. The approach intends to deter and detect fraudulent activity by assigning each director with a special, permanent identifier, guaranteeing that directors are held accountable for their deeds. The DIN strengthens the corporate sector’s integrity in Australia while also streamlining administrative procedures. Measures like the DIN are crucial in fostering a trustworthy and compliant environment for both enterprises and the public as the business landscape changes.


    A DIN is a special identification number that a director will keep for life, much like a tax file number. It provides traceability of a director’s relationships across companies, making it easier to track them if they engage in unlawful activities.

    Any person who intends to become a director of an Australian company must apply for and be issued a DIN before they are appointed.

    The DIN was introduced to prevent the use of fictitious identities, ensure directors are properly accountable for their legal obligations, and help regulators and external administrators trace a director’s relationships with companies over time.

    The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) will provide details on the application process. Typically, you would need to provide personal details and proof of identity.