Start a Food Truck Business in the Netherlands: Procedure & Permits Covered

Do you want to start a food truck business in the Netherlands? Discover the complete steps and prerequisites for setting up a food truck business in the Netherlands in this article. Set up your business in the Netherlands with our company formation experts today.


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    start a food truck business in the netherlands

    Open a Food Truck Business in the Netherlands

    The Netherlands is a land of windmills, tulips, and a vibrant culinary scene. But beyond the traditional fare, a new wave of mobile kitchens is taking the streets by storm – food trucks!  Starting a food truck business in the Netherlands is an exciting and dynamic way to get into the market for entrepreneurs who are daring, passionate about food, and have a hint of wanderlust.

    This article covers all the information you require about starting a food truck business in the Netherlands, from assessing your fit to navigating legalities and permits. So, buckle up and get ready to explore the delicious possibilities!

    Is a Food Truck Right for You?

    It’s important to determine whether operating a food truck business fits with your goals, hobbies, and skill set before jumping in wholeheartedly. Resilience, inventiveness, and the ability to multitask are necessary for running a food truck. It involves more than just preparing mouthwatering meals; it also entails handling money, promoting your brand, and overcoming the difficulties of mobile entrepreneurship. However, there are countless chances for success and advancement in the food truck market for people who have a love for delicious cuisine and a need for flexibility.

    The Netherlands Food Truck Market: A Booming Landscape

    The Netherlands has a thriving food truck scene, fueled by a growing consumer demand for convenient, delicious, and often unique street food experiences.

    Here’s what makes it an attractive market:

    • Openness to Innovation: Dutch consumers are willing to try new foods and flavours since they are daring eaters. This transparency offers a fantastic chance to highlight your creative cooking.
    • Festival Culture: The Netherlands boasts a vibrant festival scene, offering numerous opportunities to park your truck and reach a captive audience.
    • Supportive Regulations: The government generally encourages mobile businesses, making the process of obtaining permits relatively streamlined.

    The Netherlands provides an ideal environment for your food business to succeed, with a thriving food truck industry that is ready for creativity.

    Legal Prerequisites for Operating a Food Truck in the Netherlands

    It’s crucial to educate yourself on the legal requirements for operating a food truck in the Netherlands before setting out on your adventure. Following the law is essential to ensuring smooth operations and avoiding any problems, just as in any commercial endeavour.

    Food truck owners in the Netherlands are subject to a number of laws pertaining to taxes, licensing, and food safety. 

    Key requirements include obtaining a food hygiene certificate, registering your firm with the Chamber of Commerce, and securing necessary permits from local authorities.

    Additionally, food truck owners must comply with zoning regulations, which dictate where and when they can operate. While certain locations might have permits for particular events or defined zones for food trucks, other locations would need local authority clearance.

    Procedure to Open a Food Truck Business in the Netherlands

    Setting up a food truck business in the Netherlands involves several steps, from crafting a business plan to acquiring the necessary licenses and permits.

    Here’s a simplified overview of the process:

    Research and Planning 

    To determine your target market, evaluate your competition, and improve your menu and concept, conduct market research. Make a comprehensive business plan that details your goals, spending limit, and approach to marketing.

    Legal Compliance 

    Register your business with the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) and obtain a food hygiene certificate from the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA). You might also require extra permits from local authorities, depending on where you are located and how you operate.

    Procurement and Setup 

    Acquire or rent an appropriate food truck and furnish it with the required cooking appliances, cutlery, and signs. Ascertain adherence to health and safety protocols, encompassing appropriate ventilation and waste disposal mechanisms.

    Marketing and Promotion

    Create a powerful brand identity by utilizing efficient marketing platforms like social media, culinary events, and regional gatherings. In order to improve consumer happiness and your offers, interact with your target audience and ask for feedback.

    Permits Needed to Start a Food Truck Business in the Netherlands

    Securing the necessary permits is critical to legally operating a food truck in the Netherlands. While specific requirements may vary depending on your location and operations, common permits include:

    • Mobile Food Vendor License: Issued by municipal authorities, this permit allows you to operate a food truck in designated areas and events.
    • Health and Safety Permit: Obtained from the NVWA, this permit certifies compliance with food safety and hygiene standards.
    • Trading License: Required for selling goods or services in public spaces, this license ensures compliance with local regulations and ordinances.


    Venturing into the food truck business in the Netherlands offers a tantalizing blend of culinary creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and lucrative opportunities. The Netherlands offers the perfect atmosphere for ambitious food truck entrepreneurs to succeed with its booming food scene, encouraging business climate, and strong regulatory framework.

    If you’re ready to embark on your food truck journey in the Netherlands, OnDemand International stands ready to assist you every step of the way. From company registration to business setup services, we offer comprehensive solutions to help you realize your entrepreneurial dreams. Get in touch with us right now, and together, let’s make your dream of a food truck a reality!


    The cost of starting a food truck business in the Netherlands can vary based on a number of factors, including the vehicle’s size, equipment, permissions, and marketing costs. The typical range of launch expenditures is between €20,000 and €100,000 or more.

    Yes, foreigners can open a food truck business in the Netherlands as long as they fulfil all legal criteria, such as obtaining permits, registering their business, and adhering to food safety laws.

    Yes, food truck operators must comply with zoning regulations, which dictate where and when they can operate. Certain locations might have permits for food truck events or defined zones, while others might need local authority clearance.