Start an HR Consulting Business In The Netherlands in 6 Easy Steps

This guide will cover the procedure for opening an HR consulting business in the Netherlands. Along with that, it will cover the requirements for opening an HR consulting firm there.


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    start an hr consulting business in the netherlands

    Set Up an HR Consulting Firm In The Netherlands

    In the vibrant landscape of global business, the Netherlands stands out as an attractive destination for entrepreneurs seeking to establish their footprint in Europe. Renowned for its innovation, robust infrastructure, and business-friendly environment, the Netherlands offers a fertile ground for various industries to thrive. Among these, the field of human resource consulting is essential in helping companies get through the challenges of organizational development and personnel management.

    In this guide, we will cover the procedure for opening an HR consulting business in the Netherlands. Along with that, it will cover the requirements for opening an HR consulting firm in the Netherlands.

    Understanding the HR Consulting Industry in the Netherlands

    The HR consulting sector in the Netherlands is vibrant and constantly changing, with a wide variety of companies providing specialized services to companies of all kinds. HR consultants in the Netherlands provide a wide range of services, from talent acquisition and employee training to compliance management and organizational reorganization, greatly enhancing the expansion and effectiveness of businesses in many industries.

    Requirements for Starting an HR Consulting Business in the Netherlands

    Before diving into the vibrant market of the Netherlands, it’s essential to understand the requirements for setting up your HR consulting firm:

    • Legal Structure: Select an appropriate legal structure for your consulting business, such as an LLC, partnership, or sole proprietorship. Regarding administrative requirements, taxation, and responsibility, each structure offers advantages and disadvantages.
    • Firm Registration: Get a Chamber of Commerce number (KvK-nummer) by registering your firm with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel). In addition to facilitating tax registration and compliance, this step is necessary for legal operations in the Netherlands.
    • Tax Registration: Get a tax identification number (BTW-nummer) by registering with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst) for tax purposes. If your yearly turnover surpasses a specific threshold, you will also need to satisfy your VAT duties.
    • Permits and Licenses: You could require particular licenses or permits based on the type of consulting work you do. For instance, you could need accreditation from pertinent industry associations if you offer recruitment services.

    Steps to Register Your HR Consulting Firm in the Netherlands

    The process of registering a human resource consulting firm in the Netherlands involves several key steps:

    Selecting the Legal Entity 

    Choose an appropriate legal entity for your human resource consulting business in the Netherlands, like a sole proprietorship, partnership, or LLC. 

    Select a Business Name

    Once you select the business structure, the next step for setting up an HR consulting business in the Netherlands involves selecting a business name. Make sure the name selected is unique and original and does not represent the names of any existing corporations. Once the name is selected, enrol and reserve the name with the appropriate authorities. At OnDemand International, our professionals can assist you with choosing and registering a business name with the relevant authority. 

    Register the Firm

    After the name has been registered, the next step for forming an HR consulting business in the Netherlands is to register your firm with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and obtain a Chamber of Commerce number (KvK-nummer).

    Tax Registration

    Once the business is incorporated, you also have to register for taxation purposes with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst) to acquire a tax identification number (BTW-nummer) and fulfil VAT obligations, if applicable.

    Permits and Licenses 

    In order to lawfully operate your human resource consulting business in the Netherlands, you also have to acquire specific permits or licenses, such as professional accreditation or industry certifications. Obtain necessary approvals from regulatory authorities to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

    Bank Account Setup 

    To handle your company’s money and make it easier to trade with customers and suppliers, open a business bank account in the Netherlands with a respected financial institution.


    Starting a human resource consulting business in the Netherlands is a great way for ambitious businesspeople to profit from the thriving business environment in the nation. By making use of the advantageous location, knowledgeable staff, and encouraging regulatory environment, you may establish a profitable consulting business that benefits clients and promotes company expansion.

    If you’re looking to open an HR consulting business in the Netherlands and need expert guidance on company formation, licensing, and compliance, OnDemand International is here to help. With our comprehensive suite of business registration services and personalized support, we can streamline the process of setting up your consulting firm in the Netherlands, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional HR solutions to your clients. To set up your business in the Netherlands, contact us right now.


    The Netherlands is a great place for HR experts to work since it has a sizable and expanding market, a friendly business climate, and a talented workforce.

    It is imperative that you register your firm with the Chamber of Commerce and secure any licenses or permits that may be required.

    Yes, international business owners who adhere to the legal requirements and secure the required licenses and permits can open HR consultancy firms in the Netherlands.