Open a Marketing Consulting Business in Poland in 6 Easy Steps

Are you looking to open a marketing consulting business in Poland? Discover the complete steps and associated costs for opening a marketing consulting business in Poland. Get your business registered today with us.


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    open a marketing consulting business in poland

    Register a Marketing Consulting Business in Poland in 2024

    Are you a budding businessperson hoping to broaden your horizons in Eastern Europe’s dynamic environment? Poland offers business consultants a great chance because of its expanding demand for marketing knowledge and dynamic economy. 

    Are you looking to open a marketing consulting business in Poland? Discover the complete steps and associated costs for opening a marketing consulting business in Poland.

    Let’s dive in and discover how you can carve your niche in one of Europe’s most promising markets.

    Who Should Consider Opening a Marketing Consulting Business in Poland?

    • Experienced Marketing Professionals: Poland provides an excellent opportunity to capitalize on your experience if you have a track record of success in digital marketing, marketing strategy, or particular industry specializations.
    • Reputable marketing agencies: Do you want to increase your global presence? Established agencies have a great opportunity to sell their services and establish a strong local presence in Poland’s burgeoning industry.
    • Marketing Enthusiasts with Local Knowledge: Entrepreneurs who possess a profound comprehension of both global marketing trends and the Polish business environment are well-positioned to act as intermediaries and provide crucial advisory services. They are known as marketing enthusiasts with local knowledge.

    Is the Polish Market Right for Your Marketing Expertise?

    Poland boasts a high internet penetration rate and a populace that is becoming more and more tech-savvy. Polish companies are realizing more and more how important it is to have strong marketing plans in order to compete in the international market.

    Here are some key indicators that the Polish market is primed for your marketing expertise:

    • E-commerce boom: Due to the extraordinary expansion of the Polish e-commerce industry, there is a great need for consultants with expertise in online marketing and client acquisition tactics.
    • Social media dominance: Poles are active social media users, making social media marketing a crucial aspect for businesses to reach their target audience.
    • Growing internationalization: Polish companies are aggressively entering foreign markets, necessitating knowledge of cultural quirks and cross-border marketing.

    How to Choose the Right Business Entity for Your Marketing Consultancy in Poland?

    The legal structure you choose for your marketing consultancy in Poland will depend on various factors like business size, ownership structure, and liability preferences.

    These are the primary choices to consider:

    Sole Proprietorship 

    The simplest and quickest option for solo consultants. On the other hand, you are fully liable for business debts.

    Limited Liability Company

    The most popular choice for small and medium-sized marketing consultancies. It offers limited liability protection for owners.

    Joint-Stock Company

    This complex structure is suitable for larger consultancies looking to raise money through initial public offerings (IPOs).

    Step-by-Step Guide to Registering Your Marketing Consulting Business in Poland

    Step 1: Select a name for your company 

    Choose a distinctive and memorable name that accurately represents your company and conforms with Polish laws.

    Step 2: Decide on a Legal Entity 

    Consider factors like ownership structure and liability when choosing your business framework.

    Step 3: Prepare Necessary Documents 

    This may include articles of association, proof of address, and capital contribution (for Sp. z o.o.).

    Step 4: Register with the National Court Register (KRS)

    This formalizes your business existence and grants legal recognition.

    Step 5: Obtain a Tax Identification Number (NIP) 

    This is essential for tax purposes and official business transactions.

    Step 6: Open a Business Bank Account

    Keep your personal and corporate finances apart for accurate bookkeeping.

    Costs Associated with Opening a Marketing Consulting Business in Poland

    Launching a marketing consultancy in Poland entails various costs, including:

    • Incorporation Fees: Notary fees, registration fees with the National Court Register, and other administrative expenses.
    • Legal and Advisory Services: Costs associated with legal consultations, drafting documents, and regulatory compliance.
    • Office Space and Utilities: Renting office space, utilities, and furnishing your workspace.
    • Marketing and Promotion: Allocating finances for marketing initiatives, including website development, branding, and promotional activities.

    While initial expenses may vary depending on your business model and scale, prudent financial planning can help you manage costs and allocate resources effectively.


    Launching a marketing consulting business in Poland offers a gateway to a thriving market ripe with opportunities for growth and innovation. By leveraging your expertise and navigating the regulatory landscape effectively, you can establish a successful consultancy that caters to the diverse needs of Polish businesses. 

    Our area of expertise at OnDemand International is streamlining business incorporation procedures, so enterprises looking to enter the Polish market can do so without difficulty. Get in touch with us right now to begin your journey toward Polish company success.


    Even though Polish is the official language, English is used for many business dealings, particularly in global settings. Polish language ability, however, can improve communication and build closer client ties.

    Yes, non-residents are welcome to form and operate businesses in Poland, and international investment is encouraged. Nonetheless, there can be limitations or extra conditions for foreign ownership in certain sectors.

    CEIDG is a business book of entries with info on self-employed entrepreneurs. Any sole trader must register in CEIDG.