How to Open a Hotel in Poland?: Requirements & Benefits

Want to open a hotel in Poland? This article will cover the procedure, classifications, license requirements and expected costs to open a hotel in Poland.


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    Are you an aspiring business entrepreneur or investor seeking a lucrative venture in the hospitality industry? Poland, with its rich cultural heritage and booming tourism, presents a golden opportunity to open a hotel and capitalize on the growing demand for quality accommodation. This guide will walk you through the necessary procedures, applicable laws, and advantages of opening a hotel in Poland.

    Classifications of Hotels in Poland

    Before delving into the intricacies of establishing a hotel, it’s crucial to understand the classifications of hotels in Poland. The nation offers a wide variety of lodging choices, from luxurious resorts to affordable options. The primary classifications include:

    • Guesthouses and Hostels: Popular among young adventurers and backpackers, guesthouses and hostels offer inexpensive lodging options for those on a tight budget.
    • Three-Star Hotels: Positioned as mid-range options, three-star hotels offer a balance between comfort and cost-effectiveness. They are perfect for visitors and business travelers who want a cozy stay without going over budget.
    • Four-Star Hotels: With an emphasis on amenities and services, four-star hotels cater to a more demanding audience. They accommodate both leisure and business travelers and provide greater elegance and comfort.
    • Five-Star Hotels: The height of luxury accommodations, five-star hotels provide first-rate amenities, fine meals, and attentive service. For those who are willing to indulge in luxury, these places strive to deliver an unparalleled experience.

    How to Set Up a Hotel in Poland?

    Market Research and Planning:

    • Conduct thorough market research to determine the location, target audience, and competitors.
    • Create a thorough business plan that outlines the services, ideas, and projected revenues for your hotel.

    Legal Structure and Registration:

    • Select a legal form for your hotel, such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or limited liability company (LLC).
    • Enroll your company with the National Court Register (KRS) and obtain a tax identification number (NIP).

    Property and Zoning:

    • Acquire or lease a suitable property for your hotel. Verify if the property satisfies the zoning laws in the area regarding establishments that provide hospitality.

    Building Permits:

    • Acquire the required building permits from the local authorities. To achieve this, you might need to submit documentation such as architectural plans.

    Licenses and Permits:

    • Apply for relevant licenses and permits, such as a hotel operating license and food service permit.
    • Check with local authorities for specific requirements related to your hotel’s amenities and services.

    Taxation and Accounting:

    • Register for VAT (Value Added Tax) and other applicable taxes.
    • Establish an accounting system and maintain precise financial documentation.

    Legal Considerations for Opening a Hotel in Poland

    • Company Registration: Register your company in Poland with the relevant authorities. Select a legal form, such as a limited liability company (LLC), that supports your organization’s objectives.
    • Taxation: Familiarize yourself with Poland’s tax regulations and obligations. 
    • Zoning and Permits: Make sure you confirm zoning laws and acquire the required permits before beginning any construction or renovations at your hotel. This could involve obtaining building, occupancy, and environmental permissions.

    License Requirements for Opening a Hotel in Poland

    • Hotel Operation License: Get a license from the relevant local authorities to operate a hotel. To operate a hotel in Poland legally, you need this license.
    • Food and Beverage License: Obtain the necessary permits for food and beverage operations if your hotel has dining facilities.

    Benefits of Opening a Hotel in Poland

    • Tourism Boom: Poland has experienced a significant increase in tourism over the years, attracting visitors with its picturesque landscapes, historic sites, and vibrant cities. Opening a hotel positions you to capitalize on this growing trend.
    • Economic Stability: Poland is a popular travel destination for both business and leisure travelers due to its strong economy and advantageous location within Europe. Putting money into the hospitality industry supports the nation’s economic stability.
    • Government Assistance: The Polish government provides assistance to companies operating in a range of industries and promotes foreign investment. Making use of these programs can facilitate your hotel’s development and expansion.
    • Cultural Appeal: Poland is a year-round destination due to its varied attractions and rich cultural heritage. You may develop a distinctive marketing offer for your hotel that appeals to a wide spectrum of visitors by integrating it with the nation’s cultural attractions.

    Expected Costs to Open a Hotel in Poland

    While the costs associated with opening a hotel in Poland can vary based on factors such as location and scale, it’s essential to consider the following:

    • Construction or Property Acquisition: Purchasing or building the hotel property will probably require the most of your cash. The location and scale of the project might significantly affect expenses.
    • Interior Design and Furnishings: A quality hotel should have a cozy, eye-catching atmosphere. Set aside money for décor, furniture, and interior design that complements your hotel’s theme.
    • Licenses and Permits: Budget for the costs related to acquiring the required licenses and permissions.
    • Marketing and Branding: Budget for marketing and branding efforts if you want your hotel to stand out in the competitive lodging sector. This covers visitor attraction marketing techniques used both offline and online.


    Starting a hotel in Poland is an exciting business opportunity with lots of prospects in a growing market. By understanding the classifications of hotels, following a systematic setup process, addressing legal considerations, and recognizing the benefits, you can position your hotel for success. Poland’s growing tourism industry, economic stability, and government support make it an ideal destination for entrepreneurs and investors in the hospitality sector.


    Poland is known for its diverse attractions, including Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Zakopane, and the historic Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial.

    Although the time frame for obtaining licenses varies, it usually takes several months. The licensing procedure can be streamlined by interacting with local officials early on.

    Yes, the Polish government provides various incentives for foreign investors, including financial support, grants, and favorable tax policies.