Opening a Courier Business in Poland in 6 Easy Steps

Discover the types and step-by-step procedures of opening a courier business in Poland. Set up your business in Poland with OnDemand International company experts today.


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    opening a courier business in poland


    Establishing your own business offers you endless freedom and flexibility and allows you to follow your passions and use your skills to help others.  Are you prepared to take advantage of Poland’s thriving delivery market and have a strong enthusiasm for logistics? Opening a courier business in Poland can be a rewarding venture, given the country’s growing e-commerce sector and the increasing demand for reliable and efficient delivery services.

    How is Poland an ideal location for setting up a Courier Business?

    With a growing e-commerce market, driven by increasing online shopping trends. The expansion of the digital economy has coincided with a sharp increase in the need for dependable and effective courier services. Poland has made large investments in road networks and logistics centers as well as other aspects of its transportation infrastructure. Well-developed infrastructure facilitates smooth and timely delivery operations, reducing transit times and costs. Compared to some other European countries it offers relatively lower operating costs. This includes factors such as labor costs, fuel prices, and overhead expenses, making it cost-effective for running a courier business.

    Types of courier services

    The areas that courier companies service or the pace at which they carry materials, packages, or items can both be used to describe their business.

    • Local/metropolitan services: This kind of business concentrates on a specific city or region. Business couriers are able to offer local clients prompt and dependable service by focusing on a specific region.
    • Time-sensitive delivery: If your courier business is centered around punctuality, offering expedited or same-day delivery services will help you draw in clients who are pressed for time. Fast delivery is typically necessary for items like legal documents, and this kind of service serves customers in the legal, medical, and financial services industries.
    • Worldwide and international transport: You might be able to grow your courier service abroad, depending on the resources you have at your disposal. International shipping, air travel, and customs regulations are all necessary for international commercial deliveries.

    Steps to set up your Courier Business in Poland 

    A business always flourishes when it focuses on the needs of its consumers. Before starting a new business, there are a few crucial actions that you must do as you begin to investigate and weigh your possibilities.

    1. Deciding on your courier service type

    Choosing the right type of courier business depends on factors such as the target market, geographic scope, industry specialization, and the level of service required. Many courier companies offer a combination of these services to meet diverse customer needs in the ever-evolving logistics and e-commerce landscape. 

    Among the many services that couriers might provide are, but are not restricted to:

    1. Delivery on the same day or the following day within a given city or local area. 
    2. On a national scale, offering delivery services across an entire country.
    3. Parcels and documents across international borders. 
    4. Transportation of bulk goods.

    2) Choosing a business structure

    When choosing the legal structure for a courier business in Poland.

    The below-mentioned factors should be considered:- 

    1. The size of the business
    2. The number of owners
    3. Liability considerations
    4. The need for external capital

    In addition to this, you need to obtain an Employer Identification Number (Numer Identyfikacji Podatkowej – NIP) for each employee and comply with labor laws.

    3) Supplies Required

    Once we have kept all the legalities in place and have a well-established business plan, you have to take a further step by securing your supplies.

    The following list will provide you with insights about the supplies:- 

    1. Vans, trucks, motorcycles, or bicycles, depending on the size and type of deliveries.
    2. Instilling a technology always goes a long way ( including GPS navigation, handheld scanners, and courier management systems)
    3. Durable courier bags, boxes, and packaging materials to secure and protect the items being transported
    4. Standard dolly or manual hand truck
    5. Printed courier labels along with appropriate documentation, including waybills, invoices, and receipts, for each delivery.
    6. Basic vehicle maintenance tools and supplies

    4) Licensing Required

    Trade License:

    • Obtain a trade license from the local Trade Office for access to engaging in commercial activities.

    Road Transport License:

    • This license issued by the General Inspectorate of Road Transport (GDDKIA) may be required for road transportation of goods.

    Operator’s License:

    • May be required for vehicles weighing over 3.5 tons, issued by the General Inspectorate of Road Transport (GITD).

    5) Insurance Coverage

    Insurance is an essential component of responsible and legally compliant courier business operations. Business insurance in Poland safeguards your business, clients, and employees from the financial implications of unexpected events, contributing to the overall stability and success of your courier business.

    Goods in Transit Insurance:

    •  This insurance protects the items being transported and is often a requirement for courier businesses.

    Vehicle Insurance:

    • This includes liability insurance, vehicle insurance, and coverage for goods being transported.

    Insurance for Employees:

    • Provide insurance coverage for employees, including workplace accident insurance. It is crucial to abide by labor rules and regulations.

    6) Marketing and Network Building

    Formulate a compelling brand identity and formulate a marketing plan. To market your services, make use of social media, partnerships, and internet channels. To create a customer network, make alliances with nearby companies, online retailers, and prospective customers.

    Cultivating good customer service will automatically give rise to a chain of referrals and partnerships.


    By following the precise steps outlined and integrating on-demand international support, your courier service can benefit from streamlined operations, enhanced customer experiences, and a competitive edge in the evolving logistics landscape of Poland. It’s crucial to maintain a strong focus on compliance with local regulations, the implementation of cutting-edge technologies, and a commitment to environmental sustainability.


    The most common option is a Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością (Sp. z o.o.), a limited liability company.

    Yes, you need to register for VAT and corporate income tax.

    It’s essential to have a social media presence and a website for online marketing. Local advertising, partnerships with e-commerce businesses, and building strong customer relationships are also important.