Residence Permit in Turkey: Types, Procedure & Application Procedure

Residence Permit in Turkey is required for foreign entrepreneurs who wish to begin an enterprise within Turkey and want to stay for in the country for a brief period.


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residence permit in turkey

Residence Permit in Turkey in 2022

Residence Permit in Turkey is required for foreign entrepreneurs who wish to begin an enterprise within Turkey and want to stay for in the country for a brief period will require a temporary residence permit which is valid for one year. Once they have completed this time, they will be required to extend the permit or obtain a permanent residence license in Turkey for the duration of their stay. 

Our attorneys from the Immigration lawyers in Turkey attorneys who are in Turkey will be able to explain the rights of residence permits in Turkey for 2022. We can also assist foreign investors to establish a business in Turkey. They can also give advice to those interested in the possibility of a visa in Turkey.

Relocate to Turkey

relocate to turkey

Short-term Residence Permit

The temporary residence permit in Turkey is given to foreigners who own a home in Turkey or have incorporated an enterprise in the country. 

They must submit certain papers in the Provincial Directorate of Immigration Administration and comply with the regulations for business in 2022:

  1. Application form;

  2. the original as well as a duplicate of the passport.

  3. Four photos (passport size).

  4. affirmation that they possess the sources to stay in Turkey for a maximum of one year, and also proving their documents should they be necessary;

  5. A proof of ownership of an asset that is located in Turkey (in the event that they own one).

  6. medical insurance.

You are welcome to talk to us about your questions about residence permits in Turkey. We’re here to help those from abroad with migration to Turkey, make investments in Turkey legally way, as fast as possible, and also gain residence permits in Turkey.

Move to Turkey

Foreigners who wish to prolong their time in Turkey in 2022 and get a permanent residence permit instead of a Turkey permit for short-term stay permits needs to be present all the required documents to Turkish authorities, assisted by the Turkish legal counsel:
1. Application form.
2. The original and a copy of the passport.
3. Two photos (passport size).
4. A document that proves that the applicant didn’t receive any social assistance from the Turkish authorities.
5. A declaration that the applicant has assets to remain in Turkey for up to one year, and also proving their documents if needed.
6. An evidence of having an asset or property in Turkey (if they own one).
7. The original residence permit in Turkey.
8. Medical insurance.
9. Police records.

Applications for Residence permits in Turkey can be submitted on the internet directly and submitted to the Directorate General of Migration Management. However, first-time applicants must come in person to the Migration Office and show the necessary documents. A residence permit in Turkey is required when you plan to stay that is longer than 90 days. It could be granted to one person or a couple, a student, or for a temporary residence, and so on. Speak to our experts if would like to move to Turkey.


Process for foreigners to be employed in Turkish firms

  • According to Turkish law, businesses can employ foreign workers in compliance with the regulations applicable to the field.
  • It is required to possess a residence and work permit in order legally to carry out operations within a business.
  • In this instance it is, you can get one from the Turkish Ministry of Labor that will handle the necessary documentation and formalities, but entrepreneurs must already have at least 5 employees to be able to employ foreigners.
  • Furthermore, specific business documentation will be required upon the application for the Residence permit in Turkey.

Information on short-term touristic residence permits

Foreign citizens from other countries do not require visas to Turkey, must take into consideration additional formalities. For instance, they need to apply for a permit to reside in Turkey for tourism reasons. This permit guarantees an unconstrained stay in Turkey for a period of 1 or 2 years without imposing the requirement of not leaving the country during this period. Learn more about this issue by consulting Our legal experts from Turkey, who will also assist you relocate to Turkey.

Other types of residence permits in Turkey

The purpose of the trip, It will then need to obtain a residence permit in Turkey. The following types of residence permits in Turkey can be obtained in certain situations:

  • Foreigners who are interested in special treatment in Turkey may apply for a medical residence permit in Turkey. Treatments are available in private clinics as well as state hospitals.
  • For those who wish to start a business with a business in Turkey are able to apply for a Business Residence Permit that has a validity of three months.
  • Anyone who purchases a property valued at a minimum of USD 250,000 will be issued a residential real estate permit.
  • People who have divorced their Turkish spouses are required to apply for a residency permit for the family. This same permit is applicable in the event of the spouse’s death.
  • If you wish to take classes at a university in Turkey at the university level, you will require a residence permit in Turkey for students.

Everything you should be aware of about the process of residency permit in Turkey you can get by the group of lawyers for immigration in Turkey.

Applying for an individual residence permit in Turkey for family

Family residence permits are needed for those looking to be reunited with their family members in Turkey. Thus, this permit is available to spouses of foreign nationals who are Turkish citizens. Children of nationals from abroad wishing to travel to Turkey to reunite with their families must also possess a residence permit in Turkey authorization. 

Here is some additional information to think about in obtaining a family residency permit to move to Turkey:

  • People who are refugees or receiving protection in Turkey require a residence permit.
  • If the parent is in charge of the kid, then the consent of either parent is required in order for the child to be allowed to be part of the family in Turkey.
  • A residence permit in Turkey is a legal document that guarantees the right to study in Turkey up to the age of 18 and after that, the document is replaced by the appropriate one.
  • The residence permit of families is in effect for three years. Additional requirements will be required when it is renewed.

It is important to remember that a Turkish legal professional will be able to provide legal guidance to help you through the simple procedure to obtain a residence permit in the country. Information about the residence permit in Turkey cost is also available out from our experts.

Turkish Health Insurance

Foreigners who apply for a long-term residence permit in Turkey or a Turkey shorter-term permit of residence must also show proof of insurance. In terms of the cost of this health insurance, that is not more than USD 100 and is valid for up to two years. It is possible to discuss the details of the residency requirements within Turkey by contacting one of our legal experts who will help you relocate to Turkey.

Process of immigration in Turkey

The number of immigrants to Turkey dropped dramatically since 2020. The decrease is due to the health crisis currently in place. Yet, Turkey has always been friendly and has embraced the movement of foreigners seeking new opportunities. 

Here are some figures on the Turkish migration process, but without forgetting that you can reach our lawyers for more information regarding Turkey permanently residing or for information about the residence permit in Turkey costs if you want to relocate to Turkey:

  1. According to the most up-to-date figures for 2018, approximately three percent of immigrants are from countries like Bulgaria, Germany, Afghanistan, and Iraq.
  2. More than 10,000 Turkmen citizens moved to Turkey during the same year.
  3. In the year 2019, around 56,000 asylum requests were filed, Most of them came from countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, or Iran.
  4. Also, in the year 2019, approximately 455,000 immigrants were recorded.



Foreign entrepreneurs who wish to begin an enterprise within Turkey and want to stay for in the country for a brief period will require a temporary residence permit which is valid for one year. Temporary Residence permit in Turkey valid for some time Maximum 2 years.

Foreigners who wish to prolong their time in Turkey in 2022 and get a permanent residence permit instead of a Turkey permit for short-term stay permits need to present all the required documents to Turkish authorities, assisted by the Turkish legal counsel.


Turkey’s residence permits are required for foreigners who stay more than ninety days or longer than is allowed by the visa or exemption.

You must apply to turkey for a residence permit during the validity of your visa or visa exemption.

90 days is the legal deadline for filing a residence permit application. This period can be extended and information is provided.

You must have a travel document or passport that is valid for a minimum of 60 days beyond the time you request.

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