Starting a Business in Dubai from India in 2024-25: Complete Guide

Starting your business in Dubai from India is hassle-free. Introducing OnDemand International, which provides renowned business setup services to Dubai.


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    Starting your business in Dubai from India is hassle-free. Introducing OnDemand International, which provides renowned business setup services to Dubai. Our seasoned teams in India and the UAE streamline the process, ensuring swift establishment of your Freezone or Mainland Company within a week. We navigate the UAE’s dynamic commercial landscape, providing unwavering support. Schedule a consultation with our consultants today to embark on your Dubai business journey confidently and effortlessly.

    Company Setup in the UAE from India

    There are unmatched business prospects in the Middle East when starting a company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), an association made up of seven emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm Al Quwain. The UAE, which is well-known for its thriving economy, advantageous location, and friendly business environment, attracts company owners and companies looking to increase their footprint in the area. With so many different benefits and legal frameworks to choose from, companies may choose the best location for their ventures among the United Arab Emirates’ diverse economic offerings.

    How to Start a Business in Dubai from India?

    The following steps to start a business in Dubai from India includes:

    Choose your Business Activity

    Before starting your business in Dubai, you need to carefully consider if your chosen business activity is feasible in the UAE market. It is crucial to carry out in-depth study on the viability and possible profitability of your endeavor. Equipped with this knowledge, you can decide when it’s best to open your business in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    There are different types of business activities in the UAE which includes:

    Choose your Business Structure

    In the UAE, businesses operating within free zones, mainland areas, and offshore jurisdictions can choose from a diverse range of legal structures tailored to their specific needs:

    Free Zone Entities

    • Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ LLC): Offers limited liability for multiple owners.
    • Free Zone Company (FZ Co.): Similar to FZ LLC but subject to free zone authority regulations.
    • Free Zone Establishment (FZE): Provides limited liability for single shareholders.

    Mainland Entities

    • Limited Liability Company (LLC): Popular for its broad business activity scope and limited liability.
    • Sole Proprietorship: Ideal for individual entrepreneurs with full control but personal liability.
    • Branch or Representative Office: Allows foreign companies to operate within regulatory bounds.

    Offshore Entities

    • Offshore Foundation: Non-shareholder entity for non-profits or asset management.
    • Limited Liability Company (Offshore LLC): Offers limited liability and tax exemptions.
    • Offshore Trust: Focuses on asset protection and beneficiary planning.

    Each structure caters to various business models, sizes, and objectives, providing flexibility and legal advantages for entrepreneurs and corporations alike.

    Choose your Business Name

    It is necessary to obtain approval for your preferred company name from the Department of Economic Development (DED) prior to moving forward with establishing your firm in the United Arab Emirates. In this procedure, your chosen company activity will also be examined. The process of setting up your business in Dubai will begin when you receive the appropriate approvals and submit the relevant paperwork to apply for your UAE trade license.

    Apply for your Business/Trade License

    In the UAE, there are four distinct categories of trade licenses, commonly referred to as business licenses, available for selection:

    These licenses are applicable for businesses intending to operate within the UAE mainland. However, it is essential to note that the licensing framework within UAE free zones varies and is contingent upon the specific business activities your company intends to undertake.

    Register your Business

    A company’s registration and licensing take place at the same time, but at different stages involving documents and permissions. At this point, it is critical to secure the necessary permits from relevant government agencies, as specified by the Department of Economic Development. Furthermore, the documentation requirements differ based on the kind and nature of the company’s operations.

    Open Your Corporate Bank Account

    Opening a corporate bank account is crucial after registering the company and receiving the necessary approvals. All financial transactions pertaining to the firm will be centralized into one account. Effective financial management depends on choosing the correct bank and account type. There are different banks option available for you.

    Secure Visas for Employees

    For international investors and their staff to live and work in Dubai, visas must be obtained. There are several processes involved in this procedure, such as applying for sponsorship, submitting documentation, and maybe going through background checks and medical exams.

    Business owners can apply for the investor visas.

    Setup Accounting and Bookkeeping for a New Company

    Establishing a strong accounting and bookkeeping system for a new company is essential for managing the company’s finances, making sure taxes are paid on time, and getting ready for audits. This includes creating thorough financial documentation, incorporating cutting-edge accounting software, and hiring qualified finance personnel to do these tasks with ability.

    Types of Business Structure in Dubai to Setup a Company

    Dubai provides a wide array of company structuring choices that are suited to the various demands of investors and entrepreneurs worldwide. These choices come in the form of offshore, free zone, and mainland configurations, each having unique advantages and characteristics.

    Offshore Company Registration

    • Offshore companies in Dubai are well-suited for businesses prioritizing international trade and asset protection, without the requirement to comply with local corporate taxes and regulations.
    • They offer privacy, confidentiality, asset protection, and efficient international tax planning.
    • Offshore setups are particularly advantageous for holding companies, international trading, and investment activities, providing security and financial efficiency beyond the UAE’s borders.

    Mainland Company Registration

    • Mainland companies operate within the UAE’s legal framework, adhering to national corporate taxation and regulatory standards.
    • They allow unrestricted trading across the UAE and the leasing or owning of property in mainland areas.
    • Mainland setups are ideal for businesses seeking direct engagement with the local market, including access to government contracts and broader market reach within the UAE.

    Free Zone Company Registration

    • Free zone companies enjoy exemptions from UAE corporate taxes and specific mainland regulations, fostering a highly favorable business environment.
    • These entities operate within designated free zones, catering to specific business sectors, and are typically confined to activities within their respective zones.
    • Free zone setups offer benefits such as 100% foreign ownership, full profit repatriation, and streamlined startup processes, making them suitable for international businesses focusing on specific sectors or seeking tax efficiencies.

    Documents Required for Registering a Business in Dubai From India

    The following documents required for registering a business in Dubai from India are mentioned below:

    • Passport Copies: Copies of each shareholder’s passports and potential managers.
    • No Objection Certificate (NOC): A letter of consent from the local sponsor or partner (for Mainland companies).
    • Memorandum of Association (MOA): A legal document defining the company’s scope, structure, and operational procedures.
    • Tenancy Contract: A lease agreement for your business location, along with the Ejari registration certificate.
    • Bank Reference Letter: A letter attesting to your creditworthiness from your bank.
    • Approval from Relevant Authorities: Approval from authorities specific to your industry or business activity.
    • Trade Name Reservation Certificate: Register your company name with the relevant authorities.

    Benefits of Incorporating a Business in Dubai From India

    Some of the compiling benefits for incorporating a business in Dubai from India includes:

    • Strategic Location: Dubai’s geographical location provides easy access to major markets in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe, making it a hub for international trade.
    • Tax Benefits: Most Free Zones offer tax exemptions for a specific period, such as the absence of capital gains tax and personal income tax.
    • Full Ownership: Free Zones allow 100% foreign ownership, giving you complete control of your business.
    • Business-Friendly Environment: Dubai’s regulatory environment is efficient and streamlined, which facilitates business establishment and operation.
    • Diverse Market Opportunities: Dubai’s thriving economy offers opportunities in various sectors, from trade and tourism to technology and finance.
    • World-Class Infrastructure: Dubai boasts a modern infrastructure, excellent transportation networks, and state-of-the-art facilities to support business growth.


    Starting a business in Dubai from India is an exciting and possibly rewarding trip into one of the world’s most thriving economies. Indian businesses may prepare for successful overseas growth by knowing the laws, selecting the correct business structure, acquiring capital, and using networking. With its investor-friendly atmosphere and limitless chances, Dubai is a place of hope for the ambitious and enterprising.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the minimal amount of money needed to launch a business in Dubai from India?

    The minimum investment depends on the kind of company and its location. For example, free zones may have different requirements compared to mainland businesses.

    Can I open a business in Dubai without the help of a local sponsor?

    For a mainland business, yes, you need a local sponsor. However, in a free zone or with an offshore company, a local sponsor is not required.

    Can Indian citizens own 100% of a business in Dubai?

    Yes, Indian citizens can own 100% of a company in Dubai’s free zones. Recent changes in the law also allow for 100% foreign ownership in certain sectors on the mainland.

    Is it necessary to be physically present in Dubai to start a business?

    While it is highly recommended to be present during the setup process, it is not always mandatory. Some steps can be completed remotely, especially if you engage a local business setup service.

    How much time does it take to launch a company in Dubai from India?

    The timeline can vary based on the kind of company and its requirements. Generally, it could require a few weeks to many months.