Start a Car Rental Business in Poland in 6 Easy Steps

Here we will be explaining how you can start a car rental business in Poland. Additionally, we will be discussing the requirements, costs, and benefits of starting a car rental business in Poland.


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    start a car rental business in poland


    Establishing a car rental company may be quite profitable, and Poland is a great place to start if you’re thinking about doing this. Poland presents a plethora of prospects for entrepreneurs seeking to launch a car rental business, thanks to its booming tourism sector and expanding economy. This article will discuss the advantages of doing business in Poland, the procedures for registering your car rental company, the licenses and permits needed, and the reasons Poland is a fantastic place to do business.

    Why start a car rental business in Poland?

    • Each year, millions of tourists travel to Poland, making it a popular tourist destination.
    • Travelers who want to see the nation prefer to rent cars creating a big opportunity for car rental companies.
    • Poland’s economy and central European location make it attractive for international business.
    • Many international corporations in Poland create a steady demand for business travel transportation.
    • Launching a car rental company in Poland can leverage both tourism and corporate travel markets, increasing your chances of success.

    Steps to Register A Car Rental Business in Poland

    Before you can start operating your car rental business in Poland, you will have to register your firm.

    Here are the steps involved in the registration process : 

    Select a Business Structure 

    Choose between a limited liability corporation (LLC), partnership, or sole proprietorship as your company’s legal form. Every structure has benefits and prerequisites, so carefully weigh which one will work best for your company.

    Choose a Business Name 

    Look for a catchy name that fits your automobile rental company, then make sure it’s available. The name needs to convey the essence of your services and be distinctive and catchy. Once the name is available, you need to register the chosen name with the relevant authority.

    Acquire the Required Licenses and Permits 

    To find out what licenses and permits are needed to run a car rental business in Poland, get in touch with the local government. These could consist of insurance coverage, a trade license, and a license to hire a car.

    Become a registered user of the Tax Office 

    Get your company registered with the Polish tax office in order to receive a special tax identification number. For all tax-related purposes, including paying taxes and filing returns, this number will be utilized.

    Create a Corporate Bank Account 

    Create a specific corporate bank account to keep your personal and corporate finances separate. This will simplify tax reporting and assist you in monitoring your earnings and outlays.

    Register for VAT

    The registration requirements for Value Added Tax (VAT) may vary based on the turnover of your firm. 

    Costs Involved in Setting Up a Car Rental Business in Poland

    Starting a car rental business in Poland includes a number of expenses that you should be aware of.

    You should budget for the following primary costs:

    • Purchase or Lease: Purchasing your fleet of rental cars will be the biggest expense. Vehicles from dealerships can be leased or bought outright. Take into account elements like the quantity of cars, their type and make, and whether they are new or old.
    • Insurance Premiums: Getting insurance is essential for your company, and the cost will vary depending on a number of variables, such as the type of coverage, the number of cars, and the insurance company. 
    • Maintenance and Repairs: In the car rental business, routine maintenance and sporadic repairs are unavoidable costs. Take into account the price of maintaining your fleet, changing out worn-out components, and taking care of any unplanned repairs.
    • Marketing and Advertising: In order to get clients, you must advertise your vehicle rental company. Set aside money for marketing and advertising projects including website development, internet marketing, print advertising, and social media campaigns.
    • Office Space and Equipment: Take into account the price of rent, utilities, and office supplies if you intend to have a physical office. As an alternative, you can choose a shared workspace or virtual office to cut costs.
    • Staffing Costs: Employing someone to handle reservations, customer support, and vehicle maintenance may be necessary, contingent on the size of your company. When creating your budget, take salaries, benefits, and training expenses into consideration.
    • Fees for Permits and Licenses: There are costs involved with obtaining the licenses and permits needed to run a vehicle rental company.

    Licenses and Permits Required for a Car Rental Business in Poland

    You must receive specific licenses and permits in order to lawfully run a car rental business in Poland. The precise requirements could change based on your company’s location and industry.

    The following are a few typical licenses and permits:

    • Trade License: Getting a trade license is a requirement for doing business in Poland. It is obtained from the local trade office and permits you to conduct business lawfully.
    • Vehicle Rental License: Issued by the local government, this license is exclusive to car rental companies. It guarantees that your company conforms with quality and safety requirements for car rentals.
    • Insurance Coverage: For your fleet of rental cars, you must have sufficient insurance coverage, including theft protection, collision damage waiver, and third-party liability insurance. Insurance companies will evaluate your company and offer the appropriate coverage.
    • Driver’s License: Verify that the rental cars’ drivers are authorized by law and that each member of your crew has a current license. Ensuring the safety of your clients and adhering to traffic restrictions is mandated by law.
    • Data Protection Registration: You could be required to register with the Polish Data Protection Authority if you handle the personal data of your clients. By doing this, you can be sure that you respect the privacy of your clients and adhere to data protection rules.
    • Environmental Permits: Obtaining environmental permits may be necessary, depending on the type of vehicles in your fleet. These ensure that your vehicles meet emission standards and contribute to environmental sustainability.

    Benefits of Doing Car Rental Business in Poland

    • Expanding Market: Poland presents a potential opportunity for automobile rental services due to its expanding tourism industry and growing economy. A growing middle class and a sizable population means that there is a constant need for accessible and reasonably priced transportation options.
    • Possibilities for Tourism: Polish natural beauty, historical significance, and cultural legacies attract millions of tourists annually. You may access a consistent flow of clients by serving this expanding tourism sector, particularly during the busiest travel times.
    • Strategic Location: Poland is ideally situated to expand your car rental business throughout Europe due to its central European location. You may simply serve clients internationally and investigate new markets if there are strong connections between transportation networks.
    • Friendly Business Environment: To encourage foreign investment and assist entrepreneurs, the Polish government has launched a number of programs. These consist of grants, tax breaks, and streamlined administrative processes. Poland also provides a highly trained labor force and an advanced infrastructure to support commercial operations.
    • Low rivalry: Although there is rivalry in the worldwide vehicle rental market, there may be less of it in some Polish regions. One way to acquire a competitive advantage and create a strong presence is to discover underserved areas or niche markets.
    • Profit Potential: A car rental company in Poland has the potential to make a lot of money with careful planning, effective operations, and first-rate customer service. You can draw in and keep clients by offering value-added services, a varied fleet, and competitive pricing, which will guarantee a consistent flow of income.


    Launching a car rental company in Poland can be a fulfilling endeavour with potential for expansion and financial gain. Poland offers an attractive business climate for companies wishing to enter the vehicle rental sector thanks to its expanding economy, rising tourism, and advantageous location. You may effectively launch and expand your vehicle rental company in Poland by following the procedures for business registration, being aware of the associated costs, getting the appropriate licenses and permissions, and taking advantage of the advantages of doing business there. You will get the direction and help you need to expand your business globally right now with On Demand International’s assistance. 


    Consider the following important trends in the vehicle rental business:

    • Focus on technology: Contactless rentals, in-car technology, online booking, and keyless systems for better customer experience.
    • Subscription models: Increasingly common, they provide convenience and flexibility over traditional renting arrangements.
    • Electric cars (EVs): Rental firms are expanding their fleets of EVs in response to the growing demand for eco-friendly solutions.
    • Personalization: Using tailored offerings and adaptable rental packages to satisfy each customer’s unique needs.
    • Data-driven decision-making: Maximizing fleet management, pricing, and marketing tactics with the help of data.

    Your business concept and target audience will determine the best locations:

    Hotspots for tourists: Gdansk, Krakow, and Warsaw draw visitors looking to rent cars to explore.

    • Airports: Demand from arriving travellers is considerable at major airports such as Warsaw Chopin and Krakow Balice.
    • Cities with poor public transit: Residents who don’t have access to dependable transportation may find convenience in cities like Wroclaw or Lublin.
    • Pay attention to business travellers: Take into account busy business centers close to industry conferences and events, such as Poznan or Katowice.
    • Compact and economy vehicles: Skoda Fabia, Toyota Yaris, and Fiat 500 are well-liked by lone travellers and those on a tight budget.
    • For families or small groups, mid-size cars like the Skoda Octavia, Volkswagen Golf, and Toyota Corolla provide additional room and comfort.
    • Small SUVs: Nissan Juke, Kia Sportage, and Skoda Karoq – offer a little more ground clearance and adaptability for a range of terrains.

    Seasonal Affect:

    • Winter: For safer driving conditions, there is a rise in demand for AWD or winterized automobiles.
    • Summer: For large families or scenic road excursions, convertibles or roomy minivans may be more popular.