Top 10 Reasons to Set Up A Business in Warsaw

In this article, we'll explore the top 10 reasons to set up a business in Warsaw including Warsaw's strong economy, accessibility to EU members, cost-effective operations, etc.


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    reasons to set up a business in warsaw


    Are you looking for the perfect location to grow your business in Poland? Look no further than Warsaw, the vibrant capital city of Poland, which offers a plethora of opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses alike. From its strategic location in Central Europe to its dynamic economy and supportive business environment, Warsaw presents numerous advantages for those looking to establish or expand their presence in the region. 

    In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 reasons to set up a business in Warsaw that could be a game-changer for you.

    What are the various reasons to set up a business in Warsaw?

    1. Advantageous Business Location 

    Strategically located in the centre of Europe, Warsaw offers quick access to markets all over the continent which is one of the reasons to set up a business in Warsaw. With a sophisticated transportation system that includes a major airport and vast road and rail networks, the city provides enterprises wishing to reach clients across Europe with great connectivity.

    2. Robust Economy: 

    Warsaw is the centre of Poland’s remarkable recent economic progress. Warsaw, the economic centre of the nation, has a diversified economy fueled by industries including manufacturing, services, IT, and finance. As such, businesses in a variety of industries can find a wealth of opportunities due to Warsaw’s economic vitality which is another one of the reasons to set up a business in Warsaw.

    3. Business-Friendly Environment: 

    Another one of the reasons to set up a business in Warsaw is its business-friendly environment. Warsaw is known for its supportive business environment, characterized by favourable regulations, low corporate taxes, and streamlined processes for company registration and operation. Businesses looking for a hassle-free setting find the city appealing since it often rates highly in worldwide indices of ease of doing business.

    4. Skilled Workforce: 

    The workforce in Warsaw is highly trained and educated, with a wide range of talent across several fields which is another one of the significant reasons to set up a business in Warsaw. The city’s universities produce graduates in disciplines such as engineering, IT, finance, and business, providing businesses with access to a skilled labour force to drive innovation and growth.

    5. Cost-Effective Operations: 

    The cost of conducting business in Warsaw is comparatively lower than in many other Western European cities, providing substantial savings on costs such as office space, labour, and utilities. Because of this cost-effectiveness, companies operating in the city are more competitive, which raises their profitability and enables them to spend in further expansion.

    6. Strong Startup Ecosystem: 

    Encouraged by an expanding network of incubators, accelerators, and co-working spaces, Warsaw has become a thriving centre for entrepreneurs and innovation which is another one of the reasons to set up a business in Warsaw. Global innovators and disruptors are drawn to the city by its financial opportunities and entrepreneurial mentality, which promotes a collaborative and creative culture.

    7. Quality of Life: 

    Beyond its economic appeal, Warsaw provides an exceptional standard of living for residents and expatriates. Attracting talent from all over the world, the city offers a desirable living environment with its rich history, cultural heritage, modern conveniences, and green spaces. Warsaw offers something for everyone, including family-friendly districts and bustling nightlife.

    8. EU Membership: 

    Another one of the reasons to set up a business in Warsaw is the reason that Poland is a  member of the European Union. Poland benefits from access to the EU single market as a member of the EU, which facilitates easy cross-border trade and investment for companies based in Warsaw. Businesses that are members of the EU can also take advantage of a number of subsidies, financing schemes, and support initiatives that are designed to encourage innovation and economic growth.

    9. Infrastructure Development: 

    There are large-scale infrastructure development projects going on in Warsaw that are meant to improve quality of life, sustainability, and connectivity. These investments, which range from smart city projects to contemporary transportation networks, foster a climate that allows companies to grow and thrive.

    10. Gateway to Eastern Europe: 

    Warsaw is a gateway to the vibrant markets of Eastern Europe, in addition to its own local market which is another one the important reasons to set up a business in Warsaw. Businesses operating in Warsaw can benefit from the region’s economic potential and seize new prospects for expansion and diversification due to its proximity to nations like Belarus, Lithuania, and Ukraine.


    Setting up a business in Warsaw offers a range of benefits, from its advantageous location and strong economy, business-friendly atmosphere and skilled workforce. Warsaw offers the ideal environment for success, regardless of whether you’re an established business looking for fresh development prospects or a startup looking to expand your operations. 

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    The corporate tax rate in Poland, including Warsaw, is presently set at 19%.

    No, the process of registering a business in Warsaw is relatively straightforward, with various support services available to assist entrepreneurs.

    Yes, Poland offers various incentives and support programs for foreign investors, including grants, tax incentives, and assistance with obtaining permits and licenses.