SGWorkPass App – Easiest Way To Check Updated Pass Status!

Singapore's MOM has developed a novel work pass card and the SGWorkPass application to make it easier to monitor the status of one's work permit.

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Overview: SGWorkpass APP

Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower has created a revolutionary work pass card and the SGWorkPass mobile application to make it easier to track the status of a work permit. This Work Pass Card has a QR code and serves as identifying evidence for foreign residents working in Singapore. This work pass card includes their employment information.

The SGWorkPass app is available for download to both Android and iOS users. You may download it from Google Play or the App Store. This app will allow workers, stakeholders, and pass holders to easily check the status of their work passes.

Most Convenient & Reliable Technique To Check Work Pass Status

Many network providers, premise owners, and other parties rely on the expiry date on the WP card to authenticate status when forming a deal with the pass user or giving entrance to a facility. Nonetheless, a foreigner’s contract might be terminated before his WP card expires for a variety of reasons, such as restructuring or resignation. As a result, the expiration date on the WP card may not reflect the most recent condition.

With the application, SGWorkPass, stakeholders may now verify the most recent status while also validating variable data such as expiration date and employment. Simply scan the QR code on the new WP card using the SGWorkPass mobile app. With this change, we will no longer print changeable information on the WP card, such as the expiration date.

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More Details On The Work Pass Card

Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM), distributed the updated WP card in stages, beginning with Work Permit owners in the Construction sector and Marine Shipyard on 15th September 2017, and then moving on to the other work pass users in the following months. Current WP cards will continue to be functional, and pass owners will obtain new work pass cards whenever they refresh their work permits.

How To Use The SGWorkpass App?

how to use the sg workpass app

Using the SGWorkPass application, stakeholders may quickly verify and authenticate the updated employment status as well as the WP card’s expiration date. This application has significantly improved the convenience of checking the status of work permits.. But how to use the app? Here’s how:

  1. Install the SGWorkPass app on your Android or Apple device.
  2. Scan the provided QR code for the work permit card filed by the ministry of manpower, Singapore
  3. Once you open the app you will have to type in your 10-digit mobile number, and later verify it using a One-time Password (OTP). This is a one-time registration step.
  4. If this type of registration isn’t being done for the mobile application, users can go to the option of User Card Serial Number and look for the general pass details like the pass expiry, canceled date, or the pass status. This would transport them to another portal termed the Work Pass status.


The SGWorkPass application is useful since it displays current pass data such as the status of the pass, its issuance, cancellation, expiration, employer name, and profession. The SGWorkPass app is also useful since it reveals the validity of the work pass and if the user may legally stay in Singapore. Following this modification, Singapore’s Ministry of Maintenance ceased publishing changeable data on work permit cards, such as the expiry date. People without mobile phones can access the digital services available on MOM’s website.


The ministry of maintenance, Singapore has launched this app so that users can check different kinds of information related to their passes. The launch of this app has made verifying details easier and more reliable.

The users without a mobile phone can make use of the official website of the MOM to check their pass status and other details related to it.

It helps in checking the pass status, its expiry, cancellation, issue date, etc. All in all, users, pass holders, and stakeholders, can install this app and use it for their benefit.