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An Emirates ID is an identification card issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) in the UAE and serves as the official identification document for all UAE residents.


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    The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a centre of economic activity, drawing in businesspeople from all over the world with its advantageous location, strong economy, and regulations that encourage investment. The Emirates ID is a key document for anyone wishing to register and run a business in the United Arab Emirates and is essential to understanding the country’s business environment. 

    In this article, we will explore what an Emirates ID is, why it is essential for entrepreneurs, the requirements and process for obtaining one, and the benefits it offers to your UAE business.

    What is an Emirates ID?

    An Emirates ID is an identification card issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) in the UAE. It serves as the official identification document for all UAE residents, such as citizens, expatriates, as well as residents. In addition to the holder’s name, nationality, and date of birth, the card also has a unique identifying number. Furthermore, it includes advanced security measures like biometric data (fingerprints) to prevent identity theft and fraud.

    Why Emirates ID is Crucial for Entrepreneurs in the UAE?

    For business owners wishing to start a business in the UAE, the Emirates ID is indispensable for several reasons:

    Legal Requirement

    The Emirates ID is required for a number of legal and administrative procedures, including business registration. Without it, business owners are unable to finish necessary processes like opening a bank account, getting trade permits, or getting employee visas.

    Proof of Identity and Residency

    The main form of identity and residency documentation in the United Arab Emirates is the Emirates ID. It is necessary for dealings with government officials, signing contracts, and conducting business. By acquiring an Emirates ID, company owners may efficiently oversee their activities and comply with regional laws.

    Access to Government Services

    The Emirates ID grants access to a wide range of government services, including health care, social services, and educational facilities. These services can raise the standard of living and productivity of businesses owned by entrepreneurs and their employees.

    Enhanced Security

    The Emirates ID offers improved security and aids in preventing identity fraud thanks to its biometric characteristics. For entrepreneurs, who need to protect their personal data and corporate interests, this is especially crucial.

    Who Needs an Emirates ID for Business Registration in the UAE?

    Any individual who wishes to register and operate a business in the UAE must acquire an Emirates ID.

    This includes:

      • UAE Citizens: Nationals of the UAE are required to have an Emirates ID for all official and legal purposes, including business activities.
      • Expatriates: Foreign nationals residing in the UAE for work, investment, or business purposes must acquire an Emirates ID as part of their residency requirements.
      • Investors: Individuals who are investing in UAE-based businesses or properties need an Emirates ID to complete their transactions and comply with local regulations.

      In essence, the Emirates ID is mandatory for anyone who wants to engage in business activities within the UAE, ensuring that they are legally recognized and can access necessary services.

      Requirements for Obtaining an Emirates ID

      To obtain an Emirates ID in the UAE, individuals must meet the following requirements:

        • Residency Status: The applicant must be a UAE resident, either as a UAE national or an expatriate holding a valid residency visa.
        • Age Requirement: The Emirates ID is necessary for all UAE residents aged 15 and above. Children under the age of fifteen may be included in their parent’s or guardian’s Emirates ID application.
        • Biometric Information: In order to apply, biometric information—such as fingerprints and a face photo—must be obtained. These details are then saved on the Emirates ID card.
        • Medical Fitness: It may be necessary for applicants to go through a medical examination, particularly if they are applying for a new residency visa or renewing an existing one.
        • Security Clearance: The Emirates ID application may involve a security clearance process, especially for certain professions or individuals with specific visa types.

        Procedure to Apply for an Emirates ID

        In the United Arab Emirates, obtaining an Emirates ID often entails the following stages:


        The applicant must first register for an Emirates ID by creating an account on the ICA’s official website or through the UAE PASS mobile app.

        Appointment Booking

        In order to turn in the application and biometric information, the candidate must next make an appointment at an authorized typing centre or ICA service centre.

        Biometric Data Collection 

        During the appointment, the applicant’s fingerprints, facial photographs, and other biometric data will be collected.


        Depending on the type of Emirates ID and the applicant’s residency status, the needed application fee may vary.

        ID Card Issuance

        After the application is processed, the Emirates ID card will be issued and delivered to the applicant’s registered address or made available for collection at the service center.

        It’s crucial to remember that the application procedure may differ slightly based on the unique circumstances of the applicant, such as whether they are applying for a new Emirates ID or renewing an existing one.

        Documents Expected for Emirates ID Application

        The following documents are typically required for an Emirates ID application in the UAE:

          1. Passport: A passport that is currently valid for at least six months.

          2. Residency Visa: A valid UAE residency visa, either as the main applicant or as a dependent.

          3. Passport-sized Photographs: Two recent passport-sized photographs with a white background.

          4. Birth Certificate: For candidates under the age of 15, a birth certificate may be required.

          5. Medical Fitness Certificate: Depending on the applicant’s visa type, a medical fitness certificate may be necessary.

          6. Emirates ID Application Form: The completed and signed Emirates ID application form.

          Advantages of Having an Emirates ID for Your UAE Business

          Having an Emirates ID offers numerous benefits to entrepreneurs and their businesses in the UAE:

          Streamlined Business Processes

          The Emirates ID simplifies various business processes, including registering a company, opening bank accounts, and obtaining trade licenses. It serves as a universal identification document, reducing paperwork and administrative hurdles.

          Access to Government Services

          Entrepreneurs can access a variety of government services, including social services, healthcare, and education, by using an Emirates ID. This guarantees adherence to regional laws and improves their capacity to assist their staff.

          Enhanced Security and Fraud Prevention

          The biometric features of the Emirates ID provide enhanced security, protecting entrepreneurs and their businesses from identity theft and fraud. This is especially critical in a corporate setting where protecting sensitive data is essential.

          Facilitated Financial Transactions

          Financial transactions such as opening business bank accounts, obtaining loans, and making money transfers require an Emirates ID. It guarantees that business owners may safely and effectively handle their finances.

          Legal Compliance

          Entrepreneurs who have an Emirates ID are guaranteed to abide by UAE laws and regulations. In order to avoid future legal problems, it is a legal necessity for business registration, residency, and other administrative procedures.

          Enhanced Life Quality

          Entrepreneurs and their families enjoy a higher standard of living because of the Emirates ID’s security features and ease of access to government services. Consequently, this improves their capacity to concentrate on and expand their enterprise.


          The Emirates ID is a necessary document for anyone wishing to set up or expand a business in the UAE. It is a legal requirement that facilitates various business processes, enhances security, and grants access to essential government services. If you are an entrepreneur looking to grow your existing business or set up a new business in the UAE, our business formation experts can guide you through the process and assist with other business-related services such as post-registration compliance services. Contact us today to ensure a smooth and successful business journey in the UAE.


          In the United Arab Emirates, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) issues identification cards known as Emirates IDs. For all residents of the United Arab Emirates, including nationals and foreigners, it acts as their official identity certificate.

          The Emirates ID is a mandatory requirement for various legal and administrative procedures in the UAE, including business registration. It offers increased security, permits access to government services, and acts as documentation of identification and residency.

          All UAE residents, including citizens, expatriates, and GCC nationals, need an Emirates ID for official and legal purposes, including business registration.

          Requirements vary based on residency status but generally include a valid passport, residency visa, and additional documents such as proof of address and a medical fitness certificate.

          Yes, there are costs involved in renewing your Emirates ID. Depending on the selected processing speed and any extra services requested during renewal, these costs may change.