Appointment Of Nominee Director-Complete Guide

A person appointed to the board of directors of a company by an organization, in which the establishment has an asset is known as a nominee director. The...


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    What Is A Nominee Director?

    A person appointed to the board of directors of a company by an organization, in which the establishment has an asset is known as a nominee director. The asset can be in the terms of monetary aid or the form of stock investments. Because such a large decision may have a serious influence on a nominator’s earnings, the nomination of a nominee director gets necessary to assist supervision of the acquirer firm’s business worldwide. 

    The major goal of appointing a nominee director is to protect the nominator’s interests while remaining true to his or her trustees as a member. A director in this position has various functions and obligations, notably sufficient conflict of influence declaration, presenting to the nominator, and protecting the company’s overall interests. 

    In the event of strongly shared enterprises or listed on the mainboard companies, the individual should behave in compliance with their procedures, directed by specialized regulatory provisions in addition to the general workload required of them.

    How to appoint?

    A Nominee Director is a member of a group of Trustees who has been chosen by banking firms, corporations, or financiers. The criteria of the partnership agreement of the corporation control and limit the nomination of the nominated members.

    The objective and terms for the nomination of a Nominee Director

    A nominee director is appointed to make sure the right institution’s assets are effectively protected, as well as to fulfill the responsibilities owed to the debtor organization and its clients. He or she will be responsible for the organization or shareholder, as well as monitoring the debtor firm or investee’s operations.

    Terms to appoint a nominee director are as follows:

    • Whenever a banking institution considers or agrees to designate a nominee director, the nomination should be done following any existing legislation or the conditions of the firm’s contract.
    • The director can be appointed by the federal or state governments, or by anybody else with the ability to do so under the appropriate legal rules.
    • Nominee directors must reflect the goals of the corporation or entity to which they have been nominated.

    Duties Of A Nominee Director

    Preserve secrecy: In the event of an entity, a nominee director shall take proper care and prudence when handling classified market classified data, having come to know of it, or being in a situation where he is cognizant of it. The candidate director must always follow the stated institution’s rules of behavior, which govern, monitor, and report securities fraud.

    Operate as a surveillance agent: A nominated director is responsible for overseeing the activities of the investment firm and ensuring that administrative choices are taken following solid commercial principles, reasoning, and suitable protections, as well as act as a link between the investment process and the nominator.

    Judgment and involvement: A nominated director is a non-executive director, but he should be participating in activities concerning the acquirer organization’s current performances, financial plans, particularly debt-raising, investments, and so on. He should make his strong presence by putting his knowledge at the convenience of the investment corporate board and effectively participating in meetings that affect the nominator’s interests. He should also not refuse to vote on initiatives concerning the second candidate that are discussed at the Management Board of the investment firm unless the respondent has a genuine interest in the motion.

    Ethics, ambition, and goal: A nominee director must play an important role in the policy decisions of investment, taking an important role in the process of the investment company’s objectives, goal, and virtues, as well as suggesting internal control in business operations, which will aid in the firm’s generosity. With his skills in understanding the market scenarios, the nominee director should also assist in the development of the investee firm.

    Revelations: As stipulated by sections 184 and 164 of the Companies Act, 2013, the nominee director must periodically report his holdings and exclusions to the equity interest. The nominated member is also capable of keeping the integrand informed of any events in the target firm that may jeopardize their interests.

    The most recent regulations and practices should be added: The nominee director should keep up to speed on recent reform programs and legislative amendments that may have an explicitly or implicitly impact on the operation of the investment firm and the execution of his obligations as a nominee director.

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    Documents Required For The Appointment Of Nominee Director

    The following documents required for the appointment of a nominee director, are as follows:

    • Appointment Letter
    • A true copy of the attested Board Resolution.
    • The Nominee Director must obtain informed Consent.
    • The suggested Nominee Director’s eligibility must be proven.
    • The suggested Nominee Director’s location verification.
    • The Potential Nominee Director’s Fixed Bank Account.
    • The Potential Nominee Director’s Members Identification Card.

    Procedure To Appoint A Nominee Director

    The procedure to appoint a nominee director, are as follows:

    • It must be determined whether the firm’s articles contain the authority to nominate a nominee director following the requirements of the Companies Act, 2013.
    • If the article does not grant authorization in this circumstance, the corporation must amend the article to allow the candidate director to be appointed. 
    • A candidacy document must also be received from the director of the company who has been recommended for appointment as a nominee director.
    • Verify to see if the individual has a DIN – Director Identification Number in addition.
    • Verify whether the potential director has given his or her written agreement to act as a board in the form.
    • Following notice to all directors, the Board of Directors should vote a resolution authorizing the nominee director’s appointment during a board meeting. The notification must be sent to the directors within seven days of the meeting’s date.

    Before conducting the meeting, some points should be kept in mind:

    • The meeting’s agenda is made public.
    • Pass a board resolution to nominate a nominee director under section 161 to conduct a meeting of the board.
    • In the absence of the supervisor, allowing the company secretary.
    • Giving the power to approve and file the relevant paperwork with the Registrar of Companies (ROC).
    • Within 30 days of enacting the board resolution, the application must be submitted with the Registrar of Companies as a return of engagement.

    The required documents are as follows:

    • The Nominee Director’s information, including his or her DIN.
    • The Nominee Director’s approval is required.
    • Genuine verified documents of the Board resolution approving the Nominee director’s appointment.
    • The letter of documents, as well as any other ancillary information needed.
    • Announced the appointment, the nominee director must acquire notification, i.e., the nominee director must advise the other firms that he is the director in form.


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     A Nominee Director takes on a large degree of responsibility. The Nominee Director is also liable if the firm’s actual directors disobey the law. While the Nominee Director’s authority is highly restricted, his or her responsibility is not. Significant violations of the law by the firm can lead to the Nominee Director’s arrest.

    A nominee director is someone who has been nominated to defend the views of an organization. A large investor or a special class of investors, for example, may nominate a nominee director to serve on a company.