Company Registration in Toronto: Reasons, Procedure & Benefits

In this article, we have covering the procedure and benefits of company registration in Toronto. Read the complete article now to gain in-sight regarding company formation in Toronto.


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    register a business in Toronto

    Company Registration in Toronto

    Toronto’s dynamic and diverse economy positions it as a highly appealing hub for businesses spanning multiple industries. Due to its appealing combination of opportunity, innovation, and access to a qualified workforce, it is an exceptionally alluring place for businesses trying to grow and prosper.

    Whatever industry you work in—technology, banking, healthcare, or any other—Toronto’s thriving ecosystem provides a favorable environment for your business goals to germinate and grow. if you want to start a business in Canada, then starting a company in Toronto can be a thrilling endeavor. 

    The important procedures and factors for incorporating a business in Toronto will be covered in this article. This article offers everything you require, whether you’re a local corporation intending to enter the thriving Toronto market or a multinational corporation.

    Reason to Register a Business in Toronto

    Let’s first examine the factors that make Toronto a hub for business operations before moving on to the registration procedure.

    1. Talent Access: There are many options to find exceptional people in the city because it is home to prestigious universities and a skilled workforce.
    2. Strategic Location: Toronto’s central location in North America provides good connectivity, promoting trade and business.
    3. Government Assistance: To make it easier to start and manage a business in Toronto, the Canadian government provides incentives and support to business owners.

    How to Register a Business in Toronto

    The process of incorporate a business in Toronto includes the following steps:

    1. Choose Your Company Structure

    Before proceeding with company registration in Toronto, you must initially select the most reliable company structure in Toronto. The various corporate structures cover sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or limited liability partnership (LLP).

    2. Business Name Registration

    The next phase to start a business in Toronto involves selecting a unique business name and checking its availability. Verify that it adheres to the name guidelines set by the government.

    3. Register for an HST/GST Account

    If your business will generate more than $30,000 in revenue annually, you must register to start a business in Toronto and get a Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) or Goods and Services Tax (GST) account.

    4. Obtain a Business Number (BN)

    Enroll for a Business Number (BN) with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). This number is essential for tax purposes.

    5. Licensing and Permits

    Check to see whether your company needs any particular business licenses or permits at the municipal, provincial, or federal level. Compliance is crucial to avoid legal issues.

    6. Register with WSIB

    If you plan to hire employees, you must enroll with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) to provide coverage in case of workplace injuries.

    7. Establish a Company Bank Account

    Open a company bank account to differentiate between your personal and corporate accounts.

    8. Register for Payroll Deductions

    If you have employees, register for payroll deductions to withhold and remit their income taxes.

    What is the cost to start a business in Toronto?

    The cost of registering a company in Toronto can vary widely, and it largely depends on several factors, including your choice of business structure and the specific permits or licenses your business may require.

    Here’s a more detailed breakdown:

    Business Structure 

    The type of business structure you select will influence the registration fees.

    Generally, the cost breakdown is as follows:

    • Sole Proprietorship or Partnership: These structures are typically the most cost-effective options, with registration fees ranging from $60 to $80. These businesses are often small and possess a single owner or multiple partners.
    • Corporation: The additional paperwork and formalities associated with registering a business might increase prices. Typical incorporation costs are in the $300–$600 range. Corporations, however, have limited liability protection, which can be a big advantage.

    Additional Costs

    Beyond the basic registration fees, you may need to consider other expenses such as:

    • Name Search and Reservation: Before officially registering your business name, you may want to conduct a name search to ensure it’s unique. The cost for name search and reservation can be around $80.
    • Licenses and Permits: Depending on the type of your business and how it operates, you may require a number of municipal, provincial, or federal licenses or authorization. Due to the vast range of charges for these licenses, it’s crucial to complete your research and allocate funds for them in your budget.

    It’s crucial to keep in mind that these expenses are estimates and could fluctuate according to legislative changes. 


    In the ever-evolving business landscape, registering a business in Toronto is the first step toward achieving your entrepreneurial dreams. It can be difficult to register a business in Toronto, but with the correct help and tools, you can build a prosperous firm in this cosmopolitan city.
    You will have the opportunity to speak with members of our team at OnDemand International who are specialists in promoting the growth of businesses in Toronto. Our devoted staff is prepared to guide you through the registration process intricacies and ensure that all pertinent laws are rigorously adhered to. With our full support, you may start your own firm with the assurance that it will succeed in Toronto’s thriving and dynamic business environment.


    The registration process typically takes 1-2 weeks, but it may vary based on the business structure and any additional permits required.

    Yes, you can register your company name online through the Ontario Business Registry.

    Corporations in Toronto are subject to federal and provincial corporate income taxes.

    Yes, Toronto offers a number of government subsidies and incentives for new and small enterprises. Research and apply for those pertinent to your sector.

    It is possible to change the structure of your company after registration, but doing so requires legal action and could have tax repercussions.