How to apply for E-Trader License in Dubai? : Complete Guide

In this article, you will know about how to apply for E-Trader License in Dubai. Read the complete article to about steps and advantages.

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e-trader license in dubai

Dubai, a worldwide business hub, entices entrepreneurs with unrivalled chances. The Department of Economic Development (DED) E-Trader license is a vital regulatory step for anyone conducting a social media-based online company. We go into the complexities of the E-Trader licence, its application procedure, qualifying criteria, and the numerous benefits it provides to businesses in the UAE in this detailed guide.

What is the Dubai E-Trader Licence?

The DED’s E-Trader licence aims to regulate online commerce by ensuring authenticity and increasing customer confidence in social media transactions. This licence allows individuals and enterprises to engage in online sales without the necessity for actual office space, in keeping with the shifting dynamics of the digital age.

Who Should Submit an Application?

  • Individuals and Home-Based Businesses: Those who endorse and sell things online via social media.
  • Freelancers: Provide a variety of internet services.
  • E-Commerce Websites: Sites that sell goods and commodities.
  • UAE or GCC nationals: A minimum age of 21 is required.

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Application Procedure for E-Trader License in Dubai

The application process for an E-Trader licence in Dubai has been simplified for efficiency.

  • Registration: Visit the DED Trader website, create an account, and enter the details of your social network accounts.
  • Payment: After registering, pay the AED 1070 licence charge.
  • Renewal: To ensure continuing compliance, the licence must be renewed annually.

What is the purpose of an E-Trader Licence in Dubai?

Social media is more than just a platform in today’s digital landscape; it’s also an excellent marketing tool. The E-Trader licence in Dubai makes it easier for businesses to promote and sell through social media. The DED licence functions as both a marketing tool and a connector between business owners and purchasers.

Required Documents to obtain an E-Trading licence in Dubai

Specific documents are required to obtain an E-Trading licence in Dubai:

  • A valid Emirates ID is required.
  • Proof of address (Makani number)
  • Approval of a trade name registration

Processing Time of E-Trader License in Dubai

The process normally takes 3 to 5 business days, with a one-year licence that is renewed annually. It is necessary to be a member of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce to conduct business.

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Advantages of a Dubai E-Trade Licence

The E-Trader licence provides several benefits, including:

  • Providing UAE individuals and GCC nations with the ability to do business via various social media networks.
  • By limiting the licence to a single person, the risk of counterfeit items is reduced.
  • leveraging social media to increase trust in online transactions.
  • supplying a secure setting for online business endeavours.


The E-Trader licence in Dubai provides access to the vast world of online trade while providing regulatory certainty and promoting trust. Entrepreneurs looking to capitalise on Dubai’s brisk e-commerce potential can easily navigate the application process, assuring a safe and compliant entry into the digital marketplace.

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The E-Trader License in Dubai is a regulatory requirement for individuals and businesses that engage in online sales through social media platforms. It aims to promote transparency, protect consumers, and ensure that online businesses adhere to local laws and regulations.

Individuals and businesses that meet the following criteria can apply for an E-Trader License in Dubai:

  • Must be a UAE or GCC national
  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Must have a valid Emirates ID
  • Must provide proof of address (Makani number)
  • Must have an approved trade name registration

The E-Trader License offers several benefits, including:

  • Legalizes online business operations
  • Enhances credibility and trust among consumers
  • Provides a secure environment for online transactions
  • Enables business owners to access various social media platforms for marketing and sales
  • Simplifies the process of obtaining other business licenses

Applying for an E-Trader License in Dubai is a simple process.

  • Register for a DED Trader account online.
  • Provide information about your social media profiles
  • Pay the AED 1070 license fee
  • Submit the required documents
  • Receive your license within 3 to 5 business days

OnDemand International offers expert guidance and assistance in obtaining an E-Trader License in Dubai. Our team can help you navigate the application process, ensure compliance with regulations, and provide ongoing support throughout your business journey.