HR Consulting Business In Poland: Benefits & Costs

This comprehensive guide delves into the exciting world of establishing an HR consulting business in Poland. We'll explore the legalities, benefits, and costs involved in setting up your business


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    hr consulting business in poland


    Poland’s economic growth story is undeniable. Poland offers a tempting opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to establish themselves in a vibrant market because of its burgeoning job market, qualified workforce, and strategic location in the centre of Europe. If you possess expertise in Human Resources (HR) and see yourself guiding businesses in navigating Poland’s unique HR landscape, then starting an HR consulting business in Poland could be the perfect venture for you.

    This comprehensive guide delves into the exciting world of establishing an HR consulting business in Poland. We’ll explore the legalities, benefits, and costs involved, and provide you with the information you need to make a wise choice.

    Why Start an HR Consulting Business in Poland?

    Poland’s economic landscape offers a multitude of advantages for HR consultants:

    • Thriving Job Market: Poland has a thriving job market with a low unemployment rate and an increasing need for competent workers in a range of industries. The increase in employment means that HR knowledge is crucial to the success of hiring, onboarding, and staff management.
    • Shifting HR Landscape: The labour rules in Poland are always changing, so it’s difficult for companies to stay in compliance. HR consultants can offer invaluable guidance in managing legal difficulties and putting best practices into action.
    • Growing International Presence: Poland is drawing an increasing number of foreign businesses due to its advantageous location and business-friendly atmosphere. There is a need for HR consultants with foreign experience because these organizations frequently need help customizing their HR procedures to the Polish environment.

    Procedure to Open an HR Consulting Business in Poland

    Market Research: 

    Perform in-depth market research to determine the need for HR consulting services in Poland before beginning the business setup process. Determine your competition, target market, and possible opportunities for expansion.

    Pick a Business Structure: 

    Choosing the best business structure for your HR consulting endeavour is essential. In Poland, you can opt for a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), or branch office of a foreign company. Before deciding on a structure, it is recommended to speak with legal and financial specialists as each one has unique tax and legal ramifications.

    Register Your Business: 

    To operate legally in Poland, you’ll need to register your HR consulting business with the appropriate authorities. This typically involves obtaining a National Court Register (KRS) number, tax identification number (NIP), and statistical number (REGON). The registration process can be completed online or through a notary public, and OnDemand International can assist you in navigating the paperwork efficiently.

    Obtain Required Licenses and Permits: 

    The licenses and permits that you require from Polish regulatory organizations will depend on the nature of your HR consulting services. Professional indemnity insurance for consultants and GDPR compliance for managing sensitive employee data are typical prerequisites.

    Documentation Needed to Start an HR Consulting Business in Poland

    • Business Plan: A comprehensive document that details your goals, target audience, offered services, and expected financials.
    • Articles of Association: Articles of association are required for LLCs, partnership agreements, or other formal business structures.
    • Identification Documentations: Passport or ID card for all shareholders and directors.
    • Proof of Address: Utility bill or rental agreement for your business premises.
    • Bank Reference Letter: From your bank attesting to your creditworthiness and stability.

    Best Business Structure to Set Up an HR Consulting Business in Poland

    The optimal business structure depends on your business goals and risk tolerance.

    Here’s a quick comparison:

    • Sole Proprietorship: sole proprietorship is easy and inexpensive to set up. 
    • Limited Liability Company (Sp. z o.o.): An sp. Zoo provides limited liability protection, scalability for growth, and professional image. 

    For most HR consulting businesses, a Limited Liability Company (Sp. z o.o.) offers a good balance between ease of setup and liability protection.

    Benefits of Starting an HR Consulting Business in Poland

    • Growing Demand: There is an increasing need for expert HR consulting services as Polish businesses grow and go global.
    • Strategic Location: Poland’s location in the middle of Europe makes it simple to reach important talent pools and markets.
    • Government Support: The Polish government offers international investors various incentives and support programs, including grants, tax breaks, and funding opportunities.
    • Diverse Economy: From manufacturing to IT, Poland boasts a diverse range of industries, each requiring specialized HR solutions.
    • Talent Pool: With a well-educated workforce and a strong emphasis on education, Poland offers a rich talent pool of HR professionals.

    Expected Costs of Starting an HR Consulting Business in Poland

    • Registration Fees: Typically ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 PLN depending on the chosen business structure.
    • Legal and Accounting Expenses: Hiring professionals to help with tax compliance, business registration, and continuing legal issues.
    • Office Rent: Rates change according to the location and size of your workspace.
    • Marketing and Advertising: Promoting your HR consulting services through online and offline channels.


    Starting an HR consulting business in Poland offers a wealth of opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs seeking to tap into the country’s growing economy and vibrant business landscape. With the right strategy, proper planning, and assistance from experts like OnDemand International, you can navigate the complexities of business setup and thrive in this dynamic market. Don’t miss out on the chance to make your mark in Poland’s burgeoning HR industry—contact us today for a hassle-free business incorporation process that can have you up and running in as little as 2-4 weeks!


    Yes, because of the modern technology and virtual communication tools, it’s possible to run your HR consulting business in Poland from anywhere in the world. However, establishing a physical presence in the country may be beneficial for building local connections and understanding the market better.

    While Poland generally welcomes foreign investment, certain industries may have restrictions or requirements for foreign-owned businesses.