Everything About Singapore PR (Permanent Resident) Application : Process,Eligibility, Documentation and all

The Singapore Permanent Residence (PR) is perhaps the most coveted travel document in all of Asia. Read the definitive guide to successfully becoming a Singapore PR.


    Note:This form is not for job seekers

    or salary employees.

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    Overview: Singapore PR Visa

    Thinking of moving to Singapore? If you intend to better manage your Singapore company or LLP, or just be part of an international lifestyle, then getting hold of a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) Visa should be a crucial part of your end-game.

    The advantages of a Singapore PR status are several in comparison to other travel documents such as the Employment Pass, S Pass, or student pass.

    You get to enter, leave, and live in Singapore without restrictions, travel freely and move between jobs, and avail priority loans.

    This article will tell you all you need to know about the Singapore Permanent Residence Visa, the application process, documents required, eligibility, the fees payable, the processing time, and more.

    Permanent Residency in Singapore

    Singapore has a culture of excellence and hard-work. Because of its prosperous quality of life and shortage of space, it ensures it only brings within its borders people who are highly skilled, highly successful, and wealthy.

    The Singapore Permanent Residence (PR) is a privileged visa that encourages foreign specialists, certain types of investors, and family members of Singapore residents to work and keep staying in Singapore continuously.

    However, being a Permanent Resident of the Singapore region also comes with duties. Young sons who are permanent residents of Singapore must be part of the military by the age of 16.5 years and serve for 2 years. They must also participate in 40 days of Operationally Ready National Service every year until they reach the age of 50 or 40, depending on their ranks.

    Singapore PR Visa Pre-Conditions

    Your are eligible for Permanent Residency if you are:

    • Legally married partners of Singapore PRs or citizens
    • Unmarried children (under 21 years), provided they are born out of a legal marriage or have been legally adopted, of Singapore PR holders and citizens
    • Elderly parents of a resident
    • Students studying in an institution within Singapore
    • Holders of Employment pass and S pass (along with personalized job pass and EntrePass holders)
    • Foreign investors who apply to the Singapore Economic Development Board under the Global Investor Program.

    Papers Required

    Different PR Categories will require slightly different documents but the common items are listed below:

    • Your valid SingPass
    • A passport-sized photograph in color with a size of 35 mm by 45 mm and pixel size of 400 by 514. The photo is to be set against a white background with the face fully visible facing the camera.
    • Holders of passes will require Employer Details in a prescribed format.
    • A valid work or immigration pass & passport that will not expire for the next 6 months
    • Identity Documents
    • Birth Certificates (for children of PR holder or citizen)
    • Custody papers in case of separation from spouse
    • Certificates of Most Advanced Educational Attainment
    • Employer’s letter describing the nature of work (for work pass holders), basic salary
    • 6-month payslips
    • Company or Partnership registration certificates
    • Professionals would require a valid license to practice
    • IRAS or CPF consent forms to confirm financial details provided


    Singapore PR Application: Step-by-Step

    1. You can submit your application via the e-PR website run by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA).
    2. You will first need to login using your SingPass (a digital identity issued by the Singapore Government for transacting with itself.
    3. Next, you will be given a questionnaire on the online system that determines whether you are eligible or not.
    4. Next, choose your PR category (Spouse/Child/Elderly Parent/E Pass/S Pass).
    5. You can either download the PR application form, fill it in with the information required and upload it again, or you can fill the entire form online.
    6. Once the application process begins, you have 7 days or 168 hours to complete it.
    7. You can edit/review multiple applications for family members or sponsored pass holders.
    8. After all the documents have been uploaded (size limit is 2 MB), you will need to make a fee payment to successfully complete the process.

    Weightage of Factors

    • Your academic background gets the most weightage
    • How long you’ve been in Singapore matters
    • Is your job permanent or temporary?
    • Is your company from a traditionally accepted field or industry?
    • Are you a law-abiding citizen?
    • Links to family in Singapore
    • Prior experience, reputation, or professional attainment
    • Volunteer contributions in the past within Singapore or subsidies given to Singapore businessmen

    How Long Does It Take for Your PR Application to be Processed?

    The normal time for PR applications to get processed is four to six months
    while some applications may take extra time to get processed.

    PR Advantages over other Travel Documents

    1. Travel, stay, work in Singapore without restrictions.
    2. You can change jobs without having to re-apply for a Singapore work warrant. If you are an Employment pass or S pass holder, you will have to go through individual application processes again in order to change your employer or your rank. This could even lead to losing an opportunity because of unnecessary delay.
    3. Old parents of Singapore PRs can also relocate and receive long-stay visas.
    4. Enjoy monetary and tax advantages through the Singapore Central Provident Fund (CPF).
    5. Bring your spouse and children into the country.
    6. You get higher priority for loan applications and purchase property as a PR holder.
    7. You can be a local Director or register your business in Singapore available to Singapore residents.
    8. Educate your children in both government and private schools offering world-class education.
    9. Access both government and private healthcare services at affordable rates.



    Singapore cost of living, infrastructure and facilities counts in best among other developed countries, so if you are planing to get a Singapore PR than it’s very easy. You just need to follow the steps mention in this article.


    You can apply for a SingPass via an authorized intermediary/visa agent.
    You can get a list of approved agents at the nearest Singapore embassy

    The ICA provides step-by-step instructions the moment you begin the login
    process using your SingPass. You merely need to follow the steps given
    and respond to prompts on the screen.

    You would need a travel visa to Singapore if you’re applying for a PR status from certain countries listed on Singapore government official website