A Singpass is a government ID, or one can say a password of sorts allotted exclusively to a person in Singapore.


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    Singpass your digital identity

    Overview: Singpass

    Singapore is an attractive location for all kinds of business and invites any entity to participate in its national growth.

    Although to manage any business and be responsible for bringing in revenue to the Singaporean GDP, every person needs a legal permit and pass to operate within appropriate boundaries.

    Now, there are a few passes, including the Work Permit and Singpass, that help a Singaporean citizen become a legitimate entity validated by the government itself to conduct any kind of monetary operations within the legal confinements of the country.

    A Singpass is nothing but a government ID, or one can say a password of sorts allotted exclusively to a person in Singapore.

    What it does is allow a temporary resident, permanent resident, a company, etc., to conduct any kind of transactions or payments with multiple government bureau, offices, and agencies through an online mode within the legal boundaries of Singapore.

    Anyone associated with Singapore may pay a visit to the official government portal of Singpass to retrieve or obtain more know-how, details on the pass and even what steps to take to apply to get one.

    This pass is the only mechanism for authentication that is for every Singaporean government agency-owned online website, whether it be IRASSingapore CPF, etc. Every resident and citizen of the nation holding a valid legal ID is eligible for applying and getting a Singpass.

    Odint Consulting and its team are here to introduce you to the said Singpass in this article. The sole purpose of this article is to present to you a pool of information on the Singpass and all the legalities, eligibility, and other criteria surrounding it.

    What is a Singpass?

    Singpass is a tool that allows many users to easily connect and transact with government agencies of Singapore. It is a password tool. The government of Singapore issued a Singpass to all the residents of Singapore. Generally, the NRIC of the citizens and permanent residents of Singapore is the login ID of Singpass. This pass is also issued to employees and dependent pass holders of Singapore.

    Singpass has 2 factors authentication for e-transactions which involves sensitive information with the government of Singapore. Because of 2 factors authentication, users have to enter the one-time password, which is sent to them through SMS. They can also generate one-time passwords through the One-Key token with the username and password of Singpass.

    While registering a company through online mode with accounting and regulatory authority, the account of Singpass is required. For registering, one has to use ACRA’s online filling and information platform that is BizFile.

    Here, anyone who has a Singpass account can only do transactions. In the case of a foreign resident who wants to register their company in Singapore with ACRA, then he/ she can contact the professional firm for the same. Relatives of that individual are not able to register a company on his/ her behalf in Singapore.

    They can set up a company for themselves only. They even can not appoint any foreigner in the setup of the company. The foreign investor must have to comply with a professional firm for the incorporation of a company.

    Websites where a Singpass is utilized are given below:

    • Accounting and Corporate Registration Authority of Singapore.
    • Business Licensing System.
    • Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore.
    • Ministry of Manpower
    • Central Provident Fund Board.
    • And many more.

    Eligibility for Singpass

    Eligibility for Singpass

    There are fixed eligibility criteria for the issuance of Singpass. To be eligible for Singpass-

    • One should be 15 years old or more and a citizen or permanent resident of Singapore.
    • He/ she is a pass holder in Singapore. This pass may be employee passes, dependent passes, s- pass, and others.
    • A particular number of personnel within Singapore who are in need of a Singpass have the option to take the benefits offered by the Singaporean Government.

    In the case of foreign individuals who want Singpass. They can also apply to Singpass. For this, they have to visit the official website for Singpass and follow the instructions for creating a Singpass account.

    Documents Required For Registration Of Singpass

    For registering for Singpass, one must have to apply with the required documents, which you have to submit mandatory. This requirement changes with the change in the category of individual. Such as, there are different requirements of documents for citizens and permanent residents of Singapore.

    List of the documents required according to the category of that individual.

    Citizens of Singapore:

    Singapore passport, NRIC, driving license, national service IDs from SCDF, SPF, SAF.

    Permanent residents:

    Passport along with re-entry permit, NRIC, driving license of Singapore, national service IDs from SCDF, SPF, and SAF.

    Employee pass holders and personalized employment pass holders:

    Driving license of Singapore or their employee pass and personalized employment pass, respectively.

    S pass holders:

    They are required to have a driving license in Singapore or their S pass.

    Work permit holders:

    They are required to carry a driving license in Singapore or their work permit pass.

    Dependent pass holders:

    Dependent passes such as EP, S-pass, PEP, Enter pass, etc. They are required to carry a driving license in Singapore or their dependent pass.

    Issued by ICA holders, long term visit pass plus:

    They are required to carry a driving license of Singapore or their long-term visit pass plus.

    Registration Process for Singpass

    The registration process can be done in both ways manually and through an online platform. For manual mode, one has to visit the Singpass office, whose location is available on the online portal of Singpass.

    For online mode, visit the official website for Singpass. Before that, make sure that your address is up-to-date in your FIN/ NRIC portal. After that, fill in the required information and tick the box of terms used and then click on register now. Registering for a Singpass pass-through online platform will take only three minutes to complete the process. It is the easiest way to get a Singpass account.

    One can not send another person on behalf of himself/ herself for registering for Singpass. One is required to apply solely for his/ her personal use.

    Some important points that must be kept in mind while registering for Singpass.

    • There is only one chance for registering for Singpass. The request for the Singpass account cannot be canceled or resubmitted; it will be final. So, one needs to be very careful while applying.

    One must have to make sure that his/ her email address must be up-to-date with the government before proceeding because the one-time password for Singpass will be sent to the email address of that individual.


    In this article, we learned about what a Singpass is, what and how does its registration take place, what does a resident whether it be permanent or temporary, within Singapore, how can one apply for a Singpass, documents required to apply for the registration by the different categories of individuals in Singapore and on which portal and even who carries the eligibility for it.

    Categories of residents generally and specifically include permanent residents, citizens, employee pass holders, work permit holders, S Pass holders, dependent pass holders, and many more within the government’s grasp.

    Odint Consulting not only provides the necessary information required to move forward with any legal complications on national or foreign grounds such as the UK, US, Australia, Netherlands, Singapore, etc.


    Largely, everyone in a Singaporean earning workforce is eligible, whether it be citizens, residents, Employment or S-Pass holders, work permit, etc. They are fit to hold a Singpass account.

    Once the form has been submitted the password has arrived at registered mail, you will receive a pass in 5-6 working days.

    If you want to have a check on the status of your application, go to the Singpass section, then click ‘Check Status’ after selecting ‘Services.’ After that, you must put in your FIN or NRIC number.