Delaware LLC Privacy: Disclosure Requirements & Public Records

Delaware LLC privacy is important for entrepreneurs looking to set up their LLCs in the State of Delaware. However, as regulations are shifting, Delaware LLC privacy will require a different set of rules that you need to be aware of.


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    delaware llc privacy

    Delaware LLC Privacy

    Delaware LLC privacy is important for entrepreneurs looking to set up their LLCs in the State of Delaware. A lot of people who start their businesses are keen to know what information is available to the public and what information is private. 

    If you’re considering the formation of the Delaware business, you must take a look at your short- and long-term goals and objectives and determine what type of legal structure for your business is most suitable for your needs.

    However, as regulations are shifting, Delaware LLC privacy will require a different set of rules that you need to be aware of. So without any more worry, let’s get dive extra deep into the Delaware LLC Privacy.

    Overview of Delaware LLC Privacy

    Essential information to know about Delaware LLC’s Privacy

    Registered agents are in charge of making the Delaware LLC (limited liability company) that ensures the highest degree of privacy. Only the addresses and names of companies and agents registered with the businesses are listed in the formation documents. 

    If you are a business owner, you are in control of whether your name is included in the certification documents or not. After you have registered the company The registered agent will issue certificates of incumbency at your request. 

    The document will identify the members and managers of the LLC who can legally manage the company and sign contracts, open accounts with banks, issue stock certificate, and so on.

    What about annual reports?

    The good news is that they’re not required to Delaware LLCs. There’s no requirement to release all the names of the members and other personal information, too. The benefits you seek are secure.

    However, ensure that your registered agents are registered and have the records of an LLC’s point of contact, such as their name, address for business as well as a business phone number. 

    Other conditions for a point person include:

    • Registered Agents may have restrictions on the age of the person they represent, but generally, no one is younger than 18.
    • They should be employees or managers of the business.
    • They do not need the status of U.S citizens or be a resident of America.

    Disclosure Requirements For Delaware LLC

    Addresses and names of registered agents

    It is essential for all companies. The addresses and names of these agents should be listed on the certificate of incorporation and also.

    Information on one business officer as well as directors in general.

    In contrast to other states, Delaware LLC does not need annual reports, like other states do not require annual. Thus, information on the business and management officers is not required.

    In contrast to other regions where registered agents are registered, the registered agents of Delaware can be associated without limitation. That means a company can simply designate one agent as the LLC’s contact point for complete anonymity.

    For additional guidance and support in the area of the anonymity of business associates, We recommend seeking assistance from trusted third-party sites with reputable and knowledgeable lawyers.
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    Public Records Of Delaware LLC: Private or Publicised

    What information must be released available to the public?

    Only the names of your business and a registered agent will show on Form Certificates, together with the date of filing and the file number of your firm. The person who contacts you must be an actual person (instead of a different company). 

    Apart from these two requirements, There are no other rules yet in effect. The individual doesn’t have to be a member of a company’s management team or be a resident of America.

    What data can remain in the privacy of your home?

    It is crucial to be aware of how they operate. Remember that the formation Certificates must be handled by a licensed person. So the LLC must hire an attorney or registered agent to gain access to crucial legal advice before making any significant decision.

    On behalf of the entire membership, The person who forms an LLC by submitting documents for formation to the Secretary of State. After that, he’ll provide LLC members with the certified documents. 

    Legal documents that release LLCs to the initial members are known as “Statements of The Authorized People as they are not signed or made by an authorized person and not provided by the authorized person nor submitted to Delawarean authorities. Therefore, you don’t need to record these documents in public archives.

    The other non-requirements are:

    • The business owners don’t have to list their company’s managers or other members on their Formation Certificates.
    • Divisions of Corporations also don’t maintain or acquire information regarding the firm’s management and members.

    Can you make use of legal safeguards to protect the privacy of your personal information?

    The answer is yes. Here’s an example of ways investors could benefit from the laws to enjoy Delaware LLC privacy benefits and maintain their privacy.

    Let’s say that an investor decides to purchase the California property using an LLC with limited liability in Delaware. The LLC was authorized by one investor and then established by another. Thus, the business must be registered as a foreign LLC to conduct legal business in California. 

    Once this is done then, the investor needs to submit Statements of Information like other LLCs that are domestic. But, this investor chooses to establish another Delawarean Limited Liability Company. It is the manager/director of his first company and is the owner of the property. 

    He then files the address and name of the 2nd LLC to the Statements of Information for his initial one. It is vital to know that the owner of this LLC doesn’t have to declare his Second LLC (also the manager) as an LLC that is foreign in California. 

    Just because it owns the first company, which controls all the California properties. It is not required to file Californian Statements of Information listing the addresses and names of its directors/members.


    This article provides guidelines regarding Delaware LLC Privacy. In the end, companies that are registered by registered agents reap the advantages of the most privacy levels. Furthermore, guidelines to comply with the law and improve your privacy are offered and you should keep them in your mind to guarantee the best outcome

    If you’re still having questions regarding the Delaware LLC Privacy or any other questions, we are ODINT Consultancy. We are here to help you in every way.


    In simple terms, Delaware does not gives corporations complete privacy.

    For Delaware LLCs that are formed and managed via Harvard Business Services, Inc., the state of Delaware’s public records include no details about the members of your LLC or managers.

    This covers the registration process for stock offerings as well as annual and quarterly reports and financial statements, bankruptcies including insider-trading fees, and even litigation.

    Examine the address of the business, its website, and phone number to ensure they’re legitimate.