Why Register a Company in the USA?

With a nominal GDP of 22,675.27 billion USD and a nominal per capita GDP of USD68,309. It is a country where businesses are known to thrive. You have easier access to new and thriving US markets.

The USA has a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation. The quality and quantity of manpower in the USA are better than in most developed economies making it first-choice for start-ups.

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The USA – Biggest Economy in the World

Here are some other factors that make the USA the best destination to register your company:

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Types of Companies you can form in the USA

Here are the different types of companies you can form in the USA.

C Corporation[C-Corp]

S Corporation[S-Corp]

Limited Liability Company[LLC]

Branch Office
(Branch Registration)

Sole Proprietorship


usa company registration

Introducing an LLC – A Limited Liability Company

  • An LLC [Limited Liability Company] is the most common type of legal entity used for company formation in the USA. In an LLC, the company’s owners are not personally liable for the liabilities or debts of the company

  • Remember: A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a business structure allowed by state statute. Each state may use different regulations. Therefore, check with the state if you want to register a Limited Liability Company
  • With ODINT, the process of setting up a US LLC is simple. All you need to do is contact us and provide all your details. We will ensure that all steps are followed, all boxes ticked, and your LLC is registered in no time
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USA Company Formation Process

Benefits of registering a LLC in the USA

  • Limited Personal liability

  • Fewer compliances and lesser paperwork
  • Tax benefits
  • Ownership flexibility
  • Management flexibility
  • Flexible profit distributions


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Top Sectors in the USA

Here are some US market insights. Take a look at the top sectors in the United States of America


The US retail industry has a competitive environment that fosters strong business operations and helps boost efficiency and reliability. ODINT can help you find a foothold in this fast-changing retail landscape


In many ways, the healthcare sector is the most consequential aspect of the US economy. It employs more than 11 percent of American workers and is one of the largest categories of consumer spending in the country. This has led to huge development in the Healthcare sector. ODINT can help you establish and develop a business in this sector in the USA

Information Technology

The USA is the global leader in technological innovation. Partnering with ODINT can help you position your business optimally in this competitive landscape

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