Poland Type B Visa Eligibility, Documentation, Process & More 2022-2023

The Poland type b visa is non-immigrant immigration that permits you to visit and operate in Poland for the purpose of trade or travel and hospitality. B1 & B2 Visa and their purposes are explained in this article.


    Note: This form is not for job seekers.

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    Overview: Poland Type B Visa

    The Poland Type B visa is non-immigrant immigration that permits you to visit and operate in Poland for the purpose of trade or travel and hospitality.

    A B1 visa permits you to enter Poland for commercial purposes such as collective bargaining, business group meetings, consultation with business colleagues, and property settlement.

    A B2 visa is a visitor visa that permits you to meet family and friends, participate in social events, and seek medical treatment in Poland.

    Eligibility For Poland Type B Visa

    There are specific conditions that must be met in case of applying for and obtain for a Poland Type B visa and transit to Poland. 

    • To begin, you must demonstrate that your trip is only transitory and that you are not seeking permanent resident status or work in Poland.
    • Next, you must demonstrate that you have persistent links to your home nation, which may include your relatives, career, or company, as well as assets.
    • You must also demonstrate that you can fund all of your excursion expenditures, including transportation and daily expenses.

    You must also demonstrate that you have no plans to stay in Poland further than the term of your visitor to be leaving somebody who is not a Polish citizen abroad.

    Documents Required For Poland Type B Visa

    When seeking a Type B visa in Poland, candidates must bring the following papers with them to the Country’s embassy for their visa application:

    • Income evidence, tax bills, possession of a company or asset, or investments are all examples of current income evidence which is one of the documents that is essential.
    • Timeline and other details about the vacation you’re planning.
    • In the event of a verdict or detention somewhere, there will be a court or criminal history. Even if you have been forgiven or served your term, you must submit it.
    • The enrollment costs should be paid in full.
    • Photographs
    • A copy of the notice of employment.
    • An email from your boss. This email should include information such as your title, pay, length of work, and allotted vacation time.
    • Identity cards that are still valid, as well as previous and present passports.
    • Verification site for the DS-160 application.

    The following papers must be submitted based on the candidate who is flying to Poland:

    • If you have already traveled to Poland, you must carry any documentation proving your permission or immigrant status in Poland.
    • If you are a functioning professional, you should have a declaration from your workplace as well as your last three paycheck stubs.
    • If you are a learner, you should present your most recent university results, graduation, and certificates to the assessment at the Country’s embassy. One ought to get accounting paperwork, including quarterly financial statements and bank deposit receipts.
    • You should get a duplicate of your parent’s standing evidence if you are meeting a family in Poland. Verified visa, Residency Permit, Immigration and nationality Certificate, and so on.
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    If you are travelling to Poland for medical attention, you must have the supporting information with you:

    • A declaration from the company or individuals legally responsible for medical, transportation, and everyday necessities. The sponsors should give confirmation of their financial ability to cover this expense in the form of financial accounts, time deposit statements, or a photocopy of their tax records.
    • A regional doctor’s medical diagnostic explains the severity of the sickness and the need for therapy in Poland.
    • A statement from a Polish healthcare center or professional expressing a desire to address the sickness. The expense of therapy and the projected timeframe should be detailed in this statement. The cost of healthcare should include the surgeon’s fee, as well as the surgery center and other hospital bills.

    Procedure To Get Poland Type B Visa

    • The registration form must be filled out digitally.
    • The DS-160 application needs to be submitted. When filling out the online form, you must include a photo of yourself.
    • Check to see whether you have a photo in the appropriate format. You won’t be able to modify anything after you’ve submitted the form. Take a photo of the confirmation page and print it off.
    • Complete the visa application cost. A printout of the updated payment screen should be printed.
    • Book an appointment for the visa interview. 
    • To do so, go to the immigration page by clicking on Schedule Meeting from the dashboard’s left menu. You must make two sessions. 
    • The first schedule is for the Country’s Embassy appointment, and the follow-up appointment is for the Bureau of Immigration.  
    • The VAC consultation is to complete the photo and thumbprint identification technique, which must be performed one day prior to the visa application. 
    • To make an appointment, you must enter your passport details, the period you paid the money, and the barcodes 10 digits found on the registration form of the DS-160 form.
    • You will be able to select your visa category, fill in personal details, add relatives, verify visa fees, select the delivery place, and set up meetings during this procedure.

    You must bring the additional items to your visit with VAC:

    • A legitimate passport is required. Your visa must be updated for at least 6 months further than the length of your intended stay in the country. If your visa contains two or more persons, each of them must apply for a visa separately.
    • Verification page for the DS-160 form.
    • Confirmation page for the booking.
    • If the candidate is under the age of 14, one picture must be presented in accordance with Poland visa requirements.
    • You must prepare the needed documentation for the Embassy interview. Make sure you’re ready for your interviews. 
    • The consulate official will determine whether you qualified for the passport based on your discussion. You will have to deposit a visa processing charge if your application is accepted.

    Benefits of Poland Type B Visa

    • A category b visa from Poland permits you to travel to Poland for both business and leisure guests. It is a good choice for folks who operate their own businesses and must travel overseas.
    • The advantages of a B1 visa include the ability to do business in Poland, participate in and organize important meetings, communicate with partners, and finalize transactions.
    • When a business owner and his families obtain a Poland Type B visa, it becomes simpler for them to go internationally to do work and enjoy holiday leave.
    • Acquiring a B2 visa might be great for allowing the families to fly together and vacation throughout the nation.
    • A Type B visa from Poland is renewable for ten years and permits you to visit the Poland times for leisure or business.
    • The Poland Type B visa also permits you to go to Poland for hospital attention, making it simpler to get medical assistance outside.
    • It also permits you to attend community engagements, conferences, and graduation ceremonies in Poland, which may be a nice complement to merely doing commerce and focusing on the social factor.

    Additional Benefits

    • Performance by a rookie: Hobby activities include those carried out for social or charity purposes, as well as participation in competitions such as talent shows or sports. The Poland Type B visa is available to these individuals.
    • Dependents of Armed Services: Alien descendants of Armed Forces members are permitted to claim a Poland Type B visa in order to visit their army family members.
    • Dependents of Crew members: Parental support of D visa crew members are qualified for the Poland Type B visa if they choose to follow the primary D residence visa. 


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    Poland is a Schengen Agreement participant. This implies that U.S. citizens who have been granted entry may visit Poland for up to three months for tourism or commercial purpose without visa applications.

    If you are detected remaining in Europe unlawfully, you will be extradited to your native country. Detainment processes vary depending on your situation and the nation where you were apprehended. You might be repatriated right away, within several hours, or in a few weeks.