Set Up A Cybersecurity Company In Poland In 6 Easy Steps

This guide serves as a thorough guide for setting up a cybersecurity company in Poland. Additionally, it will cover things to consider before opening a cybersecurity company in Poland.


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    set up a cybersecurity company in poland


    In the quickly changing digital landscape, cybersecurity has become a major global business problem. Poland has made a name for itself as Central Europe’s center of creativity and technology. Poland has an optimal setting for cybersecurity businesses to thrive, due to its booming IT sector, highly qualified workforce, and encouraging business environment. Its advantageous location within the European Union also gives it access to a sizable pool of potential customers. Poland offers a profitable opportunity for entrepreneurs wishing to launch their cybersecurity companies, given the growing demand for reliable cybersecurity solutions. This article serves as a thorough guide for those interested in opening a cybersecurity company in Poland.

    Things to Consider Before Opening a Cybersecurity Company in Poland

    Before diving into the establishment process, it’s essential to consider several factors:

    • Market Research: To ascertain prospective rivals and comprehend Poland’s need for cybersecurity services, conduct in-depth market research.
    • Legal and Regulatory Environment: Become acquainted with the laws and rules that apply to cybersecurity enterprises in Poland. Compliance with data protection regulations, like the GDPR, is crucial.
    • Talent Access: Poland boasts a sizable pool of highly qualified IT and cybersecurity professionals. Investigate your choices for hiring to guarantee that your business has access to a trained crew.

    Steps to Registering Your Cybersecurity Company in Poland

    Setting up a cybersecurity company in Poland involves several steps:

    Decide a Business Structure: 

    Decide the business form that best fits your cybersecurity endeavor such as a Joint Stock Company, partnership, sole proprietorship, or limited liability company (LLC).

    Company Name Registration: 

    Choose a distinctive name for your business and register it with the KRS, the National Court Register.

    Register Your Company: 

    After choosing a business structure, you must get a tax identification number (NIP) and register your firm with the National Court Register (KRS). This process involves preparing the necessary documents, such as articles of association and shareholder agreements, and submitting them to the relevant authorities.

    Acquire Necessary Permits and Licenses: 

    To lawfully conduct business in Poland, you could require certain licenses or permits, based on the type of cybersecurity company you operate. This could include licenses for encryption software, data protection certifications, or industry-specific accreditations.

    Register for Tax Identification Number (NIP) and Statistical Number (REGON): 

    Obtain NIP and REGON numbers for tax and statistical purposes respectively.

    Open a Business Bank Account: 

    To conduct financial transactions and manage your company’s finances, you’ll need to open a business bank account with a Polish bank. Select a bank that provides the services and terms that are best for your business.

    How to Pick the Appropriate Polish Structure for Your Cybersecurity Business?

    When choosing the structure for your cybersecurity company in Poland, consider factors such as liability, taxation, and administrative requirements. Small and medium-sized enterprises frequently opt for limited liability companies (sp. z o.o.) because of their ease of use and adaptability. It offers limited liability protection for shareholders and permits a simple transfer of ownership.

    On the other hand, a joint-stock company (S.A.) may be more suitable for larger enterprises seeking to raise capital through public offerings or attract institutional investors. While a joint-stock company involves more stringent regulatory requirements and higher administrative costs, it offers greater prestige and access to capital markets.

    How to Fund Your Cybersecurity Startup in Poland?

    Securing funding is a critical aspect of launching and scaling your cybersecurity startup in Poland. Explore various funding options, including government grants, venture capital, angel investors, and crowdfunding platforms.


    Opening a cybersecurity company in Poland presents an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking to capitalize on the country’s thriving tech sector. Poland provides an excellent environment for cybersecurity enterprises to grow and prosper, thanks to its trained workforce, friendly tax laws, and business-friendly business environment.

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    Cybersecurity businesses in Poland must comply with data protection laws, such as the GDPR, and obtain necessary permits or licenses for their operations.

    Indeed, the Polish government promotes innovation and entrepreneurship in the cybersecurity industry by providing a range of grants and incentives.

    Among the difficulties include fierce competition, a lack of qualified cybersecurity professionals, and a changing regulatory environment. These difficulties can be addressed, though, with careful preparation and execution.