Setup A Business in Fujairah Creative City: Procedure & Documents Explained

This article is a brief guide about how to setup a business in Fujairah creative city. Read the complete now to know more.

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General Trade License in Sharjah

Fujairah Creative City, established in 2007, primarily serves as a hub for various corporate activities such as media, consultancy, marketing, events, music, and design. The urban region known as Creative City has a land area of 40,000 square meters and is home to a diverse range of media clusters. These clusters cater to professionals and freelancers with specialised expertise in various domains within the media industry. Over time, Creative City has emerged as a desirable location for entrepreneurs and business owners due to its excellent conditions for company formation in Fujairah, characterized by low startup expenses. 

Benefits of Company Setup in Fujairah Creative City

Some of the benefits of setting up a business in Fujairah Creative City are:

  • Easy incorporation process
  • Complete capital refund
  • Complete ownership
  • No physical office requirement
  • Open a bank account in the UAE
  • The facility of applying for a visa multiple times
  • Tax-free business operation

Types of Licenses Offered by Fujairah Creative City

Some of the licenses offered by Fujairah Creative City are:

  • Industrial License
  • Trading License
  • Service License

Requirements to Start a company in Fujairah Creative City

The Basic Requirements to form a business in Fujairah Creative City are:

  • Pass-Port Size Photograph
  • Photocopies of Passports 
  • Description of business activities
  • Completely Filled License Application

Documents Required to Set up a Business in Fujairah Creative City

Procedure to Set up a Business in Fujairah Creative City

Determine Business Activity

Although Fujairah Creative City is well-known as a media centre, it offers a wider range of commercial opportunities. Because each form of business activity has various needs, you must exercise caution while selecting one.

Pick the Business Structure for the Company

The shareholders and types of partners you need will be determined by the company structure you choose. In Creative City, you may choose from one of four corporate legal structures.

Complete Documentation

Creative Zone offers a detailed checklist for everything you need. Once you’ve decided on the business activity and structure for which you’ll register your company, our team of specialists will assist you in finalizing all of the paperwork and requirements you’ll need to provide, such as copies of your visa, passport, and so on.

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Establishing a company in Fujairah Creative City (FCC) may be a profitable endeavour, as it offers several benefits such as a strategic location, a supportive environment, and a variety of incentives. OnDemand International, a renowned company setup and consulting organization, will help you navigate the procedure smoothly and successfully establish yourself in FCC.


Yes, there are certain limitations to the activities that may be performed in FCC. Businesses, for example, cannot participate in activities that are deemed detrimental or unlawful.

The processing time for visa applications in FCC typically takes 2-3 weeks.

The time it takes to set up a business in FCC typically takes 2-3 weeks.